This RPG is pretty gross.


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I regret everything.

Black Tokyo is vile.

I hate you all, but mostly me and TheTatteredKing.

The opening paragraph-



Orgasms, kisses, caresses. Tears and saliva and blood, shit and bile, flesh stretching beyond its limits and exploding in a shower of gore( ). Muscles straining, blood pulsing through engorged veins, bodies slamming together with unbridled, inhuman passion. Mouths open in ecstasy or lips drawn back in agony.

The opening contains the sections, Hentai as a Genre ; The Hentai SRD ; Lolicon, Incest and Rape ; and Hentai Character Options . The only good thing is that in the Lolicon, Incest and Rape section it states that the Lolicon and Incest is mostly left out, mostly. That is the only good thing about this book whatsoever, and even that's nothing. It's still full of rape.

I feel so dirty, I need a shower

Next Time- Feats

And here's a 3/4 review on RPG net
Fuck that guy


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Part Two- Feats

First of are the banal/"normal" these are just here for completions sake, barbarian rage and some generic demon powers, that's not what we're here for. I'm going to leave out the "regular" sex feats and focus on the really depraved shit

to start


Black fatherhood

Rape and Atrocity assures the continuation of the species. Your oni-spawn children violate their mothers during gestation, taking command of them body and soul to ensure the continuation of your dark, violent lineage[/b]

It does as it seems, let's you magically control any woman who is carrying your spawn. The rabbit hole only goes deeper from here


As you make love with a willing partner your body and theirs flow together, transforming and merging you. Instead of two, you briefly become one creature sharing your talents and blending your souls in an intimacy deeper than any you've ever known.


Caress of soiled cloth
By masturbating into a recently worn article of clothing, you perform a hedonistic ritual that binds you intimately to the object of fetishistic lust
Skill focus: pantysniffing


Cocoon of Filth
The feel of bodily waste against your skin, sliding between your thighs and clothes comforts you, transforms you, and protects you

We aren't even through C and I'm almost out of doing this.

Seriously, who in the fuck finds this even in the slightest bit erotic.

I'm just going to do bullet points from here on out, so here's a list of some of the other feat's effects.

- Petrifying Jizz
- The ability to switch bodies with family members when you fuck them
- "Grave Between the Legs"
- Shooting someone as a substitute for sex
- "Incestuous Voyeur"
- Demonic womb

I lied about bullet points


Misogynist Blade
Your brutal combat phallus is especially deadly towards female victims, and your black semen is deadly poison

- Bukkake based magic
- "Phallic Bloodsucker"
- Turning your penis into a deadly edged weapon
- Raping someone to steal with power
- Separating your limbs
- "Rapists Camaraderie"
- Asexual reproduction
- Chloroform breath
- Incest based magic (again)
- Tentacles
- Unbirth
- Learning motivations through sexual fluids
- "Vaginal Prison"
- More rape magic, this time with impregnating dick clouds
- "Womanly Ambrosia"

What in the fuck did I get myself into. This is the worst thing. fuck

One of the feats here uses an R. Crumb quote, guess which horrible feat it is! And win nothing!

Next up- Classes

Classes, part 1

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Part Three - Classes

As you would imagine, these are horrible. Both from a mechanical standpoint and from the view of any rational mind. There are 7 of them. They are Death Womb Seductress, Devil Heart Hunter, Flow Witch, Freudian Oni, Ghostkiss Investigator, Harem Mage, and Sacred Pleasurer. Lovely

1- Death Womb Seductress
All members of this class are rape victims. They then swallow demon eggs to gain the power to kill with sex. Class features-

-Deadly sexual fluids
-Vampiric Vagina Dentata
-Rusty razor blade vagina
-"Vaginal Ichor" and "Vulvae Spinnerets"

Rating x10

2- Devil Heart Hunter
Almost all members of this class are rape babies. They hunt the demons that spawned them. Class Features-

-Demonic Cannibalism

Rating x6, for outside of the background they're relatively normal.

3- Flow Witch
Menstrual cycle based magic. Also lactation. Class Features-

-Horrible bonus feat list including
- Breeder
- Cyclic Ferocity
- Regenerative Womb
- Zooamorous Breeder

-"Bleeding by Choice"
-"Cleanliness and Knowledge lick"
-"Fluid Pharmacy"
-"Milk of Dark Transformation"
-"Transformative Ejaculation"

Rating- x9

None of the bonus feats listed here are in the book, they are in another book by the author. Fuck.

Next Up- 4 more Classes.

kill me