World Creation

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While we're on a planet generation kick I want to showcase another star wars book
Star Wars Saga Edition: The Unknown Regions

Everything here uses the standard bag of D6, D10, D20 etc. roll, so away we go.

First we roll for System Type getting a 19 so we're in a Triple Star System and for Number Of Planets In System, 17 so 9 , I won't be rolling them all up.

Moving on to the planet itself we need to find out what type it is- 1 for Artificial or Space Station , and we get an 18 for Asteroid Field . We get a 9 for breathable atmosphere . A 19 for a 36-40 hour day and a 6 for a 251-300 day year . Climate wise it's a 4 meaning Tropical and a 1 for an environment of... Volcanic with a 1 for Low Gravity .

So we have a space station that's developed to be covered in volcanic activity while being surrounded by asteroids. I can't see how anything could possibly go wrong.

Next Time- Sentient Life!