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Dear god help me, I'm about to buy The Realms of Atlantasia .

edit: page 1, it's worse than I could imagine. We may have Synnibar for the modern ages here. It's gotta be written by someone who never played anything by D&D, as it's trying so hard in places to say "HELLO I AM NOT D&D". (ex: "On Atlantasia you will NEVER find a half-breed elf (if a female elf was ever raped by another race she would commit suicide)." This isn't anywhere near the level of Fantasy Heartbreaker thus far.



Humans are the most diverse race on Atlantasia and can be any class they choose (within the
limitations of that class). Humans live everywhere on Atlantasia, thus giving the player the option of
being from anywhere. They may be able to be anything they want, however, due to the fact that they
have the shortest life span of all the races humans have a difficult time reaching the levels of
expertise in their chosen careers that the other longer-living races can. For this reason
humans tend to be more rash than the other races, rushing around trying to gain as much experience
as they can in as short a period of time as possible.
Humans have as much diversity in looks as Earth does (tall, short, thin, squat) and depending on
where they are from will determine their hair and eye color (see descriptions in the write-up on
nations in the Atlases). Their nationality will also determine what their opinions on other classes and
races will be (ie: Parnishians will kill Necromancers on sight).

Here is a look into how the other races view Humans:


Elves see humans as a pest ("Pugrah" is elvish for human) and only barely tolerate their existence.


Dwarves tolerate humans better than elves, but only because humans will buy dwarven made armor
and weapons at a very exaggerated rate (5 times the amount that an elf would).


Gnomes view humans the same way they view every race, a new experience.

All gnomes have specific innate abilities. These are:
Empathy 85%
Green thumb 15% base (1% per level)
Map Reading 25% base (8% every 5 levels)
Chance for item to appear in pouch (in a crowd) 45%*

*This is magical! Gnomes do not actually take things from people they pass, things magically
transfer into a gnome's pouch (unless people are actually keeping a close eye on their things as a
gnome passes by) and for this reason, other races perceive gnomes as outright thieves. If someone
catches a gnome with something that is theirs, they will immediately give it back with a "Don't know
how that gots there but must be yers cause ya can describe it". The only things that appear are small
(coin, gems/jewels, rings & small items). Use this chart for items appearing (and then use start up
01 - 10%: copper chips
11%: jewel
12 - 21%: silver chips
22%: ring
23 - 43%: copper chips
44%: item (must be small)
45 - 50%: gold chips
51 - 54%: platinum chips
55%: ring
56 - 70%: copper chips
71 - 80%: silver chips
81 - 87%: gold chips
88%: item (must be small)
89 - 92%: platinum chips
93 - 99%: gems
100%: 1 ring, 1 item, gold chips, 1-2 platinum chips
Did I mention that there's *no table of contents*? This was also clearly laid out in Word.


There are some potions that have been developed and sold by private alchemists. Here is a list of
those potions with a description of the potion and who to seek to find them.

Potion of Seasonal Change: 67950 G.C.
This is a potion developed and sold by the Druidess Kyralhannis. She can be found travelling about
This potion was developed to change the season you are in.

Potion of Cosmic Power: 92750 G.C.
This is developed and sold by Mettarius, a Brie-ton Cosmic Mage.
This potion gives you 100% resistance to Cosmic Magic for 5 cycles.

The next 3 potions are developed by the Southern Gnome Shaman Brayrull.

Mass Illusion: 51150 G.C.
This potion infects between 20-50 targets with a terrifying illusion for 20 s.s..

Miracles: 101500 G.C.
This potion will cure anything (including death if the target is reached within 5 s.s.).

Towers 73950 G.C.
This potion will turn you into a giant (x2) for 10 s.s..

The next 2 potions were developed by the Shai-elf Dragon-mage Trahl-issyss.

Dragon Scales: 85750 G.C.

This potion gives the taker dragon scales for 1 cycle.
Shadow Dragon Control: 175000 G.C.

This potion allows the taker to gain complete control over a Shadow Dragon for 5 cycles.

The next 2 potions are developed and sold by Morr-tahn, a Priest of Bahl-inn-ohr.

Godly Strength: 95600 G.C.
This potion gives you x20 dam. for 10 s.s..

Inpenetrable Armor: 120150 G.C.
This potion ensures that NOTHING will touch you for 10 s.s..

The next 2 potions are developed and sold by Petra, a travelling Alchemist.

Ultimate Damage: 79750 G.C.
This potion gives you x10 dam. for 7 s.s..

Invincibility: 84900 G.C.
This potion ensures that NOTHING will touch you for 7 s.s..

Dimensional Travel: 59950 G.C.
This potion was developed and is sold by the Elven Mage Daar-yll.
This potion enables the taker to safely negotiate to any dimension and back again as long as the
taker knows the dimension exists.

*Note: none of these last 12 potions work (they are all frauds)


At page 44 and there is still not a single game concept discussed, but they've thrown the entire fucking equipment list at you as well as a full set of tables consisting of classes allowed by Race and multiclassing tables.


Attack Calculations

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More Atlantasia Horribleness posted:

Attack Calculations:

The first step is to determine the attack order. This is done by looking at the player's (and N.P.C.'s)
dexterity number (the highest number goes first, second highest is next and so on).

Whoever is up rolls his/her % dice to see if the blow connects (the player's weapon proficiency
modifies the chance to hit; any proficiency over 50% gets a bonus of 1%/5% over 50%; any
proficiency under 50% loses % points at the rate of 1%/5% under 50%) (the to hit calculation is
determined by the % dice which must come under the player's to hit number for a successful attack).
If the attack is successful then you must determine where the attack connects. This is done with the
% dice again (look to the following chart).

Placement Chart
01 - 25%: lower legs (roll for right or left)
26 - 40%: upper legs (roll for right or left)
41 - 75%: chest & upper arms (roll for which and which arm)
76 - 95%: lower abdomen & forearms (roll for which & which arm)
96 - 99%: head shot
100%: decapitation

The next step is to determine the precision of the attack. Again this is done with the % dice with the
following results:
01 - 10%: 1/4 damage
11 - 20%: 1/2 damage
21 - 64%: even
65 - 75%: x2 damage
76 - 86%: x3 damage
87 - 91%: x4 damage
92 - 96%: x5 damage
97 - 99%: x6 damage
100%: x10 damage

If the attack is a miss, the player rolls the % dice for a precision roll to determine how bad the miss
is using the following formula:
01 - 10%: player slips and hits them self (damage is at x3)
11 - 20%: player slips and hits them self (damage is at x2)
21 - 35%: player slips and hits them self (damage is at par)
36 - 55%: weapon hits a hard surface taking x5 points off durability
56 - 65%: weapon hits a hard surface taking x3 points off durability
66 - 80%: weapon hits a hard surface taking x2 points off durability
81 - 90%: weapon hits opponent’s armor taking par points (1d6) off durability
91 - 99%: weapon glances off opponent's armor taking 1d4 off durability
100%: weapon misses everything (a wasted turn)

So apparently I have a 3000% higher chance of killing or maiming myself on a missed attack than just 'missing'


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Seaweed. Now with stats!


Sea Weed 50 E.P.s

There are two types of sea weed on Atlantasia; there is regular sea weed, which all alchemists seek
for making potions with, and there is a type that feeds off small amounts of flesh, which is the type
we will discuss here.

The only way to tell the difference between the two is to do a bit of experimenting when you see
water with sea weeds all over it. The best way to discover which type is to throw a bit of meat into
the water. If the sea weed wraps around the meat and begins to slowly devour it (it will take about
10ss for a 2" piece of meat to be fully devoured) then you have found this breed of sea weed.
As stated, there is no real difference in looks between regular sea weed and the flesh eating sea weed
(unless you look on the underside of the water and see small mouths hanging at the end of the
strands of weed).

Sea weed, when a prey makes the mistake of being trapped in the midst of the weeds, will attack in
groups. They secrete an acid that will eat through tough hides, leather and non-magical metals to
give the weeds access to the skin and meat below. While their bites might only feel like large insect
bites, many an adventurer has lost a good set of boots and breeches to these creatures (as well as
gaining a major chance of lethal infection from unattended bites). Sea weeds do not eat very much at
a time (although large groups have been known to kill smaller animals who venture into the water).
Because of the vast amounts of water contained within these weeds, fire is not your best approach
to dealing with these pesty beings. However, they have very little defense or L.P.s so killing them is
fairly easy (if you can catch them). Their main defense is speed! These weeds can move at the rate of
75'/ss and will scatter in all directions if attacked.
Attacks: 1/ss
To Hit: 95% (if within 2' of the weed)
Defense: 5%
98% immune to fire
L.P.s: 15/weed
Physical Attacks: Acid Saliva (will eat through above items at the rate of 1d6/ss and there is no way
to rid the articles of this saliva)
Bite: 1d4 - 1/bite
0% chance of anything magical (1% chance of magical things under the water)

hooooooly shit


Holland had come up with his medieval fantasy world in anticipation of writing novels set in Atlantasia, but became frustrated after finding the popular RPG Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) was not challenging enough.

"When I got bored with D&D, it's like, OK, put novels on the backburner, let's get a real game going here," he said.

Holland says other companies' RPGs are "passé" and "too generic."

"To tell you the truth, I'm really not in this for the money," he said. "I'm in this to do a David and Goliath. I'm going after the big boys."

Holland wants to give them "a taste of what's to come," and what's to come, he says, is realism.

He's marketing the game as the most realistic fantasy based role-playing game (RPG) on the market.


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The Floater


Floater 125 E.P.s
Floaters are another interesting creature. In reality they are 3' - 5' long, thin and slimy (picture a
leech). They have no eyes and their entire front is a gaping mouth with small, sharp teeth.
When encountering a floater, they will not look anything like their true self. Instead, you will see an
illusion of their last victim (right down to the armor and clothing they were wearing). If someone
was to see this being floating in the water face down and went to turn them over or see if they still
lived, the floater would abandon the illusion and attack straight to the face where they will sink their
teeth into the flesh and drag you to the bottom trying to drown you. Their mouths expand to try and
engulf their prey's mouth and nose, thus assisting in the drowning.
Attacks: 2/ss (bite and then drag you down under the water)
To Hit: 65% (within 3')
Defense: 15%
L.P.s: 25
Physical Attacks: 1d10 bite
0% chance for anything magical (20% chance of magical things lying on the bottom of the water)

Why do they project an illusion of their last victim? Because.


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More insanity, also the author's pet character/Eliminster stand-in:


Par-traxx 0 E.P.s
Par-traxx is an enigma on Atlantasia. Here is what is known about him:

he is a Moon Elf who became the first Dragon Mage (combined with the Demi-god Chaos
He has been known to show up in many different looks and personas
He lives in the Crystal Tower which is located in the Nor-Scand Mountains
He is the idol of almost every Elven Mage
He is 5' 1" tall and weighs 79 lbs.
He is always seen with his familiar Terronis (a large black bird with red splotches in its wings)
He is always seen with a black/gold staff that is 6' high

That is what is known around Atlantasia by any who are able to read or have been to a bard's
performance. Here are the things no one knows about Par-traxx:
His familiar is actually a 75' phoenix
The staff he has with him is actually the relic The Staff of the Cosmos (which he keeps with
him so no one can wield its tremendous powers <he knows what would happen if this staff
were to end up in the wrong hands>)
He was the one to teach the War Magi how to create their shield which absorbs energy and
uses that energy to strengthen itself
He knows and can use ALL forms of magic
The biggest thing not known about Par-traxx (none of the Deities even know this) is that he
is actually the avatar of the original creator of all the known universes and dimensions

Because of this last point, Par-traxx cannot be touched physically, mentally or magically. If
confronted, Par-traxx will use the following tactics in order:
He will first try to talk the antagonist out of the confrontation using a logical approach
If that does not work, Par-traxx will unleash his familiar in its true form (he will cast a fireball
in Terronis' direction)
If they continue to press, he will alter his own form into that of his ancient Chaos Dragon
If this fails (and the antagonist is angering Par-traxx), he will scatter their atoms across every
known plane of existence and dimension, allow those atoms to retain all the knowledge of
the plane of existence/dimension they were in. Then he pulls the atoms back together using
the line "knowledge is power and all you seek is power so that is what I have given you:
ultimate power". While Par-traxx cannot destroy anything or anybody (after all, he is THE
creator), this has been known to kill any this happens to (there is 1 person who survived and
now wanders Atlantasia babbling to himself as he attempts to organize all the information
his mind holds now <you have a 1% chance of surviving this attack>)

Par-traxx can be used to insert quests into a group (he is famous for this). He will either show up in
your camp out of the blue (10% of the time) or be situated somewhere in any form you wish (he has
probably used the form before so be creative; he is!) where the group will pass by him.

God has a 10% chance of just appearing before you.