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We have been neglecting something for quite some time.


HYBRID is often called "TIME-CUBE: THE RPG". I find this an insult to Gene Ray, who is at the very least original with his insanity. I have read over the entire original version , which is the version that is the most well known, and I have been following the current version for quite some time. It speaks volumes of what this RPG is like that it is currently on it's (at least) fourth incarnation, having been completely restarted (at least) three times before.

That said, it's actually quite intelligible. That's to say, the answer to unlocking this rpg has been right there all along.

C# posted:

HYBRID RPG: TRI STAT RPG @ C #: VERSION # 6 = (((YEAR AD) - 2000) / 2 / 10) @ BASE =2x6=12

If it's tri-stat that means it's an XdY stat resolution mechanic, and the rest of the rules are examples on how to determine what your power level is, determined on a logarithmic scale.

From there it's just a poorly formatted tower of C#'s thoughts on comic books, movies, and television shows. Of note is that C# tried to make sense of FATAL, and he failed. Considering that C# already believes in time traveling idea thieves, I fear that Syrg is destined for something far darker and sinister than he can possibly fathom should he continue his FATAL review.

The fact that the author constantly reassures us that his system is the easiest in the world makes more sense once you look at all the RPGs he uses as a reference point for mechanics: the primarily TSR Marvel Universe RPG, RIFTS, and HERO, but with mentions of various D20 games, Synibarr, the Doctor Who RPG, GURPS 2e, the DBZ RPG, Aberrant and even FATAL. With that in mind, it's no wonder it's such a schizophrenic mess.

Also misogyny. Lots and lots of misogyny.

And that's that. HYBRID, like so many other of the bad RPGs in this thread, just turns out to be boring and poorly thought out after you get over its novelty.