This RPG is pretty gross.


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Forkbanger: Someone needs to animate that bat. I keep expecting to see it waggling its wings or something.

Also my browser crashed once while I was literally on the LAST FUCKING LINE of this post, so I guess that's indicative of just how shit the subject matter is. So screw it, you guys are going to get a terse, less-quote-filled version of the original, just so we can get started.

Black Tokyo


Here's the classy cover to Black Tokyo, and fuck you. Fuck you all for getting me to review this shit. My original intro paragraph said that hey, this would be less bad because at least it wasn't Field slipping his Id-driven urges and fantasies sideways into stuff and trying to hide it, here he was honest about it, but you know what? That's a fucking lie. Without any brakes on, Field and his Id are horrifying, especially as he still tries to justify everything about it.

Black Tokyo: The Hentai S.R.D. By Chris Field

NSFW: This is what greets us on the first actual page.

The very first page is literally just Field glorying in the fact that he can finally write whatever he wants and his editors can't stop him now, because he's SUPPOSED to be writing about porn. So he slings out CUM COCK PUSSY VAGINAL EXPLOSION GORE TORPEDO all over the fucking place, like a giddy teenager whose parents have given up trying to stop his profanity-laden outposts at the dinner table. We're told that hentai exists to remind us that we are MEAT MACHINES and that sex will be MEMORABLE in a hentai campaign.

Hentai as a Genre

Where Chris informs us that he's picking ghost boners and bondage porn as the particular inspiration for Black Tokyo because hey, that's apparently the sort of hentai that makes for the best game! I guess he would happen to be the expert on this subject, so I'll defer to his Fieldness.

Lolicon, Incest and Rape

Chris Lolifield posted:

I deliberately avoided including overt loli elements in Black Tokyo.

Well thank goodness he's not going to be OVERT about it and is only going to mention fucking 16-year-olds! Anything else would be creepy! The following paragraph reminds us that the RPG will include fucking kids, but it'll only be done by BAD GUYS, since obviously only VILLAINS would do this.

Incest: It's cool and lets you do special BONER MAGIC and no one is ever scarred by being raped by their brother or anything. It's always a positive experience!

The only slightly redeeming aspect of this shitty section is that he informs us to make sure our players are okay with being raped before having any of that in the game. Thank God, wouldn't want anyone playing the CREEPY HENTAI RPG to feel UNCOMFORTABLE. But on the other hand, that you have to remind your players to basically establish a "safe word" before playing your game is also another one of those FLASHING RED LIGHTS to any sane human.

Hentai Character Options

Honestly nothing too weird here except for Field mentioning that he's written a supplement for SEXAROIDS and insisting that A) hentai originally meant "transformation" or "disfigurement"(anyone know enough about the Japanese language to call him out on that one?), as justification for everyone and everything being a shapeshifter, and that B) most hentai is actually SOCIAL SATIRE(I admit I haven't seen much hentai, but I never got this vibe from it. Is there genuinely any of this? Or is Field just trying to look clever about watching cartoon porn?). The section is largely just reminding us that we everyone has fucked everything, there's more magic than robots and we should focus a lot on social feats and skills because hey, this stuff is about dickings and seduction.

Oh and... this, which honestly sounds like it's encouraging players to eat and rape the bodies of defeated foes, in no specific order.


Oh, and this is where he shills his OTHER writing that he suggests we can use with the game. Including everything from crappy Otherverse books(in case we want tentacle rape with a side-order of Wiccan superiority who shoots magic missiles from her cunt while masturbating with a pentagram, these are pretty much verbatim examples from the book, by the way), through Jewish Ninjas, Computer Wizards and... The Innocent. Which he specifically says would be "the easiest way to include lolicon elements in Black Tokyo." So much for not being "overt" about your desire to fuck kids, huh, Fields?

Aside from the barely-hidden desire to include pedophilia in the book, the most amazing part of this short, introductory section is the Field Sidebar that ends it. Reproduced here in full without any edits.

That's right guys, Japan is a superior nation with much less rape than any other nation because they whack off to creepy cartoon porn all the time. So you see, hentai is actually socially PROGRESSIVE. I think that for all of Field's defenses of this stuff, this is the damning proof: Once you start dragging SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE(threadbare as it is) into your RPG to prove that you're not a creepy scumbag for writing it, you've pretty much admitted that you know you should feel uncomfortable.


Your vagina becomes a strange tesseract

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Black Tokyo

Your vagina becomes a strange tesseract

Hentai Feats

So we've gotten past the introduction where Field justifies what he's doing, and into the meat of the mechanics that he's adding. Hentai Feats is the first of those chapters and, it's not really THAT terrible(well, I know I wrote that at the head of the last post before I lost it, and that turned out to be wrong, but I mean it this time). Generally, you can split the new feats into four categories.

#1: Remarkably enough useful for people who aren't jerking off at the gaming table(the smallest category).

#2: Forgettable feats that I won't bother to cover.

#3: Pedestrian and predictable feats about dicks. The sort of stuff you'd HAVE to have in a hentai RPG, which aren't very scarring, reasonably fitting and occasionally a bit humorous.

#4: The feats that tell us strange and disturbing things about the porn that Field prefers to watch.

The first thing we notice, when cracking open the chapter, is that on the very first page, Field makes a unique version of Barbarian Rage, which you could call Misogynist Rage. By which I mean that it lets you pick a gender you hate and go berserk with desire to murder them, rape them, or both. Either you hate a gender for not letting you fuck them, or you hate a gender for being sexual competition. There's also a generic BE A HERMAPHRODITE feat which is accompanied by a truly miserable depiction of fellatio between two androgynous creatures.

Black Fatherhood is KIND OF interesting, in that it basically means that if you knock someone up, the unborn child allows you to affect them telepathically, compelling them to do stuff, and once the kid is born, you can either try to have the birth be fatal to the mother, or to somehow brainwash her into being your ally permanently. I say it's kind of interesting because it's not JUST a feat that's about someone's creepy fetish, but actually the sort of dark, creepy thing that would fit a properly horrifying story.

Bodymeld and Bodywalk fit into the feats that I find are kind of interesting, with a bit of work. Bodymeld lets two characters fuse their bodies into some sort of towering creature that has both their abilities and characteristics. Scrape out the bits about where it requires fuckin' to jumpstart and has both partners' genitalia, and it could be cool. Bodywalk is the sort of thing you could imagine a dark villain or necromancer using, as it literally allows you to liquefy yourself and teleport through one person's body and out through another. It is, of course, cripplingly painful and somewhat damaging to the victims, but a villain with disposable minions could use them as gates without giving a fuck. Bones of Paper also fits into the "kinda neat" category, as it lets you either reshape your bones for better damage resistance, or temporarily jellify them so you can slip through cracks and crevices like and ooze.

Of course, this "kinda neat" section instantly comes to an end with two more feats. Caress of Soiled Cloth basically means you can use someone's underwear as a voodoo doll, affecting them with sex feats from afar. It's one of the predictable porn feats. Then Cocoon of Filth instantly blows away all the sympathy we had for the author so far, because, yes, it's the feat where you use your own shit and piss as a suit of armor. It uses the wording "mystic feces," which should forever be marked as a goddamn crime against humanity.

Art for Cocoon of Filth and Cosplay. Pretty damn NSFW both of them.

Cosplay is yet another one of those feats I want to kind of like. It basically means, if you scrape off the name and the doofy art, that you make an incredibly lifelike(or stylized, I suppose) costume resembling a character or person, and when wearing that costume, you can get some associated skill boosts. Like, it seems kind a like of neat, shamanistic thing. You make a mask resembling a famous painter, and when wearing it, it channels some of his painting talent. It does have kind of a loophole as a feat, though, a costume's bonuses are dependent on how great a skill check you get on "Craft: Visual Arts." Costumes can themselves enhance this skill. So you could sort of get into a loop of having costumes that grant increasingly greater bonuses to creating more costumes, assuming your rolls back it up.

Then we move on to KILLER SEMEN that turns whoever you're fucking into stone, CURSED CUNT that does CON damage to people who fuck you, a couple of feats for trading bodies with your family when fucking them and a kind of unsettling one called Gunslinger's Fetish. It means that if you shoot someone with your PHALLIC WEAPONS, you can basically affect them with any feat that required you to have fucked them first. The absurd thing about this feat isn't so much the effect as the bad writing accompanying it, however, allow me to illustrate:

Hollow-Point Penile Substitute sounds like a punk rock band

There's a feat for getting power by watching your relatives masturbate and then... "Gift of Innocence." I mean, on the surface, it's just the ability to cure people's mental trauma with sex. It removes any trauma caused by sex-related things, cures STD's and terminates unwanted pregnancies... and then it restores their hymen. I'm not sure why, but for some reason that last bit just sticks with me as kind of weird.

Mother to Demons lets you create a demonic army from your vagina. "Your vaginal lips are a torrii gate that opens between worlds." in the book's own words. In a relatively short span of time, and for kind of a negligible cost in XP, you can pump out medusae, fiends and the like with indefinite lifespans(or you can just pump them out to survive for an hour or so as a disposable minion otherwise). Now, yes, this is horrifying as a PC feat, but if you removed the "vagina" references and gave this to some sort of Lovecraftian horror, like Ubbo-Sathla, then it'd almost be a fitting monstrous power.

Also, for the record, the repeated use of the word COMBAT PENIS for the various feats that allow you to stab people to death with your cock makes me laugh to no end.

"Painted with Seed" is one of those feats that strikes me as fitting to the concept of a porn RPG without disgusting us with Field's repeated fetishism for pregnancy and rape. Basically, whenever someone hoses you down with semen, you get mystic bonuses from it. But on top of that, it comes with a groggy table for determining what bonuses you get from where the semen hits you. Some of them are REMARKABLY handy, actually. Strength bonuses, regeneration and walking walls like a spider, among other things.

And of course, since I mentioned COMBAT PENIS, there is the Phallic Spear Technique. Yeah, this is the one that turns your cock into a prehensile, horrifying tentacle that can murder people from across the room. It's really no more terrifying than that.

Puzzle of Flesh is neat, since it lets you split your body up into as many parts as you want, all of which sort of wobble off on their own errands as you want them to. A handy way to get all of the work around the house done in minimum time, I suppose.

We've got some cancer magic feats, etc. etc. it all starts to get reasonably standard. Though Tentacled Myriad does have some hilarious, borderline NSFW, Art. It's the feat that allows you to explode into a spherical ball of tentacles that grapple and molest people.

Where we get back to Field Is Fucked territory is in the last few pages, as we hit the U's and V's. Vaginal Prison and Unbirthing. I quote: "BY SENDING AN ACTION POINT, YOUR VAGINA BECOMES A STRANGE TESSERACT, A FOLD IN SPACE AND TIME ." It allows you to eat someone you're fucking with your vagina, literally crushing them to death at the same time. Unbirthing is the feat that further amplifies the horror by rapidly disintegrating and de-aging them while they're inside you.

Gross gross gross.

Wards of Filth lets you paint a protective barrier against the supernatural with your own shit. I figure it's just that demons don't want to go near anyone crazy enough to start using their own feces to draw on the walls.

We finish the chapter off with Wombscrape, which gives you a breath weapon composed of "predatory semen," and Womanly Suffocation, which, if you are female, turns you into a blob of blubbery flesh and tits which wash over enemies and crush them beneath your bulk, or choke them to death within it. Delightful!

Next up: HENTAI CLASSES. Where hopefully things will become weird enough to be noteworthy again.

Milk, piss and sexual fluids burst through her clothes

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Forkbanger: That guy's bald head looks like a cancerous testicle.

Black Tokyo!

Milk, piss and sexual fluids burst through her clothes

In true ass-backwards Field fashion, we've gotten practically no fluff, a bunch of feats, and THEN we get to the classes. You know, the classes that we'd normally probably have picked before the feats or something. Fucked if I know.

Hentai Classes

The Death Womb Seductress

That's our first NEW CHARACTER CLASS. Basically you're a lady who REALLY HATES DUDES, probably on account of molestation, rape, etc. and then a spider demon comes along and goes HEE HEE HEE WANT ME TO MAKE YOUR CUNT MAGICAL SO YOU CAN HURT THEM BACK? And you say "SURE THIS SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT DEAL" and now your vagina is cursed/haunted/evil.

You get all sorts of exciting abilities, like... Razor Slit! Black Cum! Blood-Soaked Sheets! Vaginal Ichor! The first three are variants on making your vagina toothy, toxic or vampiric(in that order), while the fourth is something more exciting! It turns your vagina into a web-sprayer. We're also told that Death Womb Seductresses have Spiderman-like web sprayers on their wrists, and the openings for these look like "small vulvas." Delightful!

Now, ALL of a DWS' special killer abilities involves someone being stupid enough to fuck her. But, considering that they are largely intended as villains, and we've already hit a dozen examples of how vaginas and their secretions can murder you dead, what sort of PC in a Black Tokyo game would ever be stupid enough to fuck anyone? I mean, if we assume there are actually people out there who would unironically play an RPG just to bone other people's characters and NPC's, Black Tokyo seems kind of counterproductive as it makes picking up a date similar to venturing through the Tomb of Horrors: One misstep and only the GM knows if you're going to end up being disintegrated inside someone's unholy uterus without a saving throw.

The Devil Heart Hunter

You're a half-breed who doesn't know his DEMON DAD and whose mortal mom dumped you at an orphanage on account of you're a creepy little mutant. Hence you're pretty angry and you HUNT DEMONS. And of course the book informs us that no, you were never the result of a consensual and loving relationship, it was pretty much always RAPE. Rape rape rape rape rape. The word's starting to lose meaning to me after reading this book.

Scrape off the rape and I guess they're a functional class, though. Bunches of bonuses at beating up the supernatural, toxic attacks against them, the ability to manifest their weird heritage to terrify people, oh and despite being TOO CYNICAL FOR RELIGION, they can banish demons by pure force of will after a few levels. The one ability I specifically dig is that they can eat killed demons to gain temporary boosts, regenerate hit points, etc.

This one won't give me any nightmares.


I think I remember these monstrosities from Otherverse. FUCK.

Yeah, VAGINA WITCHES. Oh boy. What is with this asshole and menstruation, anyway? Christ. He probably orders jars full of fresh menstrual blood off of Craigslist or something.

They also get some unintentionally hilarious, NSFW, art. Fucking look at this shit!

So your very first ability as a FLOW WITCH is BLEEDING BY CHOICE.

Basically you become incontinent and your magic becomes extra terrifying as its target risk getting smeared with your blood or urine. Somehow this does not require Will checks for any opponents targeted, possibly because anyone living in a Field Universe is used to piss and blood being all over everything from the moment they wake up. I guess from a purely STATISTICAL perspective it's a boost since it lets you cast touch-range and personal-range spells within 30 feet as long as someone gets splashed by one of your piss-blood tentacles, but it's just nasty as hell.

In keeping with the BLOOD THEME, Flow Witches can also pump extra blood to their brain to get a super smell sense. Fucked if I know how that works.

Cleanliness & Knowledge Lick, despite sounding like an Exalted charm, this lets you drink someone's blood or other fluids and instantly know pretty much everything about them. So I guess it's basically a fan-made Exalted charm, then.

Flow Thought: If someone is masochistic enough to drink your menstrual blood they get a skill bonus from it, as the blood somehow contains some of your knowledge of the given skill.

Fluid Pharmacy: Your bodily fluids become MEDICINE. This was retarded in Otherverse: America and it's still retarded now.

WHY DO I FEEL LIKE I JUST READ ONE OF FIELDS' PERSONAL SEXUAL FANTASIES? AUGH I FEEL FILTHY FOREVER. WATER WON'T GET IT OFF. Yes, this is an ability that lets you use your menstrual blood to brainwash people into permanent, mutated servants.

There are a couple more MAGICAL BREASTMILK abilities that are kind of forgettable since they don't do anything TOO crazy(one lets you swap around people's classes) and aren't horrifying.

Transformative Ejaculation: Basically the lady rubs herself to a female ejaculation while casting a beneficial spell and becomes a living geyser of my worst nightmares. Every ally she hoses down gets boosted by the spell. It's not even particularly boosted, so again it's just playing into Field's fetishes.

And... ugh. That's it for me for now. BUT I WILL PERSEVERE... next post.

Next time: Another four miserable classes!

Transformative ejaculation

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Black Tokyo

Transformative Ejaculation

Hentai Classes, Continued.

Freudian Oni

When Bruce Banner gets angry, he becomes THE HULK. In Black Tokyo when some dudes get horny they spawn a huge, psionic demon that wants to rape things. I wouldn't even bring up this comparison except that the Freudian Oni is one of the classes that gets a little intro-quote shamelessly ganked from some writing or comic, and in this case it's the Hulk talking about how he wants to fuck some lady. I don't even know what diseased piece that's from, and I don't fucking WANT to know.

We're reminded that every person with a Freudian Oni class is a rapist. Even if he's keeping it in check because raping the rest of the party would be kind of fucked up, he's probably molested a dozen ladies. Because that's how Black Tokyo rolls: Either you're a rapist or you're a woman getting revenge on rapists. Yes, if anyone has missed it so far, there's kind of a thread that even evil female abilities like the Death Womb Seductress' are largely only triggered off because MEN were horrible towards them.

Every ability for the Freudian Oni is pretty much uninteresting, except for the fact that all of them mention that: "IF YOUR PSYCHIC DEMON IS BUSY RAPING SOMEONE, CONVINCING IT TO DO SOMETHING ELSE WILL REQUIRE THESE ROLLS."

It's also incredibly confusingly written because Oni and Freudian Oni are used interchangeably to refer to the character with the class, and the actual demon he summons. Fuck you, Field.

Ghostkiss Investigator

NSFW, I don't think Chris has ever actually seen a woman.

Ghostkiss Investigators are supposed to be sort of detectives linking the lands of the living and the dead, settling last matters for the dead so they can go to their peace. That's kind of a cool concept. Then we're told that they're regularly possessed by ghosts, because in Field Country, the main cause of being a restless spirit is that you need one last fuck. And what better way to get that than by possessing some idiot medium and fucking your girlfriend again. Fuck you, Chris.

Oh and one of the class requirements is having engaged in "sexual contact" with a ghost or undead being. Only necrophiles need apply!

"All are quietly, almost unnoticeably broken." No, I think we noticed it when they started fucking zombies.

And here's the first fucking ability: Altar of the Body. To paraphrase, it means that if you succeed at a social check or two against a given undead, you can fuck them, and if they fuck you, they have to let themselves be banished. And apparently this works no matter whether they'd normally be attracted to you, or even your gender. So you can literally be a big greasy dude who rapes the undead to eternal peace. Why.

The next special ability turns your pubic hair white and makes you immune to fear. I'm not sure why the hair colour thing is even in there.

Die In Pleasure means that if you give a handjob to someone as they're passing away, they'll never return as undead. Or if you're cranking off a zombie at the same time you can do positive energy damage to the undead creature.

The sad part is that in the middle of all of this are a bunch of GENUINELY HANDY AND INTERESTING abilities allowing the Ghostkiss Investigator to chat with the undead without being perceived as a threat by them, getting intelligence out of mindless undead, etc.

Finally, you get to fuck corpses until they become zombies and skeletons.

Let's get the hell away from this class.

Harem Mage

So here's what the Harem Mage does: He crafts sentient creatures and then deprives them of being free to choose who to love, instead binding them to a given person whom they're stuck being mindlessly enamoured with forever. Apparently these abilities are an outflow of being completely dissatisfied with "real women" and their not being mindless fucktoys who'll worship you.

The intro text also directly states that this is pretty much useless as a PC class as most harem mages are useless layabouts who spend all their time boning imaginary girls.

The first ability, however, puts this in doubt. See, they can create servants pretty much every day. They start with 8 in every stat and it costs XP for several days in a row to make them permanent, otherwise they fade away. Now, here is the thing: The only stat that determines how expensive they are for that period is their charisma score. So you can make a small army of extremely plain-looking girls who are nonetheless supernaturally dexterous or strong, and yes, they're sentient enough to gain class levels, but still unbreakably loyal to you.

Oh, yes, and once he gets some levels, he can start these girls off with actual class levels, including levels in Harem Mage , the book states. Meaning that basically you can have an infinitely looping legion of servitors by that point, the newest one is always busy creating yet another, all of them are unbreakably loyal to the one just above them in the chain. There are no skill checks or saves involved at ANY point, except to get away with paying slightly less XP.

Oh and they never need to eat, drink or breathe, either, so you can't argue that they'll somehow tax your budget or break the local economy.

You get literally no adventure-related abilities, but you don't need those when you have an army of goddamn immortals.

There's also a surprising lack of creepy in the fluff text aside from the mentioned bit in the intro about the mind-slavery.

The Sacred Pleasurer


NSFW: Pictured, someone realizing they're in a game written by Field.

But wait, Sacred Pleasurers aren't just divine whores, they've got special abilities! Like Blessings of the Yoni! Which means they can give you boosts by jerking you off! Chalice of the Divine! Which lets you bless your vulva! Lessons of the Yoni! Now when you fuck someone, you can rewrite their brain at the same time! Sacred Masturbation! Jerk off in public to give the audience stat boosts!

After the Flow Witch I'm just not really that scarred by any of this. So nothing really stands out to me as horrifying enough to mention. Vagina magic, vagina priests, etc. it's all pretty mild when no menstrual blood is involved.

Hentai Magic!

masturbatory writing in the most literal sense

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Black Tokyo!

masturbatory writing in the most literal sense

Hentai Magic

Magical Items

So this is the chapter on all the WACKY MAGICAL ITEMS!!!!! in Black Tokyo. And as per usual we're treated to a quagmire of mostly forgettable shit with a few shining grains of either misery or brilliance hidden inside. If you can think of a fetish or sex toy, there's probably a magical version of it here somewhere. For instance, there's a butt plug animal tail that actually turns you into that animal if you get off while wearing it.

Then there's a small armory's worth of anti-rapist weaponry, all described in masturbatory detail down to the smallest detail of appearance, caliber and so forth. Apparently all the weapon and ammo manufacturers from the real world are ported over to the Black Tokyo world for the purpose of Field being able to crank his gun-fetishism in our faces.

I do somewhat like some of the items that are based off of Asian/Japanese culture without being straight-up pornographic, though. Like the Rice Seed Coat. Apparently much like there are stories of vampires being compelled to count spilled seeds or stones, the same stories exist for Asian demons(or do they? Someone let me know if Field is just making this shit up), and in this world those stories were real and told by the demons to each other as horror stories. Someone wearing the coat can animate its colourful silk images of the story, terrifying any demons and outsiders who view it.

The Black and Coinless Cards seem like actual things you'd see in a magic-heavy modern-occult world, the former shifting to be an ID for any identity you need, and the latter being an enchanted credit card that always conjures up enough money for you to have the necessities.

There are some magical canes that are only enchanted to those knowledgeable about Buddhist religion/philosophy, empowering them to act as demon hunters. I feel like that's a nice touch, giving some actual reason for having those skills and knowledges. I wouldn't mind seeing more like that in magic-containing campaign worlds in general.

Pretty much every piece of magical armor is fetish-related, though, latex suits, pony play suits, etc. There's a suit that women have to masturbate with to activate, and a suit that guys have to fuck to activate. Just to keep the genders equal, here.

"Lemon drops are an arcane disinhibitor, a magical date rape drug." We knew it had to be in here, I just wanted to make sure you guys saw it.

The "Gashapon Armada Bag" is basically full of enchanted, angry toys. You hurl them at people's faces and they get cut up, like a poor man's Magic Missile. It's not particularly impressive or creative in effect, but again, I like the flavour.

Not to be forgotten, however, is Field's menstrual fetish, and there is of course a magical tampon that will give you bonus feats if you leave it stuck in there until you should be getting toxic shock.

The Silk Coil Harness is his excuse to describe Japanese porn DVD covers to us, as he explains that the majority of them have a very specific bondage pattern on them, and this is how it goes. Oh and of course you wear this item like that. Of course it's pretty much completely fucking useless outside of its purpose as a fetish tool.

Surprisingly enough there are only two magical dildos. One lets you rape female corpses to life, the other is a holy dildo that lets you knock yourself up with a half-divine child. I think I'm starting to see a kind of repetitive necrophiliac thing here, too. Jesus.


A lot of these are just refluffed or repeated spells that you'd find in base D20 stuff, but there are a few unique ones! Biological Imperative, for instance, lets you paralyze someone with orgasms. Or vomiting. Or shitting themselves. Your choice which.

Minutes Become Hours is actually a kind of cool spell, in that it lets you accelerate time in a small zone. It's not useful in combat, but it literally lets you spend a full day of recovery in half an hour or so. So if you're in a hurry and someone needs time to recuperate or rememorize spells, that sort of thing, this would be damn handy.

Red Zone: Zone of Boners. Everyone within this zone gets horny. You knew the spell had to be in here somewhere.

The chapter is surprisingly short, but honestly I'm pretty cool with that. To my further amazement there are no spells related to menstruating, corpsefucking or furries.

Next post: Cosmology! Black Tokyo's actual campaign world!

Chris "Asian Superiority" Field

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Black Tokyo!

Chris "Asian Superiority" Field


Despite the name, this is just a bestiary for the book. Also the first piece of art in this chapter is some dude jerking off while watching a girl taking a piss, the entire thing is in black and white except for the piss which is a vibrant, golden yellow. Fuck's sake. And it's associated with a species of ghosts that do nothing but watch people take a dump .

We have a bunch of these original inventions, and a bunch of things happily ripped from Japanese mythology, and the main difference is that pretty much every creature has its genitals described. Whether they're "rotted stubs" or surrounded by eyes or worse.

Did I mention that the art is still utter, utter shit? Not Safe For Work as usual.

Rape rape rape rapitty rape rape rape. Either it's some SILLY WACKY ANIME CATGIRL/FOXGIRL, the ghost or zombie of someone who was raped in life or it's a demon who rapes people. There, I have now relayed for you some 30 pages of bestiary with no nuance lost.

The World of Black Tokyo

So, Field? Yeah, raging weeaboo, we know that already. And he reminds us of it on the very first page of the "world" section. He starts off by talking about prostitution and porn in Japan, telling us how it's SO MUCH MESS stigmatized than in the West(because obviously the Japanese are super-enlightened!) and that while he totally didn't want to go into it... he just has to remind us that you can fuck 13 or 14-year-olds legally in Japan and that while he's totally not going to go into it in the book, you could totally use it as a plot hook. You know, if you really wanted to.

Next is a completely pointless bit about how birthrates are dropping in Japan. It has no relation to anything except for Field to remind us that he knows SO MUCH about Japan.

Then we get to LOCATIONS! And by "locations" I mean that Field describes a brothel with MAGICAL PROSTITUTES. Of course at least one of the POTENTIAL MAGICAL PROSTITUTES is a Flow Witch who sells glasses of her menstrual blood and piss. Thank you, Field, I didn't want my appetite after all. Then there's a magical baseball field where demons pop in to rape people. I really cannot describe how impossibly dull all the rape gets after a while.

Next up, something that can actually be used for something other than fetish fuel:


After invading Japan, the Americans find a slumbering EVIL DEMON TURTLE underground that must be kept sleeping at any cost because it's huge and fucking dangerous. Everyone's been studying the dumb thing since the Cold War or so and no one's figured out anything except that it's big and evil and no one has any clue how to kill it or keep it sleeping. Also it'd be really bad if it woke up.

It suggests that PC's can be working for the, now-underfunded project, and then also suggests that working near the EVIL DEMON TURTLE is slowly turning them all into rapists. Great. Alternately, it could be that the EVIL DEMON TURTLE is waking up, turning the whole base into HELL CITY and then suggests that F.E.A.R. is obviously the best inspiration for a "mission into a military base that has become a portal to hell itself." I'm not sure if it's funnier that Field constantly has to mention pop culture stuff or the fact that he misses out on referencing Doom here.

Next up he tells us about some mind-numbingly dull other organizations PC's could work for. All of them are just Generic Demon Fighting Dudes except for the ones that are Generic Demon Fighting Ladies but in being feminist, Field reminds us, they're totally more passionate and awesome than those stupid organizations that involve both genders.

This section weirdly cuts off right in the middle of a paragraph about haunted train cars full of demonic feces and demonic rape. I can't say I'm particularly sad about that.

And finally there is a stunted little bibliography section where you see that literally everything Field knows, or thinks he knows, about Japan, is from a single website, one magazine from 2005, anime(FLCL, Battle Royale, various hentai things), Panty Explosion, Silent Hill(the movie, not the game) and The Ring.