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As we write this, the final peices of the ALTERNITY Science Fiction Roleplaying Game are coming together in a grand fashion. To be honest, we're extremely excited and terribly proud of the work we've done. Many, many people pooled their efforts to help up produce this new roleplaying game. Some, like Lester Smith and Jim Ward, had moved on long before the final product took shape. Others, whose names appear in the credits below ours, added their own special touches to make the ALTERNITY game what it is. We'd especially like to thank our editors, Kim Mohan and David Eckelberry, who have helped turn raw text into this exciting package.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to the subscribers of the ALTERNITY Internet mailing list. Many of them spent a lot of time examining the Limited Edition Player's Handbook that was released last August. Their suggestions helped to further improve this final version of the book.

Way back at the beginning of the project, our fundamental approach to designing a new roleplaying game system for TSR, Inc. was simple: We looked back at what has made this company the giant of the roleplaying game industry and borrowed the best parts. Of course, that meant examining the company's flagship line- the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game.

Just as the AD&D game provides the framework for playing great fantasy roleplaying adventures, we set out to make the ALTERNITY game do the same thing for modern to far-future roleplaying campaigns. From the beginning, we dedicated our resources and energy to designing a game that would cover all aspects of science fiction in two hardcover rule books. This is the first of those books, written especially for the players. To these core rules, we'll add various campaign settings, accessories, and adventures as time goes on, following the model of support provided in all of the AD&D product lines.

However, we were also dedicated to creating a new, dynamic set of rules built specifically to handle science fiction - and we succeeded. The ALTERNITY game isn't the AD&D game with spaceships and rayguns. It's brand new.

Our philosophy, at its core, was to provide a set of game mechanics that allow you to play any type of science fiction story, from contemporary technothrillers to far-future space opera and everything in between. The rest is up to you. We hope you have as much fun playing the ALTERNITY game as we had creating it. It's been a blast!

Bill Slavicsek, Richard Baker
January 21, 1998

first printing, April 1998


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It is springtime, 1998. A moment that is characterized by a series of eventual disapointments that are later encompassed by something much larger. Lost in Space is released to little fan-fare, and Godzilla will do the same during the summer while Armageddon introduces the world to Michael Bay, master of explosions. Madonna's Ray of Light is bumping in House clubs across the country, but Cher's Believe will ultimately replace is as the homo joint of the year. DC purchases Jim Lee's WildStorm comics, yet on the other side of the street Marvel Comics is purchased by former subsidiary Toy Biz.

WotC has already owned TSR for a year and is using the brand-name for the roleplaying games side of the business. Hasbro will be in meetings to purchase WotC by the end of summer.

Alternity is released as the Science Fiction every-game, from modern to far future. By 2000 it will be discontinued, along with the name TSR. Mostly forgotten by everyone, Alternity is the last gasp of Gygaxian D&D before it is replaced by the 3rd Edition / d20 system of Wizards of the Coast.

It is now an interesting failure partially caused by trying to be everything, including other successful games. At times, it will be like D&D, and the World of Darkness, and GURPS, and Shadowrun, and Forge-ist indie games. In sum, it will be a mess of ho-hum nothing.

( look at this fucking guy. He is so ho-hum about looking out that door to a space of nothingness. He doesn't even care that his hand is all fucked up holding that rifle and for some reason has a helmet attached to the ceiling by a perfectly straight wire. Blah )


Passive Voice. Passive Voice. Things happen to other people. You are an interesting person. Alternity's text is difficult to find entertainment in reading. Want to enjoy it? Its up to you! This is the rallying cry of the game system; want to enjoy it? Well its all up to you , good buddy. Not our fault if it isn't your cup of tea.

This book has a lot of sidebars. They are written with white text on green background and are placed haphazardly throughout the book with no unifying theme other than the same Charolette Hornets / Jacksonville Jagaurs color scheme that infected the late 90s. Important rules, stupid notes? Who knows!

This side-bar, however, is about the definition of Science Fiction. As long as it's founded in a quasi-scientific theory that is internally consistent, you're in the realm of science fiction. So if your game is more Gygaxian Naturalist than not, you are playing a science fiction game.

Now, Alternity is for dirty fucking storygamers. They have referees and do Make Believe to create a group story by narrating actions, and use the rules to halt any disagreements on the story between the players and the GM.

And yet, this is still a Gygaxian D&D off-shoot. The GM decides the plot and background, treating the the game as a director of a movie or narrattor in a novel, and has final say in any situation that isn't covered by the rules. The Player's role is to merely describe how they react to the events going on around them.

All in all, the introduction is not much that is crazy about it. The "fiction" on the side is blase 'imagine your own game', and the art has a hilarious Goatee'd Space Marine with a rape face. All-in-all, a good start to reviewing the game.

Previously: FOREWARD

notes: should I be doing this in travel-log style or should I dive into subjects? The book is not terribly well organized and goes off the rails by about mid-way through the next chapter, but part of the "enjoyment" is struggling with the text.

Fast Fast Play Play Rules Rules

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Chapter 2: Fast Fast Play Play Rules Rules

ALTERNITY: Using the Game Mechanic.

Truly a modern achievement, TSR has a unified, universal core conflict resolution mechanic. It is really quite simple!


All heroic actions in the game can be resolved by rolling just two dice: a contol die and a situation die. A control die is always a d20; a situation die can be a d4, d6, d8, d12, or d20.

Depending on how hard or easy a particular task is, the result of the situation die is added to or subtracted from the result of the control die, as detailed in the Chapter 1: Fast Play Rules in the Players Handbook

Oh, right, that is the easy way to explain it from the Game Master's Guide. The real explanation is much, much more annoying.


The ALTERNITY game uses two kinds of dice: a control die and a situation die . Whenever the Gamemaster calls for a roll, you roll one control die and one situation die. The numbers that come up combine to indicate a success or failure.

When you roll the dice, in game terms you're making a check for your hero-- in effect, "checking" to see how the dice roll compares to one of your hero's scores.
  • If you're comparing the roll to your hero's action check score to see how soon he gets to attempt his next action, the roll is an action check .
  • If your hero uses a skill (comparing the roll to his skill score), this roll is a skill check
  • If you're checking against one of his Ability Scores, then the roll is a feat check .
In any case, you're looking to get as low a result as possible-- the lower the roll, the better the chance that your hero succeeds at what he's trying to do.
  • The control die is always a 20-sided die (d20)
  • The situation die for any particular check is one of the following: a four-sided die (d4), a six-sided die (d6), an eight-sided die (d8), a 12-sided die (d12), or a 20-sided die (d20)
Further, the situation die on any check is designated as either a plus die or a minus die . A plus die, such as +d4, is bad for the roller, because it tends to produce a higher result. A minus die, such as a -d6, is good for the roller, because it helps to achieve a lower result.

Add or subtract the situation die from the control die as instructed by the Gamemaster. If the result is equal to or less than the score related to a hero's action, the action succeeds. If the result is greater than the score, the action fails. The degrees of success are explained on the next page.

Oh, right, the formatting of this book is atrocious, the entire system isn't on the same page. On page 12, you get an awesome scale where things like +2d20 and +3d20 actually happen.

One thing you will notice, however, is that there is no d10 . d10s do not exist in ALTERNITY. Why? Because that is the TRAITOR dice, the dice of the stupid World of Darkness Dice Pool system that we are so not obviously trying to replicate here.

Seriously, in play with "+1 step situation penalties" and everything it reads like a more GM-dependant dice pool system that instead of rolling multiples of the same dice and counting successes, you roll one big die and a different range of smaller die and do math. And without a consistent subtraction-or-addition.

There are two knobs to turn, however- the target number and the bonus steps. Why doing a +d4 rather than pretty much a +2, I don't know. Also make sure you don't wear off the edges of the d4, you'll be rolling it a lot.

Now, one of the big things is the Degrees of Success. Yes, really.

Critical Failure. A 20 on the control d20 results in an automatic failure! Better be sure to indicate before rolling which d20 you're using as the control at the high ends of the scale ( ) Every roll has a 5% chance of being SUPER TERRIBLE. Game of heroes in space, guys!
Failure. Any result greater than the "score" is a failure.
Ordinary: any result less than the first score is an ordinary
Good: any result less than the second score is a good
Amazing: any result less than the third score is an Amazing success!

All of that is to this point meaningless, by the way.

Action Check score is DEX + INT / 2, plus "profession" bonus (class) divide by 2 again to get your Good scale, and then divide by 2 again to get your Amazing scale. pg 38, second and third columns.

Oh, this is the same page that they explain actions per round. Yes, the right to actually do something is determined by Abiltiy Scores as well!

Actions per round table:
Con + Will, / 8, round down
8-15 : 1 action
16-23: 2
24-31: 3
32+: 4

Yeah, this game is really Ability Score dependant. As in "why even be a class" dependant.

Thats the conflict resolution in a glance. Here are the four base classes: Combat Specs fight, Diplomats want to avoid fighting, Tech Ops sort of repair things after a fight and do a bunch of out-of-fight crap, and Free Agents don't give a flying fuck what everyone else in the party is doing, anyway, because he does everything.

I'm going to put off damage scales for "later", when I'm possessed to explain Wound boxes and Stun boxes and Mortal Secondary damge and blah blah blah blah blah. Instead, here is a fun game:

There are 8 stupid pre-made characters blank half-sheets with nothing different except some skills and a stat bonus or three, some equipment, and a lovely spate of background that means nothing See if you can tell which ones are what class!

This Navy veteran signed on as a member of the crew of the Nebula Bounty after mustering out, serving as the muscle for the small-time trading operation.

As pilot and navigator of the Nebula Bounty, this hero flies the ship into and out of hot spots throughout the galaxy.

Part owner of the Nebula Bounty, this spacehand loves the vessel and works overtime to keep it in good condition.

This hero has taken a break from 3D stardom to research and write a script about the adventures of a trading vessel and has paid a hefty sum to sign on as a tempo-
(yes it gets eaten halfway through)

Co-owner and captain of the Nebula Bounty, this trader always looks to make the best deal.

Copilot of the Nebula Bounty, this explorer enjoys trips that take the crew to the less populated regions of known space.

The gambler joined the crew of the Nebula Bounty to escape a misunderstanding at the Vegas Prime space station. Now the gambler helps negotiate deals and make contacts wherever the crew goes.

As doctor and resident hacker of the Nebula Bounty, this hero keeps the crew in good repair and helps when the team needs an expert in computer aid.

Fuck this gay earth.

No, fuck this gay Not-Earth

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ALTERNITY: No, fuck this gay Not-Earth

So you want to be a hero.

Not a protagonist, not a character, not a setting-specific catch-all like Nobles (because HA we don't have a setting), we are in the business of making heros. In a system that has baked-in critical failures 1/20th of the time. yyyyyyuuup!

I'm going to go through character creation because that seems to be The Thing To Do, but I'll try and note the other stepping stones I'm avoiding.

It is really quite simple. Our character is going to be Dr. Matu-Rin, a Fraal (pg. 29) medical officer (pg. 116) Tech Op (pg. 32) who also has secret agent connections (pg. 105) with skills (pg. 64-65) from being a revolutionary (pg 120). Depending on the GM, we will also be somewhat Psychic (chapter 14). A good sample from all over the book!

Wait, what?

Sub-systems: The Specieing

In general, ALTERNITY is based on having species as the gateway to associated subsystems, a la White Wolf and most of the Noun: The Gerund systems.

Our character is a Fraal!

Fraal are The Greys, in popular parlance. Part Elf/Vulcan, Part WoD Mage. They almost always have Psi powers, and so by choosing them the GM should allow some into the game. A player choice determining the make-up of the campaign! A radical idea for this time. On the other hand, Fraal are The Best Mindwalkers, so few other specices should even try. Niche Protection!

Setting-wise, The Fraal are supposedly the First Contact and the source of our ancient myths and modern X Files esque urban legends because they got stuck by Sol and didn't leave because v:shoban:v. Further in the future, they are side-by-side partners seeking to unlock FTL tech, and later than that become a Tolkien-esque Elf society half bonding with humans in war half going off to find the lost homeworld.

Quickly, the other options.

MECHALUS The cyber splat. If you wanna be a Street Samurai, this is your race.

SESHEYAN If instead of Vampire Bats, you have Fruit Bats. The "least humaniod" of the species because they have wings and are stereotypical Native American planeteers. Comparing to the Gurps Space stuff rolled in the thread, you can see how un-challenging ALTERNITY really is.

T'SA Space Gnomes/Kender, except a lot more iguana.


MUTANT Homo Superior, X-men, random roll ahoy!

HUMAN: The Boring

Just to say again, this is really really badly laid-out.

Other than natural powers, your species also determines your ability score caps & minimums and your automatic skill selections, which is a blase bonus really.

Coming up next: Hope You Like System Mastery!

Who's Gonna Derive You Home

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(ALTERNITY is real bad, at least as bad as AD&D 2E and not as inherently interesting as the classic Gygaxian break in kill things steal shit paradigm. And my race summaries were one liners with associated emoticons; I or anyone else can get back to the T'Sa and Weren at any time.)

ALTERNITY: Who's Gonna Derive You Home

So we're assigning Ability Scores.

You get your basic Gygaxian Hexaptych, except Wisdom is now Will and Charisma is expanded into Personality. :dtas:

ALTERNITY doesn't have random roll, but also doesn't have a table (wha....?) so instead you are just given a flat 60 to spread one-to-one across all of the abilities, accounting for profession minimums and species limits. Both of these tables are not included with the professions or species that are mentioned, meaning you get to enjoy flipping back and forth between pages to understand a single class or race! Really really poorly laid out book.

"But Gerund," you ask, "What is to stop someone from just dumping stats your character doesn't need?" Don't worry, Slavicsek & Baker solved this by baking in a shit ton of derived stats and non-obvious modifiers.

Another table is tucked away in a 1/3rd column on the edge of pg 32, concerning NPCs and other GM stuff will try to hinder your actions, and your Resistance Modifier is the typical way to alter the GM's roll with a "+x step" penalty or a "-x step" bonus on the GM's roll. Another way to think about it is that you are getting a "-x step" penalty for having a low stat and a "+x step" bonus for having a good stat, but only when the GM is provoking a conflict of some sort. When these actually come into play is explain on page 51 on TABLE P10: SKILLS & RESISTANCE MODIFERS. Except when the GM decides that you shouldn't get the resistance- immobilization is the example used.

It Is Really Quite Simple!

4 or less: -2 steps
5-6: -1 step
7-10: 0
11-12: +1 step
13-14: +2 step
15-16: +3 step
17-18: +4 step
19+: +5 step

Where were we? Right, derived stats.

STR + DEX see TABLE P8: COMBAT MOVEMENT RATES pg 39. It is a big table, 2 through 32+. The basic math is that your Sprint and Glide speed is equal to the sum of Dex + Str, divided by 2 rounded down, and then doubled. Run is 2/3rds uh, wait, no.... Walk is even weirder, and then we have Easy Swim that is half of Walk next to Swim which is equal to Walk, and Fly is twice glide.

Okay, whatever, just understand that High combo is faster, at some opaque rate that makes no logical sense. Also, encumbrance, but the GM is told not only make is a deal if "she chooses to enforce a realistic game".

DEX + INT is the "Action Check" aka initiative. T'Sa get an automatic bonus to this score. Going first is pretty cool when you're dealing with grenades and super blaster guns.

CON + WILL is Actions Per Round; you make that many rolls, and compare them independently to your Action Check, and you see how many times you get to play the game compared to everyone else.

Personality gives you free Last Resort points, things you normally spend skill points on (determined by Int, natch) between adventures to recharge, and basically act as ur-Fate points, pushing your results up a grade or so when you want it.

Now, ability scores are basically the way to interact with the game. Again, other than some bits and pieces cobbled from being a Fraal and a Tech Op, 99.9999999% of the time you're using your ability scores for everything. GURPS ain't got nothing on this!

So, we're going to have Dr. Matu-Rin go with

CON 11
INT 13
WIL 13

Because A- having 3 actions a round is awesome and B- Personality is always a dump stat, and encumbrance only matters if your GM is a huge douche anyway, and a 16 combat movement rate is just fine whilst Int is a core score.

Next time: "The most time-consuming part of the hero creation process"

Nested applications for Gaming Enjoyment

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Nested applications for Gaming Enjoyment

Last we left off with a Fraal Tech-Op with STR 7 DEX 9 CON 11 INT 13 WIL 13 and PER 7

Essentially, we know nothing.

But now we come to skills!

Firstly, there are 6 "Broad" skills (we'll tell you later) that you receive as part of your race (pg34) that roughly correspond to the core six attribute scores, and of course humans are the "base" at which other races divert from.

STR Athletics
DEX Vehicle Op
CON Stamina
INT Knowledge
WIT Awareness
PER Interaction

No Athletics or Stamina, gain WIL Resolve & Telepathy

No Interaction, gain Comp Sci (the Gooniest in the Galaxy!)

Replace Athletics with STR Melee Wpns and Vehicle Op with DEX Acrobatics

Replace Vehicle Op with DEX Manipulation

Gain STR Unarmed Attack, lose DEX Vehicle Op

Very, very broad skills. Imagine what this all means! Because the book doesn't tell you yet.

Also, you get equal to BADLY-DESIGNED TABLE P5: Int/2 (+5 for Human). And a max additional Broad skills equal to your Intelligence, +1 for Human.

Broad skills must be purchase before further skills in the tree (much like feats). Skills are purchased in "ranks", which are added to the appropriate Ability Score to determine the specialty skill score.

There is a huge fuck-off table (pg64-65) listing all the skills and their individual cost: -1 if you're the appropriate class.

Buying skills is sorta-like WoD, as is how things are done in ALTERNITY ; you pay the cost of the skill + the amount of ranks you already have in the skill.

Skill Name
Armor Operation    7
 Combat armor      3
 /Powered armor    4
Athletics          3
 Climb             2
 Jump              1
 Throw             2
(specific)         1
Heavy Weapons      6
 Direct fire       4
 Indirect fire     4
Melee Weapons      6
 Blade             3
 Bludgeon          3
 Powered weapon    4
Unarmed Attack     5
 Brawl             3
 Power martial arts 5

Constitution skills
Movement               3
 /Race                 2
 /Swim                 1
 Trailblazing          3
Stamina                3
 Endurance             4
 /Resist pain          4
Survival               5
 Survival training     3

Dexterity Skills
Acrobatics                   7
 Daredevil                   4
 Defensive martial arts      5
 Dodge                       4
 Fall                        3
 Flight                      2
 /Zero-g training            2
(specific)                   1
Manipulation                 6
 Lockpick                    4
 Pickpocket                  4
 Prestidigitation            3
Ranged Weapon, Mod.          6
 Pistol                      4
 Rifle                       4
 SMG                         4
Ranged Weapons, Prim.        7
 Bow                         4
 Crossbow                    3
 Flintlick                   3
 Sling                       4
Stealth                      7
 Hide                        4
 Shadow                      4
 Sneak                       5
Vehicle Operation            3
 /Air vehicle                5
 Land vehicle                3
 /Space vehicle              5
 Water vehicle               3

Intelligence Skills
Business                      4
 Corporate                    3
 Illicit business             3
 Small business               3
Computer Science              7
 /Hacking                     5
 Hardware                     4
 Programming                  4
Demolitions                   6
 Disarm                       4
 /Scratch-built               4
 Set explosives               3
Knowledge                     3
 /Computer operation          1
 Deduce                       2
 /First aid                   2
 /Language (specific)         1
 (specific)                   1
Law                           5
 Court procedures             3
 Law enforcement              3
 / (specific)                 1
Life Science                  7
 Biology                      3
 Botany                       3
 Genetics                     3
 /Xenology                    4
 Zoology                      3
Medical Science               7
 Forensics                    3
 Medical knowledge            3
 Pshycology                   3
 /Surgery                     5
 /Treatment                   4
 /Xenomedicine (specific)     3
 /Astrogation, drivespace     4
 Astrogation, system          3
 Navigation, surface          3
Physical Science              7
 Astronomy                    3
 Chemistry                    3
 Physics                      3
 Planetology                  3
Security                      5
 Protection protocols         3
 Security devices             3
System Operation              4
 Communications               3
 Defenses                     3
 Engineering                  3
 Sensors                      3
 Weapons                      3
Tactics                       6
 Infantry tactics             3
 Space tactics                3
 Vehicle tactics              3
Technical Science             7
 Invention                    4
 Juryrig                      3
 Repair                       3
 Technical knowledge          3

Will Skills
Administration          4
 Bureaucracy            3
 Management             3
Animal Handling         3
 Animal riding          1
 Animal training        1
Awareness               3
 Intuition              3
 Perception             2
Creativity              4
 (specific)             1
Investigate             7
 Interrogate            4
 Search                 4
 Track                  4
Resolve                 5
 Mental resolve         3
 Physical resolve       3
Street Smart            5
 Criminal element       3
 Street knowledge       3
Teach                   5
 / (specific)           3

Personality Skills
Culture                    5
 Diplomacy                 3
 /Etiquette (specific)     2
 /First encounter          3
Deception                  5
 Bluff                     3
 Bribe                     3
 Gamble                    3
Entertainment              4
 Act                       2
 Dance                     2
 /Musical Instrument       2
 Sing                      2
Interaction                3
 Bargain                   3
 Charm                     3
 Interview                 3
 Intimidate                3
 Seduce                    3
 Taunt                     2
Leadership                 4
 Command                   4
 /Insprire                 4

And since it matters:
Telepathy      5
 Contact       3
 Datalink      4
 Illusion      3
 Mind blast    4
 Mind shield   2
 Suggest       3
 Tire          3
There is nothing realistic about these values! There is some additional "what class is cheaper at what" but I'm not inspired enough to do that as well. But there are a million little jokes in this table if you remember that this is what a Goony Goon Goon urGrognard thought that things were "worth" on a scale of 7 to 1

Increasing Ranks in a skill to a certain point gives you SPECIAL ABILITIES

For example, in the impossible-to-read box in the corner of page 66,

(X) Improved operation : The reduction to a character's action check and Dexterity resistance modifer penalty becomes 2 additional steps at rank 4, 3 additional steps at rank 7, 4 additional steps at rank 10
{X} Shaking Off Stuns : In non-ALTERNITY-ese, you reduce the WoD-like Stun aka Bashing damage by 1 for every 2 ranks in the skill.

So skills are essentially like Feats in D&D 3.0.

Also, there are 2E style "kits" which are essentially a list of starting equipment and skills you can get for the exact same points it would take to purchase it yourself.

Doctor, 25pts:
Surgical kit, First Aid kit, Medical gauntlet.
Medical Science- Medical knowledge, Surgery 2, Treatment 2

This doesn't give us any cool feat bonuses, but it is a good start for our Fraal Doctor / Spy.

Also, skill points are also your XP points; you can spend them to increase a lot of other stuff based on the XP chapter in chapter 7. We're not going to tell you how to make higher-level characters at the beginning of the book.

(Holy shit this is a badly formatted game)

Career hors· d'oeuvres

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Career hors· d'oeuvres

Last we left off with a Fraal Tech-Op with STR 7 DEX 9 CON 11 INT 13 WIL 13 and PER 7

13 INT means we have 60 skill points, and obviously we take the skill package:

Doctor, 25pts:
Surgical kit, First Aid kit, Medical gauntlet.
Medical Science- Medical knowledge, Surgery 2, Treatment 2

But what does it mean?

Well, back in the bad old days of 90s gaming with TSR, you had "kits" that kinda-sorta defined characters beyond the classes. Because ALTERNITY was essentially supposed to be the TSR's branch to the next edition in the same way that SAGA was to 4E, it essentially did the same things with the same language as the old system.

SO we're gonna look into the past, in order to understand the past-er-past!


Cool, we're gonna tell you how to build your character on pg111 instead of actually next to where we introduce your character.

The Warriors, OF TOMORROW! Strength and Constitution are important, Dexterity is also good. Take Melee and Unarmed. Except take Modern Ranged Weapons despite being Dexterity based because Melee and Unarmed suck compared to guns. Take the Stamina - resist pain and endurance too because you're gonna get shot a lot. Get Athletics with maybe a specialty skill, and definitely splah into first aid from Knowledge because you're gonna still be standing when the GM decides to hurt everyone with a grenade. Resolve and Acrobatics are good, so is Leadership.

Okay some careers, with associated skill point cost:

Bodyguard - 20pts
Brawler - 20pts
Corporate Security Specialist - 30pts
Gunner - 30pts
Law Enforcer - 30pts
Martial Artist - 35pts
Mercenary - 25pts

(page turn)

- 25pts
Spacehand - 30pts

Diplomat Careers

The Bards, OF TOMORROW! High Personality and Will. Usually a DIPLOMAT of some kind (enh? Enh?). Take Culture, Deception, Leadership, Administration, Resolve, Business, Law, and Teach because you have high Personality and Will. Get Modern Ranged Weapons because this is still essentially D&D, Computer Science and System Operation so that you're not sitting around during the computer and space-faring sections of the game.

Ambassador - 35pts [slick one there]
Cleric - 30pts
Entertainer - 30pts
First Contact Consul - 35pts
Trader - 20pts

Free Agent Careers

Independent Operatives OF TOMORROW! (I got no clue either) Combat skill of your choice that works with your high Dexterity (aka take Modern Ranged Weapons you rube), but maybe Unarmed Attack might interest you? Get ALL the Athletics specialties because it probably will matter. Also get Survival, Acrobatics, Stealth, Security, Investigate, and Deception. Because you're not a good person.

Bounty Hunter - 30pts
Explorer - 35pts
Gambler -

(page flip)

Reporter - 20pts
Spy - 35pts

Tech Op Careers

The people who live in tomorrow, OF TOMORROW! High Intelligence and Dexterity, use technology. Yup! Computer Science, Life Science, Medical Science, Navigation, Physical Science, System Operation, and Technical Science. Also Investigate, Teach, and a combat skill (take Modern Ranged Weapons)

Comptech - 30pts
Doctor - 25pts
Engineer - 30pts
Hacker - 35pts
Pilot - 30pts
Scholar - 25pts
Scientist - 35pts

So what have we learned? Well, we could take a second career with the 35pts left, or go back to the long and tedious skill list and figure out what extra stuff we want the Fraal Doctor to have.