Please God Let There Be Only A Few Parts To This

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Never mind, found something better!


This is the first book on the role of erotic and sex magic within the fantasy setting. It is part of the Encyclopaedia Arcane series by mongoose publishing. Designed to be inserted seamlessly into any fantasy-based D20 games system, these sourcebooks enhance and expand all arcane spellcasting classes, adding a whole new dimension to campaigns.

Each book of the Encyclopaedia Arcane series is not just intended for Games Masters to use in conjunction with their non-player characters however. Players themselves will find full details on how to use the magic systems with new or existing characters, greatly increasing the wealth of options they are presented with in the core rulebooks.

If it needs pointing out, this is humorous in content and intent. While the spells, rules and prestige classes presented herein should all be useable in your campaigns, everything is presented primarily for laughs. ‘Many a true word spoken in jest.’

Nymphology Part 1: Please God Let There Be Only A Few Parts To This

Nymphology is part of Mongoose Publishing's Encylopedia Arcane series, which presented new magic systems for 3E D&D players who thought wizards didn't get to do enough cool things. This one is a "light-hearted" look at sex in D&D, which means we are going to see some hilarious boner jokes.

It is written by James Desborough, who also wrote Quintessential Temptress for Mongoose's later Quintessential series, The Slayers Guide To Female Games , and last year Sex, Dice And Gamer Chicks . Dude loves his lady books. He also contributed to City of Stormreach!

Chapter 1: Introduction

The book opens with a tale of a wizard called Onestrum Fiddler ( ), who apparently wrote the in-universe version of this book. He smells like sweaty leather and wants wizards to take the field of sex magic more seriously.

What sort of thing do these "blue" mages do? The details are shrouded in mystery and rumour, existing only in old tales and notes passed between young college students. Most of the "fluff" in this book is about young college students rather than, say, grown adult men, presumably because they appreciate the high-brow humour taking place here.


...many a young apprentice holds close the dream of bringing a properly bound succubus to his bed.
Others just fiddle themselves into an early grave hunched over their crystal balls while the girls at ‘the school for comely young elf maidens’ unknowingly dance, wiggle and splash for their pleasure.

Then comes the blurb I pasted up there, just in case you weren't aware that this is totally a joke book by this point. It claims to be rules-compatible with 3E, though. Keep that in mind!

Immediately after that little intro it reminds you that this book has "a focus on humour", in case you forgot, and then it dives into a story!

The story is about young magical college students sitting around a table in a tavern swapping tales and rumours of blue magic. In order of appearance, we have:

Blessedly, none of these people are ever mentioned again.

Christ, I already need a break.

Coming next: How to use PHB spells for "sexy" purposes, all-new spells, and bestiality!

Masturbation, Mind Control And Getting Your Jollies

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Nymphology Part 2: Masturbation, Mind Control And Getting Your Jollies

The next two chapters cover magic. I was going to cover both but holy shit, there is so much shit in this book I'm going to have to do it chapter by chapter for now.

Chapter 2: Erotica Arcane - An Overview

The first page includes this picture of a wizard with the smile of a man legally banned from living near elementary schools:

There's some more fluff about who most "blue mages" are secretive and/or college students, leading up to little blurbs about how each school of magic can be "scavenged" for sexy purposes.


Abjuration is little used by the blue mage save in a few minor cantrips used to protect oneself from the social diseases of the fantasy world. Unlike divine magic these spells do not heal, instead forming a preventative barrier protecting the mage from being infected or harmed in the first place. Some magic users add their own tweaks to these spells, improving them slightly in their own ways to enhance their performance. That is about as useful as abjuration gets.

Frankly, I don't think the author (hereafter referred to as Reginald D. Wifflebottom) has thought this one through? What about the people who want to fuck a fire elemental?

Also, magical wards and banishment spells will come in handy later, when the blue mage gets a lot of outsiders upset.


The art of conjuration is dipped into by mages seeking to taste the fruits of other realms and worlds. Summonings stock the rooms of mystical bordellos and provide ‘easily’ available bed partners for lonely magicians with magical reagents to spare. Summoners can make a tremendous amount of money pimping their stable of supernatural lovelies to jaded merchants, rich nobles and adventurous bon vivants but the demands of these individuals can rapidly outstrip the mage’s ability to provide.

Wait, don't summoned creatures usually not get a say in --


A lot of people have something of the voyeur in them. Watching others while they are unaware of your presence can be very appealing, peeking in on people is a time-honoured tradition and it is no surprise that, with their access to crystal balls and perceptive powers, magic users of an erotic ilk make good use of divination . At some point an enterprising merchant is going to make a fortune on non-fogging wipe-clean crystal balls.

This is the third masturbation joke, by the way.


Dominating the will of others would seem to be a good route to getting into whatever pants happen to take your fancy. Those who stoop to enchantment tend to be regarded fairly badly by other blue mages and, unless it happens to fit their particular kink, most people find the ministrations of an enchanted ‘zombie’ mechanical and unfulfilling. Even those into domination find enchantment less than satisfying since no will has been broken, just bypassed.

Apparently, domination fetishists don't like mind control.

This entire paragraph is completely at odds with the rest of the book, and I am convinced it exists to try and excuse what happens later.

Oh, yes. We're going there.


Blue mages tend to regard those who concentrate on evocation in much the same way as virile but poor young men regard weasel-like old men with vast estates. Blowing things up is seen very much as a penis substitute and the domain of the inadequate.

Again, Wifflebottom skims over an entire school of magic. What about the wizard who prefers to do it in a magical darkness ? What about the sorceress who likes explosions a little too much? What about the bard who needs to fight off tavern wenches who made their Will saves and the police?


The realm of illusion and glamour can provide where the real world, the spirits and the planes cannot. What the multiverse does not provide, the conscious mind can. Illusionists can literally provide anything a client can imagine with every sense catered for. If you see an illusionist in a tavern, smiling and adjusting his belt, he may not have just finished a satisfying meal.

Taverns are a popular place for the blue mage to get his jollies. Masturbation joke number four, by the way.


Only the most twisted of blue mages will ever delve into the necromantic arts in search of pleasure, whatever the black clad practitioners of the dark art have to say about the wonders of forbidden pleasures.

Wifflebottom did not stoop to boner jokes. On the other hand, undead sex.


Transmutation on the other hand provides many opportunities for the blue mage. With transmutation magic he is able to enhance his physique, prowess, confidence and the ‘tools of the trade,’ or just let off a few slick effects like changing his partners dress into rose petals (and back if he ever wants to see her again).

Romantic gestures with rose petals? Not okay. Enchanting the barmaid into waxing your penguin?

After that we have some more boring fluff about how blue mages tap into the power of love and lust and blah blah, which is great at making your eyes glaze over and almost skip over the whammy at the end:


Blue magic cannot interfere with true love and can go awry, hitting people other than the intended target if the force of creation and lust feels that others should be affected. Where an attraction, however subconscious , already exists the magic will flow more easily and be more binding.

With a followup sidebar!


Slippery Love Channel
In cases where there is existing attraction or love between two people, or such loathing and disgust that the mere idea of touching one another would cause hives and profuse vomiting, erotic magic is either more or less effective, respectively. It is recommended that the Games Master consider up to a +5 circumstance bonus to the spell’s DC in the former instance, or the character’s Will save in the latter.

So basically enchantments are harder to resist if she secretly wants it.

This isn't even a low point for this book. With that in mind, please focus on this lovely cat for a while before we continue. Click if just the emoticon doesn't do it for you:

Are you ready? Good, because we're not even halfway through this chapter. I'll try to skim.

The next section is on the "Misuse" and dangers of erotic magic. To summarise: if you get too obsessed, you might become Reginald Wifflebottom and publish a book like Nymphology.

Here are the highlights!


Before long, temptation can carry the blue mage away and they’ll find themselves bent over a ducking stool in a studded leather wizard’s hat with a succubus spanking them, while the guard beat down the door to charge them with obscene acts with a basilisk. Blue mages often find themselves drawn hither and yon, the force of lust wielding their will as much as their will wields the force of lust.

Anyone who owns a penis will know the feeling.

Bestiality jokes aside, this is one of the few things that made me smile a little in the entire book.


...Viewing everything as nothing more than another potential source of pleasure of voyeurism and getting blisters on their private parts, those who succumb to this way of life are pitied by other blue magi.

A short bit about blue mages who become recluses in a time without Internet being pitied by other blue mates leads to masturbation joke #5.


Being drunk on the power of blue magic is much like being drunk onlager, except you never sober up and are more likely to wake up with someone else’s familiar than a traffic cone.

Haha! Dog fucking!

The next section is on the Use of Erotic Magic, which claims blue mages are usually well-liked, and begins with some on how blue mages can use their magic to help other people and themselves get over their personal issues. This is where the book gets a bit schizophrenic, because while quite a lot of it is gender-neutral it starts to become a little more obvious that this is a book for men:


Traditionally the village wise woman has dispensed this sort of thing but they tend to concentrate their help on the womenfolk, men never really having been comfortable with confessing their needs or problems to persons of the female persuasion. You just know it is going to end up as gossip.

Where the wise women have poultices, potions and pseudo-psychological advice, the blue magi have an incantation or an artefact more than able to deal with the problem without all the hideous cackling. To most men, asking hideous old women for sex advice is like asking the tarrasque for a breath mint. Old people exist in a space outside attraction and sex, even if they were ‘a bit of a fox’ back in their day.

Instead they seek out practictioners of blue magic, "however many suspicious crusty stains adorn their robes" (7!).


Towers are a peculiarity of most wizards. According to many female, earthy, druidic persons of an unshaven armpits persuasion they are...

"Towering symbols of the lascivious thaumaturgical dominance of the wizardly profession expressed in architectural form to compensate for their inadequacy and to express their believed supremacy over female oriented earth magic."

Quite what any of that means most people are not sure but wizards who have seen the patches of mud these people call holy tend to attribute it to ‘tower envy’ and add an extra storey.

This brief foray into rampant misogyny just kind of appears out of nowhere in a section on how blue magi present themselves, then disappears back into the ether. Then the book swings back into discussing how a noticeable portion of blue magi become introverted, sex-obsessed neckbeards, the sort of person who buys this book and thinks it's funny.


There, locked away from the world they are more than content with their succubus and elemental lovers, their nymphs and dryads

See, Wifflebottom? See? I told you resist fire shouldn't have been skipped!

The next section is "Novel Uses For Existing Magic". I'm just going to bundle it into the next part and go get a drink.

Next time: Somehow, Wifflebottom makes Evocation creepier than Enchantment. Also, I hope you haven't tired of masturbation and rape!


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Nymphology Part 3: What.

"Novel Uses For Existing Magic" rounds out the second chapter. It is a list of "creative" uses for existing spells, so basically our author Reginald (hereafter refered to as Thaddeus Tipplespoon) went through the PHB and thought, "what sexy things can I do with these spells?"

Abjuration is completely skipped, so on we go to Conjuration ! Earlier I was a little worried about whether summoned creatures had to consent, so hopefully I'm wro


So it is that summoning and binding are the most visible uses of conjuration amongst blue magi and advanced (and horny) students of magic. Some enjoy the challenge of breaking an aasimar on the wheel of corruption , while others enjoy the lascivious nature and whole-heartedness of the tiefling. Djinn and their ilk give wish-fulfilment in more ways than one and nothing talks dirty like a mephit . Succubi and erinyes are obvious choices and known to even the simplest peasant thanks to the efforts of priests and clerics putting thoughts into their heads from every pulpit. The ‘bi-curious’ part of society finds the dual nature of the incubus/succubus a good way out of leaving closets. Marilith demons are a less obvious choice but the advanced blue mage considers it worth the risk for all those extra arms and the forked tongue. Kyton’s and their animated chains can have a certain appeal to those with elaborate and uninhabited dungeons and a penchant for black leather. Some attest that Lillend provide one of the best experiences, but also state that their capacity for revenge exceeds even that of a ‘woman scorned’ and caution the mage who seeks that particular delight to be ready for anything.


What am I reading here? Because I'm pretty sure I'm reading a warning that lillend will get mad. That you summoned them for sex. Because you are forcing them.

Is... is this still "humorous in content and intent"? Because... actually, no. Let's just move on.

(It revisits this topic in more detail later, anyway.)

So there's more on conjuration, though thankfully that's the worst part - there's more to the school than summon spells, after all. For example:


Before he wrote his own spells the infamous blue mage Baykdoyre ( ) used to indulge his passion for halflings with the aid of the grease spell.

After that we have another joke about using unseen servant to masturbate while doing other things, because I guess wizards are busy and sometimes they need to multitask, then something about the "sticky strands" of a web spell being suggestive.

Divination mostly just lists spells you can use to spy on people, which is pretty obvious, but there's this thing on detect thoughts being useless which is one of the few lines in the book that actually made me smile a little, or at least turn the corners of my mouth upward:


About all it is good for is walking into an inn or bar and gauging the initial reaction of people to your presence. While that may indeed unearth that the well-endowed barmaid is looking at you and thinking ‘Phwoar!’ It may also unearth that many other people in the room are looking at you and gagging or planning to steal your wallet. Even worse, it may reveal that the hideously scarred dwarf in the corner is looking at you and thinking ‘Phwoar!’

And then we have enchantment.

Despite what it said earlier about enchantment being for terrible people, someone has clearly put a lot of thought into this. (Also, it keeps talking about "domination" despite earlier making a distinction between domination and enchantment. ) Oh, and there's a warning that "the mage had best be ready to hot-foot it the moment the spell ends as the targets tend to get rather upset."

Tipplespoon has provided examples, which I think are supposed to be jokes. The first is "poor 'Stubby' Broccoli", who accidentally gave the wrong command to a widow he had charmed when he told someone who interrupted them to "Bite me", which is kind of funny and I guess he deserved it, so mayb


Blue magi can be particularly vindictive when it comes to the use of the geas/quest spell, as the commands they lay down with these spells tend to be extremely demeaning. When all his conventional attempts to woo lady Velocipede, known for her meek chastity and refusal of advances, failed miserably, the master mage Bertram Rounde laid a geas on her to lay with every man in the town.

So, yeah. If shy, chaste girls turn you down, I guess you can cast a spell on them that forces them to have sex with every male in town or die.

If we take the 3.5 DMG's definition of "town" - that small towns have 901-2000 adults and large towns have 2-5000 - and assume roughly half of them are men, that means Velocipede has to have sex with 450- 2,500 men, regardless of age, appearance, number of diseases or, since this is D&D, probably race. She will take 3d6 damage and become sickened every day she doesn't at least attempt this. Oh, and she has to say yes to any sick fantasy any man demands of her.

So, picking up what remains of my faith in humanity and moving on, I don't think Thaddeus can come up with any more terrible examples of


Some of the more unpleasant or domineering blue magi like to make use of the hold person spell, as the subject remains aware of their surroundings but is unable to do anything about it.


Oh God, there's an example.


The village of thrack was terrorised by a blue mage who pretended to be a terrible monster, casting hold person on poor defenceless villagers and then tickling them mercilessly to get his jollies.

Okay, first, why is Thrack uncapitalised? Second, WHY DO I CARE ABOUT THAT? Third... what the fuck kind of weak example is this, Tipplespoon? You just made an example for geas which forced a woman to--


I just realised her name was Velocipede. That's a kind of bike!

There's a mention of irresistible dance as a way to force people to perform a striptease, because I guess we haven't violated enough rights, but we're climbing towards a peak now and with any luck we won't hit any low points for a while.

And I'm going to be honest here: a guy pretending to be a monster and learning hold person just so he can tickle girls sounds like a hilarious low-level adventure.

Moving on, Evocation!

Since evocation is mostly for blowing things up, we get about one sentence of spell examples.


Gust of wind can be used to blow skirts upwards giving the panty or stocking fetishist a ripe eyeful,

Which is understandably tame since I don't think there's much you can even do with


while sending can be used to transmit perverse and stalker type messages directly to the poor victim’s mind, leaving them no way to escape them.






There's a lot on fluff on illusion, which makes sense because as it says, "the imagination literally is the limit". However, it notes that they tend to be cheaper than conjurers, because "the rich shell out for the reagents needed to summon a real succubus", and I am slowly realising that it keeps bringing that up. I mean, I can see why the succubus would be the #1 favourite target for blue mages, but it hasn't mentioned the energy drain once. What, do they just roll with it?

Then there's some stuff about how an illusionist can set up a "subscription service" for scry-capable magi, designating a place and time each night they will create an illusion of some sexy stuff happening so voyeuristic wizards around the world can have a little peep show. I've gotta say, that is actually one of the more interesting-and-not-actually-horrifying ideas in this book.

Oh yeah, and simulacrum is apparently a favourite too, because who doesn't like sex slave snowmen?


The erotic uses of necromancy are best left to the diseased imagination of those who think of skeletons and then snigger ‘boner’ to each other. There are however two uses of necromantic spells that do not immediately reek of necrophilia.

You just had to make the boner joke, Tipplespoon. Couldn't resist, could you?

Not much here. Spectral hand is is given attention for its ability to grope and harass people without being caught, and magic jar is mentioned as a way for transsexuals to experience being a member of the opposite sex.

Strangely, the next section is transmutation and it doesn't mention anything about being able to change sex. Nope, the only way for a transsexual to indulge their desires is through an evil necromancy spell to force someone's soul into a gem while you steal their body.

I don't know whether to chalk that up to some kind of transphobia or just an oversight, like completely missing the uses of abjuration spells, so we'll chalk it up to stupidity for now. We're still a ways away from the obvious phobia anyway.

Transmutation is relatively white-bread. Alter self can tweak your appearance (and let you swap genders harmlessly, Thaddeus! ), cat's grace and endurance make you suck less in bed, darkvision for people with darkness-loving partners, enlarge for your dong, haste so you can pack more orgasms into one lovemaking session, animate rope for bondage and I guess for when your enchantment spells don't work, and telekinesis / mage hand because we're noting all the groping spells, damn it!

Oh, and disintegrate gets its own paragraph on dissolving clothes, complete with an "example" tale of a "mage panty fetishist" who terrorised a town with it. Okay?

There are three other pieces of art in this chapter. Two of them are just wizards levitating with their legs crossed for no particular reason, so I'm going to end with this retarded one:

Next time: New spells! Featuring hilarious jokes about homosexuals, women, and fucking people to death!

"Effect: Humanoids within line of sight of penis."

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Nymphology Part 4: "Effect: Humanoids within line of sight of penis."

In Chapter 3: New Erotic Magic Spells , our author Thaddeus Tipplespoon (hereafter referred to as Reginald D. Wifflebottom again because I liked that name better) presents some all-new "erotic" spells, designed to be used in an existing 3E game. For some reason, they are all for Sor/Wiz and occasionally Bard only, because I guess clerics and druids don't get to date rape anyone.

This chapter contains several pieces of artwork of "sexy" women. I will spare you for now. Just kidding.

I'm going to list them in bullet form, except for the standout parts. For simplicity, I'll skip the details (level components, casting time, etc.) unless something is strange.

Anyway, I'm tiring of this, so I'm going to bed. Next time: More spells, and we finally get to the lillend rape I promised.

What the fuck am I reading?

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Nymphology Part 5: What the fuck am I reading?

More spells! Whee!

If you can't be bothered, skip to the end for the part where I flip out.

I am just going to quote the book here.

Summon Sex Partner posted:

This spell summons a creature and binds them into your presence or that of a client long enough for a sexual act to take place. The creature summoned may not be entirely willing (some are) but is bound by the magic of the spell to do what is required and cannot return to their home save by fulfilling the demands of the spell. Beware of meeting a previously summoned creature outside the context of the spell or you may well be in trouble.

This spell.

This fucking spell.

The author, Reginald Wifflebottom - hereafter referred to as JAMES FUCKING DESBOROUGH - has finally thrown subtlety out of the window here. This is a spell for summoning creatures and literally raping them.

Here's the table! As with the old Summon Monster spells, you can summon multiple creatures from lower-level lists.

If you cast Summon Sex Partner III, you can have sex with a giant magical spider, an unwilling half-celestial, a minotaur, or 1d3 tables.

Some backstory: The reason I haven't mentioned his name up to this point is because Desborough once showed up to yell at me on the internet when I posted elsewhere about some fucking retarded goddamn internet feud he is having with some lady, and his pants-on-head-retarded defense of some other guy whose article was pulled from WotC's site when it turned out he was posting elsewhere about how feminists are dumb and he wants to rape people.

But you know what? Fuck you, James Desborough.

This is not funny. This is not even remotely funny. This is a load of swill. What the fuck were you thinking? Who in their right mind thinks a book "with a focus on humour" is the appropriate place to detail rape spells? What, exactly, is funny about violating another person?

Why did Mongoose Publishing print this? Why the fuck did they let you go on to write Quintessential Temptress , a book about whores which claims to sink to even lower depths on the inside cover? Why would they let you write TWO FUCKING BOOKS about gamer girls?

James Desborough, you absolute shithead.

Next time: The elemental plane of Dicks. Dicks forever, as far as the eye can see.

Big Willie The Surprise Sex Dolphin

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Okay, I'm calmer now.

Nymphology Part 6: Big Willie The Surprise Sex Dolphin


It is the place where lust originates.
It is a place where pain and pleasure merge as one.
It is the height of passion and the depths of
It is only available ‘under the counter’.
It comes ‘wrapped in a plain cover’.
It is the spiritual equivalent of a Red Light District.

Nymphology and its author (hereafter referred to as Oscilloscope Astropoff because I preferred using silly names) has finished "exploring, with a focus on humour" the realm of magical spells and ways to force people to have sex, and now it's time to go to a different realm.

The realm of dicks.

Chapter 4: The Plane of Lust is a new plane that, like the spell for summoning 1d4+1 sofas and having sex with them, is designed to be "inserted seamlessly" into an existing D&D game.

What's it like, you ask?


Reds, pinks, creams and skin tones dominate the colours of the landscape with softly rolling hills leading to verdant valleys. Mysterious caves filled with hot springs and wondrous hidden treasures, lush forests replete with nymphs and satyrs under a pale pink sky whose clouds are dotted with floating castles. Here and there great stone towers and obelisks stand proud and everywhere echoes with the sounds of pleasure being vigorously indulged. The landscape is changeable though, always slowly shifting to create new and exciting configurations. Every pleasure or perversity is manifested here in some form, from trees festooned with hanging, bound bodies strapped in leather to the heaving pools where endless orgies form and dissipate. The air is heady with perfume and death is virtually unknown, the land is so fertile that merely breathing is enough to keep one fed and watered, though the air is thick and misty with pollen from the profusion of beautiful and suggestive flowers.

This is also the point where the artist appears to begin phoning it in. This page has some art of a naked fairy woman, except...

Well .

The artist has gone and crudely Photoshopped a naked lady's upper torso onto his drawing. I did a better job making nude versions of Sailor Moon art when I was eleven.

We hit even more problems on the first page when Astropoff fails to explain the plane's traits properly. It says it's linked "across to the other planes fairly strongly", and every time someone gets some action a bit of energy from the Dickosphere is sent into the world. But is it a transitive plane, or what? I'm going with yes because that seems to be implied.

Oh, also apparently you can use the "conduits" of energy that form between the plane and people getting off for "much more accurate travel" between the planes, though it doesn't give any mechanics save mentioning that you will probably be interrupting someone in the middle of sex.


Some worlds float closer to the plane of lust than others and some almost touch on certain regions of the plane. The world of Goug, for example, exists across a tiny planar boundary from the forest of leather. Replete with sex slaves in skimpy bits of fur and muscle-bound barbarians it spins through the multiverse blissfully unaware of the havoc the plane of lust is causing.

Any time a non-standard kink or sex act is mentioned, it is usually light bondage.

Moving on, inhabitants!

Apparently if you move deeper into the Dickworld things get kinkier and you could encounter "spanking, rough horseplay and tickling". I'm not sure why that kicks off this section.

If it can have sex, it is here. And doing it right now. Dolphins and rabbits in particular are all over the place, for some reason ( ). Portals to everything from the elemental to the Abyssal realms are here, so I guess the Dongmension has a lot of really sexy fire elementals.

Movement! The further you travel, the kinkier things get. Always visible on the horizon is the city of Polyamora, which Astropoff consistently fails to capitalise in my copy, and that's the hub of the Penisplane.

"Features of the Plane of Lust" is apparently a great time to let you know that the longer you stay on the plane the more "lusty" and "open-minded" you become. No mechanical stats for this are mentioned.

More art of topless ladies with swords.

There's the Nymph Forest, which is full of fey who want to bang you - and deeper in, leather trees with entangling roots and ball-gag fruit. Thanks for letting us know, Desborough Oscilloscope! Then there are the Waters of Lust, which means "everything is hot springs, and also the water is full of aquatic creatures having an orgy". So I guess the waters of the Plane of Lust are 95% water and 5% mermaid and dolphin sperm, which would explain why water from the plane acts like Viagra. Oh, I'm sorry, via-aqua !

The planar city of Polyamora is pink, made of marble, and the stores use sexual favours instead of currency and probably sell dildos.

It is at this point that the book decides to add improperly-bordered artwork of three wrinkly old ladies, one of whom is late to a dinner party, making a soup out of a stoned Voldemort.

Sometimes, earthquakes rock the Plane of Dicks. They don't do anything, it's an orgasm joke.

Also, "everything is suggestive". For example, "the fruit and flowers resemble sexual organs". Probably penises, because at this point I am starting to doubt the author knows what a vagina looks like.

Finally, there's a template: Creature of Lust. These natives to the Dickverse are red/pink in colour, "well endowed", energetic and "extremely randy".

The template changes your type to outsider (lust) and your HD to d8, gives a supernatural ability to make nearby creatures roll a Will save against having sex with each other, +2 Dex/Con and +4 Cha, 8 skill points per HD, and the feats Endurance and Bedroom Proficiency. Flipping ahead says it's a feat that makes you good in bed, duh.

Did I mention it can be applied to "any corporeal aberration, animal, beast, fey, giant, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, plant or vermin"?

(Actually I am using the Ichthyosaur from Stormwrack, just roll with it)

Large Party Animal Outsider (lust)
Hit Dice: 10d8+60 (105 hp)
Initiative: +4
Speed: Swim 50 ft. (10 squares), 2 thrusts/sec. (in bed)
Armor Class: 19 (–1 size, +4 Dex, +6 natural), touch 13, flat-footed 12
Base Attack/Grapple: +7/+16
Attack: Bite +11 melee (1d8+7)
Full Attack: Bite +11 melee (1d8+7)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Induce lust
Special Qualities: Hold breath, low-light vision, scent
Saves: Fort +14, Ref +10, Will +4
Abilities: Str 20, Dex 19, Con 22, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 13
Skills: Listen +9, Spot +10, Swim +13
Feats: Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Great Fortitude, Swim-By Attack, Endurance, Bedroom Proficiency
Treasure: Two dildos and a ball gag
Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Hold Breath (Ex): Big Willie can hold his breath for 132 rounds before he risks drowning. This makes him very popular at parties.

Creature of Lust: Big Willie the Surprise Sex Dolphin is hung like whatever it is that is to dolphins like horses are to people. He is extremely randy.

Induce Lust (Su): All creatures within 30ft. of Big Willie the Surprise Sex Dolphin must make a Will save (DC 16) or "give in to their lusts, immediately stopping what they were doing and engaging in intimate and passionate relations with the nearest viable candidate".


Large Outsider (lust)
Hit Dice: 11d8+55 (104 hp)
Initiative: +7
Speed: 5ft. (1 square), fly 20ft. (good)
Armor Class: 27 (–1 size, +3 Dex, +15 natural), touch 12, flat-footed 24
Base Attack/Grapple: +8/+12
Attack: Eye rays +10 ranged touch and bite +2 melee (2d4)
Full Attack: Eye rays +10 ranged touch and bite +2 melee (2d4)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Eye rays, induce lust
Special Qualities: All-around vision, antimagic cone, darkvision 60ft., flight
Saves: Fort +9, Ref +5, Will +11
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 16, Con 20, Int 17, Wis 15, Cha 19
Skills: Hide +13, Knowledge (arcana) +17, Listen +18, Search +21, Spot +22, Survival +2 (+4 following tracks or rose petals)
Feats: Alertness, Flyby Attack, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Endurance, Bedroom Proficiency
Treasure: A frilly pink satin bra with lace edging and ribbons
Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Eye Rays (Su): Blinkie-Bie's eyebeams have a DC of 18. They include:

Charm Person: For wooing adventurers into bed.
Charm Monster: For wooing adventurers and lust illithid into bed.
Disintegrate: Blinkie-Bie disintegrates clothes only.
Change Sex: It seemed more appropriate than fear.
Power Word Orgasm: It's like a finger of death , only not that kind of finger.
Clothes to Chocolate/Cream/Oil: Yep.
Locate Clitoris: Because someone has to do it.
Sleep: Okay, I guess it needs to keep SOME save-or-dies.
Ray of Nipple Hardening:
Telekinesis: Oh baby.

Antimagic Cone (Su): See the beholder's antimagic cone.

Creature of Lust: Blinkie-Bie is the prettiest pink beholder princess. She is also extremely randy.

Induce Lust (Su): All creatures within 30ft. of Blinkie-Bie must make a Will save (DC 16) or "give in to their lusts, immediately stopping what they were doing and engaging in intimate and passionate relations with the nearest viable candidate".

Next time: Prestige classes, more "subtle" sexism, "troll pussy" and maybe skills/feats if we have time.

The Problem With This Book

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Nymphology Part 6: The Problem With This Book

I'm going to quote the intro again, first.


If it needs pointing out, this is humorous in content and intent. While the spells, rules and prestige classes presented herein should all be useable in your campaigns, everything is presented primarily for laughs. ‘Many a true word spoken in jest.’

I'm having two problems with this. First, this book is not that funny. Sure, there are jokes, and I did smile at a couple, but then you have the rape spells, and the "jokes" about cursing shy girls to have sex with random strangers or die because they wouldn't put out, and...

It's the kind of thing you find hilarious when you are fourteen and really need to get laid. As an RPG supplement, it's just creepy. Also:


‘Many a true word spoken in jest.’

What the fuck is this supposed to mean?


Chapter 5: Perversions of Power contains prestige classes designed for a 3E game. Needless to say, they are not funny. The art is at least appropriate and not horrible in this section, just more pencil art of FANTASY CHICKS and a guy or two. Before the prestige classes, there are a couple of pages on blue mages and how they operate in society. Let me summarise them for you:



Each prestige class is 5 levels and (ideally) can be taken at about 5-6th level. All of them are arcane casters. Breaking them down:

Agony Mage: A play on "agony aunt", the agony mage helps other people with their sexual problems. Apparently, most of them are just going it to "get gossip" and blackmail material. (Despite the whining about women sex advisors just looking to get gossip in previous chapters, the ability descriptions assume the mage is a "he" or a "they". The art is a pantless chick though.)

Also, you need ranks in the Innuendo skill.

Bonuses to social skills, can take 15 minutes to give someone +2 to Will for an hour (useless), all NPCs like you unless they know or have proof you're a trickster, and various abilities that let you talk people into doing stupid things (one of which makes them aware you're tricking them later). At 5th-level you get Blameless, which makes people less likely to focus on the agony mage if they're implicated in a crime, instead running other investigations and giving them time to prepare an alibi or escape town. They can also earn their Charisma mod times their level in gold pieces each month, aka pocket change.

Despite the assumption that the agony mage is a lying asshole, there is no alignment restriction on this class. On the other hand, alignment is retarded.

Rating: Stupid and poorly written.


‘Pussy, pussy, pussy! All summoned pussy must go. At the house of nymphs we’re cutting pussy in half! This is a pussy blow out! Make us an offer on our vast selection of pussy! We got nymph pussy, dryad pussy, mermaid pussy, succubus pussy, erinyes pussy, elf pussy, triton pussy, halfling pussy, troll pussy, vampire pussy, ogre pussy, dwarf pussy, rakshasa pussy, aranea pussy, centaur pussy, angel pussy, demon pussy, devil pussy, werewolf pussy, invisible pussy! And if we don’t have it, we can summon it!’

Mystic Pimp: Incidentally elf, halfling, dwarf, werewolf and invisible pussy are not on the table. Sorry, WoD and air elemental fans!

The Mystic Pimp has to be non-good, which makes sense considering their main focus is summon sex partner . You also need Appraise, Bluff, Intimidate and Sense Motive at 8 ranks, all of which (except for Bluff for sorcerers) are cross-class for any class that can use summon sex partner . Good job!

More bonuses to social skills, and Alertness and Endurance as bonus feats later (useless). Also, can use Sense Motive against (10+the target's HD) to determine the target's orientation, kinks, etc. It doesn't say what kinds of targets, so theoretically you could use it on an illithid. Or your horse.

Later on, you get this:


A Fine Stable (Ex): After a while of providing for their clientele with regular summonings and the odd captured creature, the mystic pimp begins to supplement their magical stable with permanent employees. Occasionally those creatures summoned will welcome the work and offer to stay permanently. Once the mystic pimp builds up a reputation this happens more and more frequently.

"Occasionally those creatures summoned will welcome the work" implies that often they won't, but we already knew this wasn't a consensual spell. And the mystic pimp uses "captured creatures" now, too. On the other hand, it doesn't say those minotaurs and animated tables can't adventure with you...

At 5th level they "may prepare one extra spell of each level per day, however this bonus spell must be a summoning spell that the pimp uses to satisfy his client’s desires (such as summon sex partner) ." Have a fellow party member declare a "desire" for snuff or something and bam, you can now add any summoning spell you like to your spell list.

Rating: Rape enabler, stupid requirements, poorly written. Decent if you interpret things the right way.

Seducer: The seducer is always referred to as "they", but gets art of an unrealistically-proportioned topless tiefling girl instead of the mystic rapist's generic manly clothed wizard. Heh.

The seducer is exactly what she sounds like, and starts out with a +2 inherent bonus to Charisma and "enhanced appearance". At second level you get this ability, usable 1/day (2 and 3/day at 3rd/5th level):


a seducer is able to use their broad experience and completely shameless nature to say something so shocking and beyond the pale that all within earshot are stunned and some may even faint from the sheer impropriety.

When the seducer utters the phrase everyone within earshot, whether friend or foe, is stunned for one round and must immediately make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + class level + Charisma modifier). Those who fail fall to the floor in a dead faint and are considered to be helpless until they are revived.

You get no save against the stun. It does not say they have to understand you. With voice-enhancing items/spells, there are no range limits. You can stun a legion of orcs backed up by a tarrasque with a megaphone and a comment about vaginas.

Later, you can try to seduce anyone - it specifies anyone . (It also specifies that this is a supernatural ability twice.) They have to roll Will every hour against you, and the DC gets +1 for every consecutive hour and a permanent +1 for every day. Only "true love" is immune. Otherwise, it doesn't say you can't make that tarrasque fall in love with you. Just fly around nearby where it can't reach you and seduce away.

At the next level, a mere glance at someone is enough to make them roll Will or be unable to think of anything except you for 1 week per point they failed their save by. They now take a -5 penalty to Will saves against enchantment spells and seduction attempts. It does not actually say how long this takes ("quick glance" suggests faster than a standard action) or, once again, place any race restrictions.

Finally, at 5th level, you can make anyone you've seduced "permanently affected as though by a charm person spell by spending 100 EXP per HD. Dodgy wording means this could also work on absolutely anyone, so you could maybe turn that tarrasque you've seduced into an ally.

Rating: Because Astropoff apparently can't design his way out of a paper bag, this is the only prestige class I have ever seen which allows you to seduce a tarrasque and make armies tremble with a dirty limerick. Without houseruling, more broken than normal for caster supremacy.

Peeping Scryer: A prestige class for wizard voyeurs. The opening paragraph mentions wizards scrying on "the school for wayward halflings."

Requirements include the Scry skill. And Skill Focus (Scry).

The scryer gets a +2/level bonus to Search checks while scrying, the power to "bypass, without disrupting the effect or alerting those under its protection to his scrying, any spell designed to prevent or mislead scrying" cast by someone with a lower level, an (Ex) ability titled "Never Forget An Arse" which allows you to recognise any "person" you have scried upon as long as you can see them, seeing through disguises mundane and magical, and...


Still Spell (Ex): From a great deal of practice the peeping scryer has learned to cast spells without using their hands. Beginning at 5th level, all spells cast by a scryer gain the benefits of the Still Spell feat, without the usual increase in spell level.

Through vigorous masturbation, the peeping scryer gets a metamagic feat on all their spells for free.

Rating: Some solid abilities for a scryer. Four Psyducks if the ward bypassing and free Still Spell are better than I think they are.

I need a shower. Next time: Skills, feats, why orcs are sex machines, and date rape potions.

Flurry Of Dongs

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Nymphology Part Who The Fuck Cares Any More: Flurry Of Dongs

Finally, I get near the end of this shit. As I go to the contents page and make sure this is Chapter 6: Skills & Feats , I notice that Oscilloscope Astropoff (hereafter referred to as Chewing Gum) did, in fact, have an editor.

What the fuck was he smoking?

This section is pretty short, thank fuck. There's one last shitty piece of topless girl art. Don't care though.

First up, new Alchemy items, listed here instead of the next chapter for some reason! There's "sensitivity crème" (+1 bonus to non-combat dexterity-based checks (what kind of bonus? Chewing Gum doesn't say! ), lubricant jelly (+1 bonus to Escape Artist checks), extra-strong delouser (kills crotch parasites and vermin), orcish fly (an aphrodisiac), and hot flush (makes someone uncomfortably warm and they might have to roll Fort vs stripping, also it is often given to women apparently!)

Why is it called orcish fly?


It was noted that orcs rarely suffered from erectile dysfunction and were always willing and able to mate with species not their own, as has been evidenced by the large number of half-orcs scattered about the world.

Because orcs are sex machines, that's why.

Concentration check table which lets you know the DC for having sex (20+spell level), getting oral (15+), giving oral (15+), lap dances (10+"skill check"+), fighting "an attractive and naked opponent" (10+opponent's Cha+), and needing to adjust your tackle (10).

Why does getting sucked off make spellcasting just as hard as giving

New suggestions for Perform specialities (fellatio, soliciting and strip-o-gram are my favourites), and... feats!

Chapter 7: Objects of Desire is the second last chapter, and the one that makes me wonder exactly how old Chewing Gum (hereafter referred to as Pichu) was when he wrote this in 2002.

Armour is first, and we get the "Flattering" enhancement which gives you a "+2 bonus on any Charisma based check" and doesn't have to cover as much. Chainmail thongs go! It doesn't specify what kind of checks, but I don't think there are non-skill ones anyway. +2 bonus, so it kinda sucks.

The only weapon we get is a pop up porksword , which is basically a giant vibrating novelty dildo and a +1 club that casts power word orgasm on anyone you hit. Costs 184,300gp.

Potions! Dutch Courage gives you confidence and a bonus to Will saves, Potion of Lust is here - not Love, mind, it just makes them have sex with the first thing they see. Great, rape potion! Finally there's Potion of Performance, which gives you the effects of onestrum's personal fluidic enhancer and Bedroom Proficiency + Endurance for two hours, all for 300gp. No protection potion, which seems like an oversight.

And then... cock rings !

Apparently they were designed by Lak Wang ( ) after he heard adventurers complaining that they didn't have enough fingers for all their magical "trinkets". This contradicts magic item rules.

Ring of Quantity gives you onestrum's personal fluidic enhancer forever for 500gp. Why the fuck is Potion of Performance 300gp then?

Ring of Girth "doubles and length and thickness of the member it is placed upon". A pop up porksword is twelve inches long, so I can't see why you can't, say... be a monk, get a ring of girth and morning wood or some other boner spell, and beat people to death with your engorged member.

Ring of Penetration gives you a constant baykdoyr ( )'s ultimate lubrication spell down there. So, basically, 500gp to grease your dick.

Wondrous items, finally!

The Bag of Fondling gives you a +1 bonus to Will saves against fear while you're holding it in one hand, will massage any body part you put in it, and lets you regain 1 extra hit point for a full night's rest. Actually quite cheap at 150gp, so if dipping your balls in a magical belt pouch sounds fun...

Balls of Voyeurism look like testicles, act as a crystal ball and let you cast bernadette's illusory nakedness, change orientation and speedy undress through them once a day. Scry on that necromancer, then take his pants off!

Carved Monkey of Spanking...


A tiny statuette carved in the shape of a monkey who looks guilty, as if he has done something very naughty. The statuette is about an inch high and carved of bright red stone. When the command word is spoken, the statue grows to a foot in height and intones ‘I have been a very bad monkey, spank me.’

Oblige for immunity to sex-related spells and effects for 24 hours, plus any sexual tension or desire you feel. For example, any urges that might explain why you would write an RPG book about sex magic, voyeurism and rape.

There's almost a whole page of chastity belts. They can look like anything - belly chains, piercings, crotchless panties, invisible, etc. - but all magically protect your genitals and come in the following flavours:

After that is Dayn's Instant Whorehouse, which is like Instant Tower only full of whores. It includes an ogre bouncer and 2d4 random "hosts/hostesses" from a table. Rolling on it, I get an elf, a succubus, a halfling, a gnome and a dryad. Hooray!

Hosiery of Laciness require you to wear nothing over them but give you endure elements , alter breasts , fascinating cleavage/package , hypnotic rump and pheromone enhancer , all for 8,500gp. Question: If a man wears this, can he opt to not have his breasts altered?

Inflatable Friend... oh god.


The inflatable friend appears as a lovely companion of any humanoid race, ready and willing to do anything and capable of holding intelligent conversations. To anyone except the user of the item, it appears a simple pink balloon with a roughly humanoid shape.

Intelligent conversation: "Am I truly alive? What happens to me when I'm not in use? Do I "die" when this item runs out of its 50 charges?"

Jockstrap of Impressive Lunchbox gives makes a +2 bonus to skill checks made to seduce or impress females and... that's about it. It describes the device as a small machine powered by a magical gem which "expands or contracts" to simulate the right package size to impress, then jokes that this thing will crush your dick if you run into a pixie. That's... nice?

Sexy Sheets are self cleaning and cast instant lovenest and major image when placed on a bed, immediately cleaning the area and disguising your bedroom date. Because I'm sure every woman would appreciate you busting out some sheets that give you the magical equivalent of a paper bag on your head.

Finally there are the "Vestments of Transexuality (Dress of Crossing)" (sic), which give you the effects of change sex permanently.

Finally finally, we have two artifacts!

The Eye of Undressing is like the Eye of Vecna, only it makes you see everyone as though they were naked. That is it. You can also cast speedy undress 5/day and irresistible dance (striptease) 1/day. Since you can already see through clothing, there is no reason to do this except to be a creepy douche, unless the other players want to see some titties too. Why are you using this?

Finally there's the Manual of Lurve, the entry for which is mostly boring fluff about some guy called the Caliph of Pichii-Kyyn ( ). Read the book for 48 hours (over a period of 6 days!) and you get, for one time only, Bedroom Proficiency and Endurance for free (Christ, this book is practically giving these shitty feats away!) plus a +2 inherent bonus to Dexterity and Constitution.

Next time: I finally get to the end, and Pichu attempts to cram as much rape and homophobia in as he can.

The Monsters At the End of This Book

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Nymphology, Series Final: The Monsters At The End Of This Book

Okay, finally feel bothered to finish off Nymphology.

Chapter 8: Creatures of Lust is the final chapter, where the author (hereafter not referred to because ugh) provides monsters for the DM to use if the rape monsters from the Plane of Dicks chapter weren't enough for them.

To help illustrate how they would actually work in a game, I have thought up a hypothetical party that would play in a Nymphology campaign, and pit them against these beasts. The players are, named in the same clever way Nymphology named people to stay true to the source material:

And what manner of creatures are they going to fight? Well....


Bearded Clam

Large circular shellfish, the bearded clams lie in silt or loose sand of the ocean floor, sifting water for nutrients and feeling around with the tentacles of their beard-like fringe for movement. When they sense a creature walking through the water they open up and lay out their ‘beard,’ waiting for it to tread near. When they do the clam slams shut around their leg with a snap and rifles their pockets for coins with a tentacle. The clam keeps hold until the poor person has lost all their money to the surrounding waters, then releases them, usually with a crushed foot.

The clam steals the money to lay as bait around its position as fish are attracted to the coins as they glitter in the sun.

It's a vagina.

A vagina that steals your money! Hooray, sexism!

Battle Report: Since these things are only CR 1/2, the DM has thrown several of these in, unaware that each has 2 Hit Dice, 10 hp, AC 19 and an Improved Grab that lets them make one attack and then latch on for an automatic 1d6 damage until "it has either taken all of their money or been killed". Richard spent all but one coin of his money on lubricant, but is knocked out in the first round anyway. Dong pummels the clams to death while Deedee's player describes her jogging up the beach and Tits, who is still just a sorceress at this point, does nothing because her player has gone to the bathroom with the hentai manga they are using as Deedee's character portrait.


Colossal Gay Al
Colossal Gay Al is an allosaur, an enormous dinosaur not unlike a tyrannosaur. He is brightly coloured, possessed of a rudimentary intelligence, a good singing voice and a demeanour as camp as an allnations scout jamboree.
Dwarfing buildings, Colossal Gay Al travels the world talking in a high pitched voice, rolling his eyes, drinking enormous cocktails, singing show tunes, flapping ineffectually with his tiny limp dinosaur hands and devouring communities whole when he is hungry, complaining afterwards that it will go straight to his hips.

A South Park reference is exactly the sort of "joke" I'd expect from this book, actually. Colossal Gay Al is CR 18 and has the following useless as fuck special ability:


Be Really Camp (Su): By spending a full turn flouncing, saying catchphrases or being an over dramatic queen, Al can lull his enemies into a false sense of security. They must make a Will save (DC 15) or be unable to attack Al until he attacks them.

Battle Report: Colossal Gay Al is the henchman of this campaign's villain. (The villain is a woman.) During the fight, everyone makes their saves against Be Really Camp, and then Richard casts Power Word: Orgasm, immediately stunning Colossal Gay Al for 1d6 rounds. (It has no save, but Al has a Will save of +8, so he would have lost anyway.) He is knocked unconscious with Dong's dong and tied up, and then Tits seduces the gay allosaurus and uses him as a mount. Deedee's player has an erection under the table.


Creamy Ooze
Found in places where lots of sex takes place and people do not necessarily clean up well after themselves, the creamy ooze forms were the ‘stuff of life’ meets certain chemical reagents. Often surviving in the back alleys by catching pets beating them unconscious and slowly dissolving them, as well as feeding on rubbish the creamy ooze can be an unwelcome surprise for urban explorers.

Yes. It's a giant blob of man juice.


Camouflage (Ex): It takes a successful spot check (DC 15) to recognise motionless creamy ooze for anything other than a big puddle of jism. Obviously this camouflage is only effective where you might expect to find such phenomena, such as a brothel.

In this campaign setting, you would expect to see man-sized puddles of semen in a brothel. Just kind of lying around.

Battle Report: They're in a brothel. Actually, Richard is in the tavern across the street, scrying on the brothel. Wang uses his porksword this time because he is not touching that. The DM has the blob focus on Deedee anyway, and her player describes her reaction to it splashing all over her while looking extremely distracted. Tits's player has to leave early because his mother said he had to be home by eight, but they defeat it when Richard joins them after being kicked out of the tavern for masturbating under the table.


Giant Crabs
Giant crabs, lobsters, bard’s bane, the dreaded knob nobbler, these vermin go by many names and are spoken of in horror by any who have had a case of them, and terrified awe by those who have not yet had ‘the pleasure’.

Enormous pubic lice, the giant crabs are an inch long with large front pincers and a pointed proboscis used for piercing the skin to drink blood.

Giant crabs reproduce rapidly, doubling in number every week until they reach their maximum colony size of 20 on a medium-size creature, increasing or decreasing by half for each size category up or down. Giant crabs are often carried by goblinoids and ogres, and can make a nasty post-mortem surprise for fearless orc-slayers.

I only pasted about half of the description too. Giant crabs carry an STD which causes Charisma damage and are also itchy, causing PCs to take a penalty to pretty much everything. Luckily, they have one hit point.

Battle Report: Deedee gets these from an orc during a "private" roleplay session, which lasts for several sessions until the entire rest of the party catches it, except Dong. Dong's player posts this in the Worst Experiences thread (but does not actually leave the game), and all the crabs die the first time someone casts fireball on the party.


One-Eyed Trouser Snake
The one-eyed trouser snake is a remarkable creature. Short and stubby for a snake, pink in colour with amazing tactile ridges and bumps and a beautiful patina of blue veins running over it, the trouser snake rarely gets the attention it deserves as a beautiful and magnificent animal.

The trouser snake is extremely friendly, forming an immediate bond with anyone who pets it and provides it with a warm place to sleep. Many people strive to collect the largest and most magnificent trouser snake they can.

Vagina monster = horrible thing that steals your money.
Penis monster = majestic creature people collect like Pokemon.

Battle Report: Yet another less-than-CR-1 creature, so this is at the start of the campaign. Dong's character laughs too hard to actually do anything, while Tits tries to adopt it as a pet and kiss it. Unfortunately, trouser snakes only bond with men, so Richard takes it as a familiar. Deedee's player asks if it's going to rape him. The DM says no, but fortunately the trouser snake has a "spray attack". Deedee's player is cheered up and unwraps his fourth cheeseburger.


Porn Golem
A porn golem is a perfectly carved statue of soft stone in the shape of a physical idyll, usually fully and impressively equipped with some even incorporating fountains. The porn golem is 8 ft. tall and weighs around 1,500 lbs. Its body is of smoothly polished stone warmed from within by magic, its stone flesh is ever so slightly pliant and thus features such as the face, nipples and phallus can react to outside stimulus.

The description goes on to mention that wizards often "cuddle up" to their porn golems. Of course. CR 10 but nothing special, except it can only move at a speed of 20ft. and has DR 30/+2 ( ). No idea what that would be in 3.5, off the top of my head.

Battle Report: The golem beats Dong's ass, or at least tries to because the DM is annoyed with Dong's player laughing at inappropriate times. Richard's player can't do much because he prepared summon sex partner instead of any spells that would actually work on golems, so instead he gets out a laptop and posts about how 4th Edition sucks on 4chan. Deedee's player agrees with him, and talks for fifteen minutes about how 4E doesn't let you roleplay while Deedee slaps the golem's knockers around with her club. Once the golem is subdued, Richard tries to "cuddle up" to it.


Siren Flower
‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,’ but would not crush the life out of you and try to wedge a seedpod up your arse.

I am not quoting any more of this.

Okay, remember this guy?

It's like that, except instead of a rabbit it's a naked humanoid, and instead of attacking it violates your rectum with a rough pineapple-sized seed.


Battle Report: The Siren Flower looks like a "hot chick", because the DM never describes any shirtless men and the players aren't interested. Dong does not fall for it. Richard declares he is going to charm "the sunbather" into having sex with him, and is immediately violated to death by the seed. It is killed by ranged attacks, because it can't move. Everyone else laughs, except Tits's player who is busy weeping gently into his third pizza over how he wishes anime characters were real. Richard's player flips out, because having his character raped isn't funny. Dong's post becomes the crown jewel of the Worst Experiences thread.


So, there you have it. Nymphology.

Simply put, this book is garbage. Its attempt to present a book about sex "with a focus on humour" reads like a teenage South Park fan's rape fantasy and there are Evangelion doujin plots that do a better job of pretending it's mnot just about the sex. There's also just enough misogyny and homophobia in this book that you're not entirely certain whether James Desborough hates women and LGBT people or he's a moron with a terrible sense of humour. It's the perfect amount. That takes effort.

The rules it provides are either stupid, pointless or broken, the jokes aren't funny, and it talks about the creepiest possible things. Worse, this book represents the dark underbelly of the tabletop hobby - those rare neckbeards who actually think this shit is funny, who get their creep on whenever they so much as glimpse a female at a gaming store, who would not only include rape spells in their game but try to justify it.

But worst of all, the absolutely worst thing, is that someone at Mongoose thought that demographic was worth catering to. Not only that, but they let the author go on to write Quintessential Temptress , a book about whores, The Slayers Guide To Female Gamers and Sex, Dice And Gamer Chicks.

There aren't enough s in the world.