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Superiors: Zadkiel

The world is harsh; I will give you solace.

Zadkiel, Archangel of Protection is a Cherub who once served Flowers, and while one might believe her Choir got her her Word, it was in fact her love for humanity. She wants to Protect humanity in all ways - their bodies, souls, laws and creations, everything that makes them more than animals. It's not true protection if all you get is survival - even an Impudite can do that. Zadkiel sits right between the peace and war factions. She spreads herself thin, and expects her angels to do likewise. She works with other Words and tries to fill the gaps in their perspectives. She is the ehield of Flowers, able to shove away their foes. She is the fortifications and the medics ofr War. She is important, but more likely to support than to claim her own niche. She is heavily involved in the lands of Islam, and where other Archangels left the Islanic nations to Gabriel and Khalid, Zadkiel saw a world in need of her. She sought out Khalid and, whether or not she found him, she returned a convert to Islam. The Quran says that all who turn to the true religion will be protected, and Zadkiel tries to provide that protection. She hasn't embraced the trappings of Islam the way Khalid has, and she prefers a female vessel, but she often appears in chador, smelling of roses and cinnamon and bearing henna tattoos on her face. She has also taken the form of comforting mothers, lady firefighters and tired cops. Her hands are strong and gentle, no matter what she's doing with them. Her angels protect the weak, innocent and deserving. She doesn't demand they be Muslim, only that they be willing to give their lives to save humans.

it is dissonant for anges lf of Protection to refuse to protect any mortal who is not irrevocably damned. Hellsworn, sorcerers and those who cause harm to others are all protentially targets, but even then, it's a good idea to err on the side of salvation. Every life is precious, so having to choose which mortals to rescue can cause dissonance.

Seraphim of Protection cause humans to be more talkative around them. To remain silent in their presence requires a Will roll, but you can choose not to resist. When the Seraphim hear a human engage in self-deception, they also automatically recognize it and know why the human deceives themselves. This portion is restricted to Seraphim only.
Cherubim of Protection either hcoose or are assigned a particular human they must protect at all times. Any resonance rolls for that human are automaticalley CD 6. They may attune to other objects or humans normally. Cherubim of Protection are also forbidden from using their assigned human as a servant.
Ofanim of Protection triple the benefits of a movement-oriented resonance roll, but only when rescuing humans or seeking help.
Elohim of Protection may tell at a glance or touch if a human is intent on self-destruction. When resonating these people, the CD is treated as an automatic 6.
Malakim of Protection cannot be stunned or fall unconscious in battle until their vessels die or they hit 0 Mind HP.
Bright Lilim of Protection can automatically sense a Need to be protected with touch or eye contact, but only from the greatest danger perceived by the target.
Kyriotates of Protection gain no dissonance if a host is damaged (but not killed) during an attempt to rescue a human from danger. They gain dissonance normally in any other situation.
Mercurians of Protection get +2 Charisma when dealing with humans, to a max of +5.
Aura of Divinity allows you to create an immobile ten-foot sphere of divine protection around yourself for 4 Essence and a round of concentration. No demon or being of ill intent may pass the barrier by any means, though beings of good will can enter or exit freely. The Aura provides armor against physical attacks and a bonus to resist non-physical attacks. The armor or bonus is equal to double your Forces in the appropriate realm for the attack. The aura lasts until you leave its area, are soul-killed, get sent into Limbo or are sent to your Heart and enter Trauma. No attack may break it, however, no matter how powerful.
Bodyguard allows you to blend into the background behind a chosen individual, requiring a Perception roll to notice your presence at all. People automatically avoid you without realizing it. This takes only a minute of concentration to use, ending when you create Disturbance, call attention to yourself or can no longer your subject. Any aggressive act, evne carrying a weapon, will end the effect, however. Anyone that does spot you can attack you without penalty, and you do not fool mechanical or electronic sensors or cameras.
Succor allows you to touch someone and stop any pain they feel for (Corporeal Forces) hours. This includes yourself.
Vassals of Protection can sense evil intent with a Perception roll, with a bonus of (Celestial Forces). CD 1 just tells you danger's nearby, while CD 6 will point you at the person with the evil intent.
Friends of the Guard can sense humans in need of protection in the same way.
Masters of the Watch , when using either of the above powers, always know the target - the human in need or potential attacker - on sight.
Zadkiel offers no higher Distinctions.
Zadkiel can teach Numinous: Corpus Wings, the Songs of Harmony, shields, Solace, Seals and Laughter. She knows but does not often teach the Songs of Correspondence, Fruition and Pestilence.

Zadkiel wants to protect all of Heaven, and she tries to be friendly to everyone. Some Archangels rebuff her and consider her goals at odds to their own, however. Zadkiel tends to find this a personal insult, even though she tries to remind herself that Allah chose each Archangel to serve. She considers herself allied to Novalis, Gabriel, Marc and Yves, though only Novalis returns this feeling. She is associationed with everyone else, except for David, Jean and Jordi, whom she is neutral to. Blandine, Gabriel and Laurence consider themselves associated with her, and everyone else but Jean considers themselves neutral to her. Jean is hostile to Zadkiel.

1. Spend 2 hours tending to a human in need.
2. Rescue an innocent human from mortal danger.

Expanded Rites:
1. Spend 4 hours on watch or guard duty.
2. Spend 1 hour teaching someone self-defense.
3. Slay a demon threatening or exploiting a human.
4. For 3 Essence, rescue a cop or other public defender from mortal danger.

Common Protection Malakim Oaths:
1. Never allow a righteous human to come to harm, when it is my choice.
2. Never slay a human, except in direct defense of another human's life.
3. Any of the common oaths of Faith.
4. Never abandon those under my protection, for any reason.
5. Give freely to those in need, regardless of my own needs or desires.
6. Always aid the unjustly persecuted, even my enemies.
7. Slay or bring to justice any who murder a human under my protection.
8. Never use terror or threats to gain my ends.
9. Never raise my voice in anger.
Zadkiel insists that any oaths beyond the four required must be proposed to her beforehand.

Zadkiel has a base invocation TN of 3, +2 for any roll if you are in imminent need of protection, +1 for an alarm such as a burglar or smoke alarm, +2 for a shield of some kind, +3 for a suit of armor, +4 for a fortification made to protect the forces of good, +5 for a mother protecting her young, and +6 for someone giving their life to protect another.

Zadkiel believes that in human hearts, the first solace, protection and love is a mother. That is the ideal, and the core of her soul. The mother bear protects cubs with ferocity and power, and for Zadkiel, humanity is her cub. The mother human sings to her children, raises them in their culture and tries to make the world a better place for them. Zadkiel sees herself as the 'mother' to all humanity. Some of this is certainly Novalis' influence, and Flowers has many resonances with feminine principles...and Zadkiel was a Cherub pf Flowers, meant to take on the pains of humans in their stead. But some is her own burning idealism. If Khalid can be the Father of Faith, she will be the Mother whose Protection allows faith to grow. Many humans and even some angels expect her to be intimidating, a terrifying warrior. What they see, however, depends on what they need to feel safe. She prefers a smiling brown-skinned woman in a hijab, a laughing black woman in a tignon, or a slightly chubby pale woman with a kerchief and a plate of pie. She loves to hear and tell stories and will offer her shoulder or a hug to any who need it.

Zadkiel was made as a reliever, and she chose to be a Cherub. Her earliest memories are faded some, but she sometimes speaks of the death of Oannes and the trial of Michael as though she was present, and the Christ mystery as if it were recent when she was new. She fledged around 1500 BC, sent to a set of villages in Italy some fifteen miles from the Tiber. According to Zadkiel, Romulus and Remus were real people, rescued by a shepherd and his promiscuous 'wolf-bitch' wife, not Zadkiel in a vessel, as she would like to make clear. She was the one who made sure the Rape of the Sabine Women ended more happily than it might have and spread peace and reconciliation rather than stife. (Of course, Zadkiel is known to slightly embellish her storis, and between that and the vagaries of memory, she is a less reliable narrator than you might hope, even in angelic.) PReventing a war based on the abduction of another tribe's daughters impressed Novalis, so she sponsored Zadkiel as the Angel of Protection.

Around 600 BC, the Etruscans conquered Rome, and Zadkiel had her hands full trying to moderate excesses without interfering too often in ways Novalis would allow. If demons got involved, of course, the kid gloves came off, and Zadkiel claims there were plenty of demons. The Romans benefited from Etruscan and Greek culture and technology but kept most of their existing social structure. In 509 BC, the Romans drove out the Etruscan king and founded a Senate, becoming a Republic. Shortly afterwards, Zadkiel's efforts were deemed useful enough to not be restricted to Rome, and in 500, she was named an Archangel. She immediately set herself and her angels, most of whom were Flowers volunteers, to spreading the concept of protecing people and their cultures. She began to try to protect her fellow Archangels from the shortcomings of their own Words and policies. To the warlike, she sent medics and counselors, and to the peaceful, she sent guardians of defenders. This set the pattern of spreading herself thin that has continued even today.

Around 200 BC, Uriel took over the job of patron of Rome. Zadkiel was overworked and had little time to spend there, but she was rather resentful of that. Some of her angels even suggest that Uriel's tactics eventually produced the very corruption his Word should have prevented. Then came the trials of Gabriel and URiel. Zadkiel understood that predatory ethereals were something to protect against, but she never liked Uriel's methods. More important to her, however, was the way Khalid withdrew from Heaven, and in the five years between that and his formal investiture as Archangel of Faith, Zadkiel searched for him. Whether she found her or not, she began to say more and more good things about Islam and publically proclaimed her official support for it in 800 AD, beginning to manifest primarily in Middle Eastern vessels and outfits. For some reason this terrified demons more than her past forms.

Since then, Zadkiel's career has mostly followed the same lines. She tries to protect human lives and cultures, and to shore up the 'weak spots' in her fellow Archangels. She scondarily promotes her own Word, teaching the ideas of charity, self-sacrifice and care for others. Though she is not one of Heaven's front line generals, her utility has never been questioned.

Zadkiel is a Cherub, a creature of love and protection. She was raised in Flowers, and she knows that forgiveness and mercy are blessings. When dealing with her angels or humans that have not lost their souls to Hell, she is patient and kind, even with those who have failed or sinned, if htey are sincere in repentance. However, her generosity and forgiveness does not apply to Hell, the clearest of her breaks with Flowers. Hellspawn are not children to be mothered, but threats to be warded against, and when they actually harm humans, her temper is extremely short. She believes humans can never achieve their true potential if they are not secure, and so long as there are threats to peace, security is impossible. Peace and harmony are great ideals, but useless without action. Unfortunately, Zadkiel's lack of discrimination is a great weakness as a commander. Anyone who threatens humanity must face Allah's justice, and so she can easily spred herself far too thin. She's learned painfully that she must conserve her forces and keep her defenses strong, but she still speaks of heating up the jihad against Hell.

Zadkiel predates both Christianity and Islam, and her core values were learned in pagan Rome, long before she went looking for Khalid. Converting to Islam did not change her personality or mindset. Rather, it resonated with what she already believed: that for those mortals who would be good, angels will be guardians. Unlike Khalid, Zadkiel does not feel it necessary to manifest as male. Female is not her gender or sex, but a manifestation of her maternal nature, her drive to protect without hesitation and love without reserve. She sees no need to tae a male vessel just because the angelic phrase 'angels do not have true genders, nor breed like ethereal spirits do with humans' was unfortunately translated into Arabic. Whether or not Gabriel spoke angelic in dictating the Quren is unknown, and Gabriel will not say, but Zadkiel assumes it must be so, as otherwise Gabriel would not take female form. She still muses on certain passages, like suras 37, 43 and 53, but she feels Allaha could not have created Novalis, or through Novalis, Zadkiel herself, with natures that resonate with feminine principles if He did not approve. Naturally, she's debated this matter with blessed souls, angels of Faith and Kahlid himself. For Khalid's argument that female vessels confuse humans, she has mustered several rebuttals to be covered later. She spends even less time on doctrinal issues than Khalid, and doesnt' feel compelled to focus all her attention on Muslims. Allah is merciful, and so long as one sincerely believes and does good - not hard for a Cherub - then they shall have their reward and will neither fear nor grieve. From the outside, it may seem she takes her religion lightly, and in some ways she does. However, she is passionate about what she sees as its heart: respect God, love Him and do His will as best you can, and He will care for you.

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Wait why are Tuareg women inherently scary?

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Superiors: Zadkiel - Wait why are Tuareg women inherently scary?

Humans are Zadkiel's top priority. She works constantly to protect and support them, and to encourage them to protect others. Her goal is a day when Heaven's help is not needed, as all humans will be ready to help each other. Unfortunately, the needs of humans in danger and the angels fighting the War distract her. It's more important to Zadkiel that she and her angels be protectors than to spread Protection among others. Only when humans and angels don't need her help can Zadkiel allocate her very limited resources to humans in protective services, like ambulance drivers, cops and firefighters. Zadkiel has mixed feelings about the modern era. Medicine and research preserve life and culture, but religious charity is tainted by scandal and cynicism, and self-defense can become an arms race or cause gangs, where she has conflicting views with David. The nuclear threat especially is a heavy one for Zadkiel - that potential to destroy frightens her.

Zadkiel doesn't technically care about the War. If the demons stayed in Hell, she would ignore them. She might even tolerate them. However, the flip side of Cherubic love is Cheruvic vengeance. She embraces all of humanity, and revenge for the victimized is part of Protection for survivors. It's for the sake of humanity, not good, that Zadkiel fights. She wants all predatory demons removed from Earth, preferably dead, but not at the expense of humans or Heaven's goals. Zadkiel only authorizes attacks on demons if it won't weaken Protection's defensive work elsewhere or endanger more humans than it protects. Too often, angels of Protection have to allow a demon to go free and not risk a fight. Zadkiel hates it, but accepts the other options as worse.

When provoked, Zadkiel is a patient and implacable foe. If it takes a century to get a retaliatory strike in, she'll wait a century and then do it swiftly and thoroughly. Her opportunities to retaliate are too rare to accept less than total victory. Her patience isn't infinite, however, and sometimes only Laurence's direct orders have stayed her hand when those she protects are killed. While Zadkiel is usually in favor of attacking demons, her concern for humans keeps her from being a true member of the war faction. She knows any decisive final battle would destroy Earth as it is currently known. Even if Earth survives Armageddon, it will cause great death and suffering, and Zadkiel wants to spare humanity for as long as possible. Ideally, she wants the War to be more about protect human souls from demonic raiders, and have no humans present for that final battle.

Zadkiel is the Proector. She focuses on humans, but also protects her fellow angels. Both on Earth and in Heaven, she and her anels offer rest, sympathy and help in whatever way they can. Most importantly, Zadkiel keeps some great warriors among her angels, to rescue innocents from danger. Her goal is simple: protect those in need. They must both feel and be secure. People should protect each other, not from fear or self-interest, but from love and concern. If all beings accepted this in their hearts, the Word of Protection would have complete victory.

Politically, Zadkiel is the middle of everything. She supports stronger defense and overwhelming retaliation, but only if humans aren't endangered. When demons are not involved, she sides with Novalis in calling for forgiveness and love. Naturally, neither extreme quite likes that. Zadkiel tries to maintain good relations with everyone, keeping open to compromise or favor exchange. She lacks a lot of power, but her voice sometiems shifts the balance and on occasion she can even find an acceptable compromise for everyone. She tries to see the best in all of the Archangels, though they rarely return the favor.

Superior Opinions posted:

Blandine: Zadkiel's Word is vital to humanity. Frightened sleepers forget to dream.
We provide the blanket Blandine's dreamers snuggle under. She and I really aren't all that different. We just have different tasks set to us.
David: Her priorities are wrong. When it comes to the War, no one better understands the importance of defense. But she'd rather coddle humans than teach them to protect themselves.
David's love for humanity is so strange and sad to me. His methods hurt the very people he should be strengthening. He needs to learn from Novalis that harsh conditions stunt growth.
Dominic: Zadkiel is a Cherub. Her loyalty to her followers clouds her judgment. Her focus on retaliation sometimes exceeds her abilities. When she is focused on humanity, though, she can be effective.
Dominic loves deeply, and therefore seems harsh. I think he needs to learn to trust again - but of course, it's hard to help him.
Eli: Zadkiel wants to be the world's mother and protect us from ourselves . Love her to pieces, just like her mum, but she needs to remmeber that children grow up.
Where is he? I worry for Eli, but even more for his poor orphaned followers. He has a responsibility to them, and the sooner he wakes up to it, the happier I'll be.
Gabriel: She is the fire of the hearth that warms the heart and comforts the fearful. Few are more loyal, more loving.
She hurts so much. So often betrayed, so often disappointed, her Word violated - and yet she keeps faith with Allah. How can I not be there when she needs me?
Janus: You can't shield humanity from the storm forever; you have to teach them to ride it. She's gotta learn that things change .
Janus can't help himself, but I don't think he's capable of understanding what his wind can do to the unsuspecting. He tries to make it right, at least.
Jean: Humanity must not depend on angels. Like Novalis, Zadkiel is unaware of how much over protection she advocates. She would be more useful if restricted to fortifications and reacting to actual demonic interference.
Allah forgive me, but Jean is cold-hearted and arrogant. Humans suffer and die for want of the knowledge he hoards, but he doesn't care! He's too willing to sacrifice others, thinking he understands Allah's plan better than anyone.
Jordi: Why does she waste her time with humans? They don't need protection. The rest of Earth needs protection from humans.
Jordi and I don't have much to do with each other. Perhaps it's better that way.
Laurence: I don't question her loyalty. She's the support crew to our advance line. But she overextends herself constantly, weakening herself and thereby Heaven. Greater restraint would keep her ramparts strong.
I think we complement each other very well, the sword and shield. I keep the humans secure; he prepares them to face their fears. He may cleave to Catholicism, but he values humans as he should.
Marc: I appreciate the help against Mammon. We don't always see eye to eye, but Zadkiel's widespread efforts mean we all owe her a favor or two.
We have similar goals in Council, where he's in his element. Good. I can direct my efforts elsewhere. I favor big Trade projects when I can - Marc's successes tend to touch many you'll never see, and leave them more secure.
Michael: Don't mistake withdrawl for cowardice in her case. Her angels want to be on the front lines, and they fight well when they're called. Her priorities are just off when humans get involved.
Michael hasn't forgotten what we're fighting for. He loves humanity almost as much as I do. I just wish his Servitors were more careful about the noncombatants.
Novalis: She has such a blind spot where demons are concerned. They could be brought back to the light so easily. She has so much love to share, why can't she spare a bit for them?
Mother...I love her deeply, but we do not see eye to eye sometimes. She understands love, but she doesn't understand that love means protecting your own. If the demons are so ready for redemption, let them prove it.
Yves: Protection can inspire some to reach their destinies. Angels can interfere with destined crux-points. Zadkiel lives for others, loving without always understanding, pleased to do her job.
Yves tries his hardest to comfort humanity. He's made mistakes - as have we all! - but he sincerely cares about everyone. And he always sseems to know just what to say to make the fear and hurt go away.
Andrealphus: I understand all about chains for my sweet little children. Come down here to me, my pet; I have chains enough for all of us, and I will protect you for as long as you could possibly ask.
Traitor, befouler, vile creature. Andrealphus is a predator. How can he pervert the comforts of love and companionship into such horrible tortures?
Asmodeus: She interfers far too often. For someone who claims to despise demons, she protects quite a few REnegades who otherwise would lose the Game. Her foolish loyalty to the needy shall betray her.
I don't care what demons do to one another, but he does it to humans as well. He makes a mockery of the laws they make to protect the weak. He fosters paranoia and terror among the innocent. It brightens my day whenever one of my flock foils Asmodeus' carefully arranged plans.
Baal: Don't underestimate her, or her followers. Zadkiel is a potent foe. Since her forces can be avoided easily, do not seek a confrontation. When we meet face to face, though, her shield will break.
How many human souls have been lost to your promises of glory, Baal? How many carry your standard on Earth, not knowing you intend them for a sacrifice? Perhaps you knew loyalty, once; now you are every bit the betrayer that your dark master is.
Beleth: She cannot resist usforever. Gear is stronger than love. Her efforts are futile.
Pose and postuer all you like, Beleth. I do not fear you. Your servants are nothing but the bogeys I chase out from under children's beds. You cannot endure when your victims stand up to you.
Belial: It's so much fun to watch Zadkiel's precious mortal pets scream as everything they called theirs goes up in smoke. Almost as much fun as when the fire consumes them as well. How kind of her to gather the fuel for the barbecue.
Belial's not just insane; he's cruel. Pointlessly cruel. He doesn't care about humans except as fodder for his flame. For Gabriel's sake, especially, I hope someone puts an end to him soon.
Haagenti: She doesn't concern me. But I saw one of her angels run into a burning building to save an old lady. He'd just gone back in to get her puppy when the building collapsed! Ha! All that for a hot dog!
Haagenti's a bad example. Thankfully, he's too concerned with stuffing his own maw to be anything more.
Kobal: I wish I'd been there with Haagenti that day. It would have been the only remotely amusing thing I've seen from Zadkiel's minions. Toying with their devotion is so trite, really, and she just Doesn't Get It. She's such a perfect straight man it's a waste of time to even set her up. But if those rumoers about her are true...
Kobal goes on and on about peple not getting the humor, but I think Kobal's the one who doesn't get it. Laughter is a comforter in hard times, a relaxation, a bond between people, and he shatters those bonds for his own perverse sense of humor.
Kronos: I do not worry overmuch about Zadkiel's interference in my plans. Her Servitors cannot be everywhere. Soon enough, she shall overextend her heart, and then the seeds of her fate shall be sown.
Kronos isn't just evil. He's insidious. He sneaks in where you aren't looking and with a tiny push he sends lives crashing to the ground. He is possibly the worst enemy I have.
Lilith: She's as tiresome as Novalis, and at least as persistent. The best policy, of course, is to grit one's teeth and not do anything to damage their charming assumptions.
Oh, Lilith, why do you stray? You do not belong among the ranks of Hell. Why is your heart dead to the joy of love, the pleasure of selfless giving? One day you will understand...
Malphas: Poor deluded Zadkiel and her ties that bind. What good are your ties when nobody is around? Quite deceiving humanity, Zadkiel; when they need you, you will have fluttered off to a new obsession.
I'm not the one who's deluded. Love and loyalty are the Truth of the Symphony, not your paranoid isolation. We shall stand together and send you back into the abyss again and again.
Nybbas: Oh, please . Apple pie and unconditional love? The audience demands CONFLICT! Give us some shouting, some slamming doors! Still, I hve to admit, the angry mother and fanatic jihad bits get good ratings now and then.
He poisons minds and destroys souls with his garbage. He tells people they are worthless and makes them believe it. If he ever saw the true value of reality, and the extent of his crimes, those empty eyes would shed a million tears.
Saminga: You can't protect people from death. Even angels die sooner or later. Zadkiel's weak. Humans are weak. I am the only true strength.
He's foolish, bumbling, mad - and oh so dangerous. Don't underestimate his servants. They destroy the souls of humans and call it eternal life. They must be exterminated, but with caution.
Valefor: I love a challenge. It's just not fun to steal something if it's not guarded!
More show than substance, praise be to a merciful Allah. His thefts destroy human security and confidence, but things can be replaced. People are far more precious.
Vapula: She irritates me sometimes. Once she took a hundred experimental subjects from us - five days before the experiment would have been completed! At least she only found the control group...
He's a Punisher, that's all that need be said. He sees humans as disposable. Someone has to clean up his garbage.
Humanity: The reason we exist. There is nothing more important.
Soldiers of God: Proof that God is right about humanity. They have the potential for true glory. One day they may surpass us.
Soldiers of Hell: Potential wasted. Somehow we must bring them back to their destiny before they are lost to us...but not at the cost of the innocent. Do not hesitate to kill them if there is no other option.
Sorcerers: I don't know which are worse: the fools who willingly work with demons for their own gain or the lunatics who believe they can play with demonic power and use it for good. Either way, they sit on the fishhook and Hell is waiting to reel them in - if the ethereal predators don't get to them first.
Undead: The single greatest tragedy Hell has perpetuated, save perhaps the Fall itself. There must be some way to reverse the process - there must! I can't accept that a human soul can live and yet be lost to Allah.
Ethereals: Mm. I don't really know. Too many of them are parasites, and must be kept away from Earth at all costs. But the Symphony creates them from human thoughts, human needs, human wishes. There must be something of value there...something worth protecting.

Zadkiel was born after the Fall and has no memories of Lucifer. Her idea of him is simple: How could he have been so deluded as to think angels were more important than God's children? Humans, to Zadkiel, are the children of God, blessed with greater potential in all things. She has no doubts in God or His plan, for that would mean doubting humanity, and she cannot even conceive of that. Zadkiel does not pretend to understand either God or Lucifer. She tries to obey God's will in all things, as she believes this does the greatest good for humanity. Lucifer alternates between her total hatred and deep regret, for he could have done the most good for humans and now works to ultimately destroy them.

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Protect Your Neck

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Superiors: Zadkiel - Protect Your Neck

While Zadkiel is quite a nice angel, there's still cynics out there - Hell likes to spread rumors, and Zadkiel is no exception. Even some angels do not believe that she was always dedicated to the ideals of Protection, or even of Flowers. Angels are fallible too, after all. Servitors of stricter Archangels often assume Zadkiel was as lax and freewheeling as any other angel of Flowers, and at one time that was probably true. Those of a more romantic bent claim she lost a beloeved human lover, mate or child to demons or friendly fire, that she fought Novalis about her pacifistic policies (perhaps because of that), and that she may even have run away and wandered the Earth, possibly pregnant, Outcast and/or Fallen. A few stories, somehow still alive in Heaven, even claim she was a Cherub of Stone who Fell and was Redeemed by Flowers. (This is obviously untrue.)

Some angels believe that Zadkiel is soft on Lilim because of blackmail by Lilith, but others note that Dominic would quickly discover that. In Hell, it is popular rumor that Zadkiel has had children with humans, and it's also public knowledge that she wants to recruit any Lilim who seem Redeemable. Some demons and even a few angels believe that at some point in the past, Zadkiel ahd an affair with Lilith and, from that union, a Free Lilim was made from their comingled Forces, but Zadkiel does not know which one.

No one knows for sure, but most celestials believe Zadkiel must have some special human she is attuned to, like all other Cherubim of Protection. Zadkiel refuses to discuss the topic with most, but Novalis, Yves or Laurence might all know. Any such human would presumably be of vital importance to Heaven and the War...but rumors keep going around that it's actually for personal reasons - her descendants, say, either real or adopted. Some say that she attunes to human lovers, but others say she wants to be the mother of humanity, not individual humans.

Zadkiel and her angels consider protecting humans more important than the secrecy of the War, and there's always stories about mysterious strangers that show up, help and then vanish. Not all of these are about angels of Protection, but Zadkiel doesn't discourage that kind of thing. Thus, every decade r so, some team of angels is set out to look into these events and do damage control. It's one of the areas where Zadkiel and Khalid disagree intensely that has nothing to do with religious interpretations. If there is ever a leak big enough, Zadkiel might find herself on trial for revealing the War, which may be why some demons try to do good deeds every so often.

Zadkiel variations! Mommy Dearest is a Zadkiel who is still angry at Novalis and periodically takes it out on her angels. She is shrewish and demanding, and she is not above using guilt and terror against them. She doesn't hold humans to the same standard - they don't know any better when they fail, and when they succeed, she ratns about how her angels should be more like them. She also knows there will be no need of her if there is no danger, which may be why she allows demons to flee. Dear Sweet Mumskiel is a bubbly, optimistic and saccharine angel, who lives in a world of her own, oblivious to the wrongs her angels or the humans might do. She appears as a cheerufl grandma, a bit chubby from baking and eating apple pie, who spoils humans rotten and smothers them with affection. Jewish Mother Zadkiel is not a Muslim, but has been a Jew ever since the covenant with the Jewish people was made, albeit from the side of the angels. The GM has to figure out what was doing during WW2 and what she plans to do now about Israel. She might have needed to be forcibly restrained to keep from blowing up all the Nazis or Palestinians and thus causing an unsanctioned Armageddon, or she might have self-retraint but despair, but either way it's not easy for her. Still, she never stops trying to protect the Jews. Also she might be a stereotypical Jewish mother.

The Castle of Protection, Zadkiel's Cathedral, is set on the edge of Heaven, part of the defensive perimeter around the Glade of Novalis. It is made of four concentric walls coverd in towers that connect to Heaven's greater defensive cordon and are covered in firing slits guarded by her best warriors. Inside, however, the inner keep radiates serenity and security. The central hall, known as the Living Room, is warm and inviting, with thick carpets and delicious smells. Zadkiel's angels and the human souls that follow her Word staff the castle with the aid of some dog souls and a few geese. Aetius manages the walls and Jane Addams helps find mortals in need, but most of Zadkiel's servants are on Earth unless resting or recuperating. Their Hearts are stored in the castle keep, next to Zadkiel's office. She is often in the office, waiting to hear petitions. While her office shows her affinity for Islam, she does not impose it on her angels. She and those of them that are Muslim instead worship at Khalid's Mosque, frequently in full abaya.

Most of the corridors in the Castle lead to the Living Room, one of the most popular places for Proectors to rest, relax and hang out in Heaven. No matter how many angels and souls gather, it always feels cozy. When many angels gather, it is a luxurious lobby. When only a handful, it is small. Portraits of Zadkiel's angels line the walls, and easy chairs and sofas abound, but there is no viewscreen. Zadkiel believes that comfort means people, and that TVs and scrying pools are distracting.

The Trauma Ward is deep under the Castle, more secure even than the Heart vaults. There, the Ministering Angels care for those who have not awakened from Trauma in months, years or centuries. Other Archangels may freely volunteer their servants as patients or caretakers, but Zadkiel staffs the wards with her own angels as punishment for dissonance. Every note of dissonance rmoved is one week of uninterrupted nursing there.

The Bailey is just inside the main gate, a broad and open space used by Protector angels and blessed souls to train for battle. The instructors are mostly Dempseyites and have a reputation for believing that the best defense is a good offense. They know tactics for getting noncombatants out of a combat zone, and they train to defend positions fantically, but somehow, msot days training does include at least one large explosion.

Zadkiel's Tethers tend to be small and obscure locations, cozy and inviting. Shelters that provide meals to the hungry, rehab centers, centers for battered women, halfway houses. It is believed that one of her most notable Tethers is the Swiss Red Cross headquarters, but Zadkiel does not tell people who don't need to know. She is reluctant to word-bind Seneschals, as she sees it as a death sentence, and most of her Seneschals are only attuned. The Wordbound ones are mostly transfers from other Words dating back to her elevation. She demands all of her angels obey her Wordbound Seneschals, out of respect for their sacrifice.

To most other angels, the Protectors are as insanely in love with humanity as Mercurians. Maybe one mortal must die to save a hundred, but the Protectors believe that is never right. Every human's life is worth more than a score of angels, and they'd rather risk themselves than any humans. Zadkiel sets them simple priorities. First, protect humans. Always. Eliminate their fears, assure they are safe, restore their courage. Destroy any threats to their lives, security and freedom without endangering more humans or weakening Heaven's defenses. Remind them that Allah stands with them against evil. Second, help angels in need. When humans aren't in trouble, find angels thatn eed backup and provide it, no matter what it is they need. Lives are more important in this than territory - let a position fall if defending it means another becomes unsafe. Fill the gaps left by other Words. Last, promote Protection. This comes after protecting others, which weakens Zadkiel even if it benefits humans. When they have spare time, Protectors work to help humans overcome fear, hatred, suspicion and selfishness, but their time is fairly limited for that.

Zadkiel prefers her angels to wear female vessels. Just under half of the Pretectors don't actually care what gender their bodies are, and the others are split between four attitudes. First, those that agree with Zadkiel. Second, those who identify as male and with 'male' ideas of protection. Third, those who wear female vessels out of respect for Zadkiel's beliefs. Last, those who don't care but believe that political or social issues are better addressed in female vessels. Zadkiel prefers to grant female vessels, and most male Protectors must patiently assure her that their decision is important in this job, reminding her of the importance of fathers and brothers as protectors who need good role models. This is typically considered a rite of passage by the Brothers, to be undertaken in good humor. Some Muslim Protectors also ask for male vessels to avoid confusing humans, and while Zadkiel will explain her views, she accepts that not everyone agrees and will allow it after explaining.

Zadkiel and Novalis have similar leadership styles - no real chain of command, just gathering for missions and then breaking part after. Protectors are intended to go out and act, and rank doesn't really mean much. The only angels immune to requests for help are the Ambassadors of Zadkiel, who are too busy in Heaven. EVen Masters are expected to help if asked and to ask for volunteers rather than ordering angels around. Of course, in emergies, Distinctions are obeyed first and questions asked later. Wordbound Seneschals and the bearer of Zadkiel's Aegies are the exceptions, though they often avoid throwing their weight around. Zadkiel trains her angels in a wide array of skills and does not really go in much for unified training programs. Protectors can study whatever they like as long as they learn at least a little combat skill. Zadkiel is pretty loose, really, but when she does drop in, she questions her angels thoroughly. She worries deely about them and keeps a lookout for any who might stray. She cooperates fully with Dominic on major issues, but views her angels as family and prefers to deal with minor problems in house.

No matter how bad it gets, Zadkiel gives encouragement and love. She is generous with rewards and reluctant with punishment, and she is quick to forgive those who mend their ways. Like most Archangels, she hands out resources as rewards. She saves Rites, attunements and Distinctions as gifts for assignments that will need them - she sees them as pressure to do more, rather than a reward. She's generous with Songs, but prefers the personal touch of presents, which need not be especially practical - she once gave a Cherub a beta version of the nagel's favorite video game as a reward for rescuing child sex slaves from Lust. Zadkiel always punishes personally. She doesn't punish failure, but lack of effort, carelessness or disobedience. Trivial disrespect usually gets a lecture, while spectacular errors can earn a long, long time of guard duty, studying and training to shore up your weaknesses. Zadkiel never punishes via dissonance or Discord, and removes both from her angels when she can. If you could have avoided the dissonance, she will lecture you deeply and punish you based on the circumstances, often assigning time at Tethers or in the Trauma Ward. Any Protector with more than 2 dissonance notes, whether made into Discord or not, may even receive Force-stripping if their explanation can't satisfy some Seraphim and Elohim. Commonly, they will lose all Distinctions, attunements and material support, and are often confiend to Heaven. Extreme violations are given to Dominic, but even then, Zadkiel will usually ask for mercy. In most matters, she is lenient compared to Judgment, encouring her angels to come to her when htey stray, but those angels closest to her often prefer Judges - Zadkiel's disappointment hurts more than any punishment for them.

Zadkiel does not Cast Out angels. She refuses to, no matter what they do. She thinks it is just like casting them into Hell, and even death is more merciful than that. Should one of her angels go Outcast, however, her trust will vanish. An accidental Outcast might get another chance with full confession, but one that hides has accepted Lucifer's lie of Pride and Zadkiel treats them as if they had died. She seldom lets things go that far, however - if she can prevent an Outcasting or Fall, she will, even if it means killing the angel involved. If an Outcast of Protection survives and evades capture long enough to Fall, Zadkiel will do anything she can to kill the new demon. Nothing is more dangerous to Protection than a traitor, and Falling is the ultimate betrayal. She will do nearly anything to get proof of the soul-death of a Fallen Protector. Even if, somehow, a Fallen Protector Redeems, Zadkiel will not take them back - an angel who has betrayed Allah once can never be trusted.

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Protection Racket

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Superiors: Zadkiel - Protection Racket

Zadkiel, like Novalis, hopes that all demons might some day be Redeemed...but it's easier to kill them. Despite Zadkiel's deep anger at the rebels, however, she does accept some Redemptions. Some demons even come to her for it, despite Hell painting her as a mad killer. Her requirements are strict, though. First, no Fallen angels. They are not welcome in her presence, though if they are sincere in seeking Heaven she will direct them to a Judgment Tether. Second, you must be willing to give up all selfish desires in favor of humanity's needs, proving your sincerity by consistent good works. Third, a Seraph and another angel must speak for you before she'll come. This is to protect the demons, by reducing the chance they'll die from insufficient repentance. Generally speaking, it does work - if Zadkiel agrees to try Redemption, the subject usually survives. Penitents can fail to live up to her standards, though - and when a demon decides that, they are sent to chains, if needed. Zadkiel has few Redeemed in her service, and she watches them carefully - but out of love, not spite. She always worries they might be tempted to Fall once more. She is very kind to them, for she knows they need her love.

The Redeemed of Protection receive no special training. Zadkiel and her angels give advice and guidance, of course. She treats new demons as newly fledged angels, in fact. They are given their Choir attunement for achievement. The most certain method is to protect a human fro mdemons, but recently Redeemed are never assigned to protect humans directly. Preventing suicides, bringing families back together or protecting communities from outside forces may also merit promotion, and sometimes, Zadkiel forgoes the earning, giving the attunement as a gesture of trust after a brief trial period.

Cherubim of Protection serve a Cherubic Archangel with a Cherubic Word - it's no surprise they are some of the more valued angels in the ranks. They are so dedicated that even other Cherubim can be alarmed by it. They train constantly when not guarding, and they are often good at tracking, as some people need Protection before they can be attuned. Many also collect language skills. And, of course, they use weapons. All of them know how to fight, and they take great care of their weapons. When not on assignment, they seek those that need help. Tethers and angelic contacts might know about attacks on demons, people in need of backup or even humans that just need some help. This freelancing helps, just a little, with their addiction to guarding people. Still, boredom is fairly rare - every Archangel, even Jordi, has a few humans that need Protecting, and Zadkiel rarely has enough Cherubim to go around. Occasionally, they work as partners to a Saint or Soldier, acting as special agents to ensure the most urgent missions contain both Protection and mortal views. Further, the human is always the one in charge - they're the expert on Earthly matters, after all. Zadkiel's Cherubim see themselves as the elite of their Choir, which rarely endears them to other Cherubim.

Seraphim of Protection prefer Roles with authority and nosiness, allowing them to unravel the self-deceptions that endanger others. In Heaven, they work to monitor other angels for fatigue, bitterness and heartbreak. Empathy for humans isn't easy for them, but they have learned it. They are gentle with the Truth, choosing their words with care, for they gain nothing if a Truth is rejected and resented. Still, it isn't easy, and they are quiet beings who prefer to demonstrate goodwill by action rather than words. They get on quite well with seraphim of Creation, Flowers and Animals.

Ofanim of Protection are patrollers, watching over entire regions for anyone in trouble. Many act as helicopter pilots, keeping the radio open for any requests for backup. They are Tether watchmen and guards, and while some are potent warriors, many function first as messengers, particularly the message of 'come, and bring your friends and all your ammo, we need help.' Recently, the Ofanim of Protection have tended to take Lassie as their mascot. They understand the problems that can happen to someone bringing help to a hurt or trapped human, and all of them understand the annoyance of getting people to understand that, in fact, Timmy is down the well again.

Elohim of Protection are rare, as they often cannot share the deep love for humans that Zadkiel does, but they do understand loving the culture that keeps humans civilized. They provide the brakes for the Word's runaway adoration of humans, and while it's unpopular, it's an important job. They do believe in protecting humans, however. Humans need it, to help counter demons, and the Elohim prefer a light touch, encouraging humans to do the right thing on their own. They prefer deep cover Roles that let them work and then move on once the human is ready to Protect others. Once started, momentum handles the rest.

Malakim of Protection are almost universally female, and they are known as the Soreres Honoris, or Sisters of Honor. They protect humans and help other angels all the time. They seek out evil to slay when not on assignment and rarely ask permission. If no demons are convenient, there's always murderers, crime lords and corrupt politicians. Crooked cops are especially appreciated as targets, even if you get punished for it. All other things equal, they tend to prefer being on EArth, helping others fight. They love a righteous cause, and to them, none can be more righteous than protecting the innocent. However, most of them will cover up a bit of dissonance in other Malakim...provided the Malakite is in danger of death and working to fix things. Protection is needed, after all. A small but significant minority disapprove of this mercy - a dissonant Malakite is, after all, a danger to everyone. It's like letting a rabid tiger live near a school. These Malakim, who tend to prefer male vessels to distinguish themselves from the rest, are not popular - but they speak out of concern, not anger.

Kyriotates of Protection are the least attached to any gender. They are Zadkiel's reserves and spies. In violent situations, they are the troops of last resort, and often they just watch and listen, taking only the minimum action. Not even the most paranoid Kyriortate has more concern for their host than Zadkiel does, and their assignments reflect it. Most prefer to take mover mortals in danger only when they have no other options.

Mercurians of Protection work deep cover, infiltrating human organizations. They help work between the angels who need assistance and the humans that run the organizations Protection manages. Sometimes they recruit Soldiers, but only those who have six natural Forces, are informed of the many risks and know they won't get many benefits. They must sometimes fight...anbd if one of them has to kill a human to save another, Zadkiel expects them to do it. She'll remove dissonance, as long as there really wasn o other way, though she'll likey assign the Mercurian to Tether duty to help recover from the shock.

Most Protectors work on jobs that don't duplicate anyone else's work. Often, their job is to protect a specific person or group. However, Protection also shows up to help whenever asked to. When they have spare time, they also advance the idea of Protection among humans. Michael and David do self-defense, but Zadkiel believes their focus lacks an appreciation for greater society. She wants to teach empathy for others and the reason to take a stand before they teach the skills to do so. Still, they have little time to do this as more than just role models.

Protection has a large permanent presence in Heaven. The Ministering Angels never leave, as thir work in healing souls and wounded angels keeps them busy. They are helped by relievers and blessed souls, as well. Protection also has trainers and mntors in Heaven to teach others. The msot common task in Heaven, however, is manning the walls. Sometimes it's punishment detail, to give you time to contemplate your dissonant actions. Other times it's a chance for heartbroken or shellshocked angels to get some peace and quiet. Either way, it's not eventful work and probably won't be until Armageddon.

Few Protectors work in the Marches, but some do assist Dreams. Zadkiel also assigns her most trusted and discreet angels to serve as emissaries to ethereals that share her goal of protecting humans. She is particularly favorable to the few Muslim Ethereals out there, as she believes Ethereals have some role to play in the world - she just doesn't know what. Secondly, angels are sometimes sent to kill ethereals who threaten humans, particularly Kyriotates, who serve quite well as assassins. Some say they've wworked with the Tsayadim, but it's hard to find a spirit assassin to ask. Either way, the Marches are dangerous. Dominic doesn't appreciate dealing with Eterheals in a friendly way, and the Tsayadim will attack such angels without question. Assassins, on the other hand, terrify the ethereals, and working with the Tsayadim has its own hazards, if true. Plus, you know, bad spirits, demons of Beleth - it's easy to see why only Zadkiel's most trusted get to work there.

Earth is where Protection is most needed. They tend to divide missions into 'internal' and 'external' protection. Internal work is usually done by Seraphim, Elohim and Mercurians, and it's about protecting people from themselves. External work is about facing outside threats, usually done by Cherubim, Ofanim, Malakim and Kyriotates. Sometimes these two sets of jobs cross over, of course. Zadkiel also sets angels to bodyguard people in secret, counsel humans who don't feel safe, defend specific locations, infiltrate and inspire human organizations to Protect others, to randomly help out in rescues they run into, to retaliate against demonic attacks or rescue enslaved humans, and to run support networks for other Words.

Angels of Protection are always willing to help other angels. In fact, most of the time, they start out helping each other. It's a matter of respect - if someone asks for help, you give it, period, unless there's something more pressing. PRotectors are often disappointed by other angels, who don't tend to share this view when dealing with their own problems on Earth. They work hard to try to stay true to their ideals, no matter how unhelpful other angels can be.

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Copy Protection

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Superiors: Zadkiel - Copy Protection

Zadkiel loves to spread the ideas of Protection among humans, but she wants them firmly out of the War. Failing that, she prefers to infiltrate human groups that already exist and repurpose them for Heaven. She forbids the recruitment of mundane humans, never assigns human servants and accepts Soldiers only grudgingly. In fact, a Soldier must be denied twice before she will accept them, to prove their dedication. Laurence often requests the services of thsoe who persist, so Zadkiel has very few Soldiers at all. She treats normal humans like children, keeping them as far from the front lines as possible. If they have good mundane jobs, they should keep them, but there's always more room for those who help others. Typically, Zadkiel will use humans aware of the War solely as an information network or PR for the Word, or more rarely to do logistics or manage the support organizations she runs.

Soldiers are regarded as the equal to angels in all things but combat, and Zadkiel will punish any angel that behaves otherwise. However, humans are not expected to fight demons and will be taught Songs to help them escape instead. Soldiers work to counteract Hellsworn or prepare safehouses, and often work in gun shops, TV stations, soup kitches or military bases. As for Saints, Zadkiel has less than 20. Some are fighters, like Horatius Cocles, while others, like General Geroge Crook, work to prevent the exploitation of others. (He sacrificed his military career in life to protest the mistreatment of the Native Americans.) And some, like Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, are inspiring leaders. Saints are treated better than most of Zadkiel's actual angels, and some other Words' angels believe Zadkiel shows them too much favoritism, passing over worthy angels in favor of the Saints. Protectors point out that Saints are why Heaven fights and exemplars of human potential who deserve all the rewards she gives. Most Protector Saints and Soldiers work alone, but will sometimes team up for a single large job.

Protection is officially a big happy family, but there's still some subgroups based on different viewpoints. The Brothers are those angels of Protection who self-identify as male for whatever reason - personal preference, political statement and religious belief are most common. Sometimes they are teased by the other angels of Protection, but they are also seen as providing a vital balance to the Word.

The Dempseyites vastly predate their current name, and they are the most warlike Protectors. While Zadkiel sanctions overkill in retaliation, the Dempseyites believe in hitting demons before the can do any harm. Many are victim-spotters who work closely with Fire to handle the victimizers while they themselves work to counsel the victim. Many angels that leave Zadkiel's service were Dempseyites, but the core group enjoy serving Protection. They're too aggressive for Flowers, too undisciplined for the Sword and too willing to retreat for War, and they love humans too much for Stone. Protection is a good compromise.

The SCholars of the Faith are those of Protection who enjoy studying holy works, and often not just the Quran. Some try to reconcile discontinuities in prophecy, while others try to understand the similarities between traditions in order to bring humans together with shared beliefs. Others want to refute those that urge violence and hatred in the name of religion, and many Elohim simploy enjoy the study of holy works, with no use in mind for the information at present.

Protectors are family, and they keep in close contact with each other. New angels are always given contact information for at least one other Protector, angel or Soldier. They're not as good at keeping track of other Words, who don't hand out contact information quite as easily. Still, they're fairly good at tracking down reinforcements or lost things. Most Protectors have regular duties, but can quickly call up help. When a Protector falls out of contact, other angels may even abandon their work to find out why, then rescue or avenge them. The care for each other is surpassed only by their love for humanity. Even when not actively defending humans, Protectors love being around them. They accept that humans are imperfect, sure, but they believe in them anyway.

Some Protectors become heartbroken by what they see, however. They try to support each other, when the burden gets too heavy, and if needed they can retreat to the Castle until they can regain their internal balance. Protectors who develop significant differences of philosophy are not encouraged to leave, however. Zadkiel does not want to drive anyone out of her service or make them feel unwelcome, and will punish those who do. Still, sometimes a transfer is a good idea. When an angel asks for that, Zadkiel will ask only a few questions. Once she's sure you're not leaving due to pressure or mistaken assumptions, and truly want to leave, she will approve of any transfer, but removes Distinctions higher than Vassal and any Choir Attunements but that of your Choir. She leaves all else in place unless the other Archangels requests otherwise. She also allows her angels to retain her Rites and invoke her as if thy were still Protectors - they're still family, after all. Transfers to Protection are started off with light duty to help them integrate.

When dealing with outsiders...well, either they're Protecting or being Protected. Or they're a threat, but they prefer not to think that about other angels. They are especially find of Laurentines, who have a similar mandate to help those in distress. Zadkiel's angels will never refuse to aid others, even angels they dislike, or Outcasts. They try to stay on good terms with all angels, even those whose Words clash with Protection. They're good at making friends with just about everyone except Lightning, who tend to find them annoying and unhelpful. Relationships between Protectors are fairly common, and they can also fall in love with just about anyone...except, again, Lightning and Stone, though even then it has happened and tends to be full of drama. Protectors are most likely to fall in love with angels of Flowers, however, in search of peace.

Protectors mostly cooperate with Judgment, as Judgment protects Heaven from heresy and rebellion. However, they also sometimes feel like they need to Protect against Judgment, too. Sometimes they step in, especially when they believe Fire needs to get protected, or other 'lax' Words. Zadkiel will also protect ethereals who actively help humans, despite it violating Heaven's standing policies. When one of their own gets in trouble, Protection tends to try to deal with it internally before calling in Judgment - even to the point of informing Zadkiel. However, if a Protector becomes Outcast, their fellows are harsh. The only way to restore the stain and blasphemy of it is to have them stand trial or die, after all. When working against Judgment, Protectors never block them directly, however. They will attemtp to persuade by reason and request mercy, or redirect a triad to a more dangerous target to delay them. They might relocate or hide the angel under their Protection, or as a last resort ask for Zadkiel's aid. Dominic does not ignore this obstructure, and the Judges will punish anyone that fails to cooperate. However, Dominic has more pressing issues to handle, and recognizes both Zadkiel's value to him and her desire for mercy. Still, he treats Protectors no more leniently than any other. Zadkiel will not help angels that defy Judgment, and requires that they take the consequences for keeping secrets. These tend not to be severe by Dominic's standards, but Protectors still prefer to settle matters before Judges have to take notice.

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