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Damn the Torpedoes

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Breaking news: Chris Fields defaces the superhero genre.

Additionally, there have been three more Black Tokyo supplements published, one of which apparently aims to give "sex [...] as many options and variables as combat does now".

Part 1: Damn The Torpedoes

A scant two paragraphs of introduction (not an unreasonable assumption that anyone who's buying this already knows what they're in for, I suppose) and the pattern begins again with new player races species, except a third of them are reprints!


The actual picture in the PDF is broken up into segments for some reason, so have this Omaha the Cat Dancer cover instead. Pretty much the same thing.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa posted:

All Byakko are born human, but abandon their human forms sometime before their 16th birthday. A long forgotten ritual of transformation, which has made its way into the otaku underworld lets young Byakko transform their physical body to match their Internet ‘fursona’… to forever step away from humanity.

"Fursona", you say?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa posted:

All Byakko are lean and powerfully built, attractive humanoids blessed with the beauty, grace and raw sexuality of the animals they emulate. Byakko are easily recognized by their pelts, their lusty, pungent musk, their strange proportions and powerful physiques.

Well of course they fucking are.

Racial traits: Low-light vision, Alertness as racial feat; Animal Lusts (penalty to Sense Motive and Diplomacy vs. desirable fuckmates, same to WILL saves vs. mental compulsion to fuck); Voracious (requires four times the amount of food and water to survive as a normal humanoid); Species of One .

Species of One is where the Byakko turns into a shifting snowflake of specialosity. At character creation, choose two of the following options - one as a permanent alteration (your primary furry characteristic), the other may be changed each day upon awakening.


Name one thing right about this picture.

Cold, emotionless parasites who feed on lust, love, and hope. Classic PC material right there, eh?

and they're cute, too posted:

In their natural state, a Hannya resembles a flayed humanoid figure; a naked man or woman with a lean, finely proportioned
body hewn from slabs of crimson muscle. Short ridges of glowing gold or silver horn ring the Hannya’ electric blue eyes, and a similar set of decorative spines ring their genitals and the tips of their breasts. Inch long quills jut from the Hannya’ elbows and kneecaps; the tips of these quills glow with a faint silvery radiance.

If you're lucky, though, you won't see this often. Spinnerets are placed regularly across the body, from which the Hannya can exude a fleshy polymer at will. With practice, this can be formed into a carapace to perfectly mimic any similarly-sized humanoid, of any race, age or gender, within seconds. They can even mimic humanoid sexual response, but only truly feel anything resembling pleasure when laying eggs, because that is a thing they do.

Racial traits: Aberration/Shapechanger type; racial bonus to Bluff and Sense Motive; Gifts of Ecstasy as racial feat; low-light vision; Lustfeeding (can go without food or water so long as you have sex with another sentient being once every three days - other Hannya count); Sensual Lethality (racial bonus to damage rolls vs. anyone you've sexed up today); Seductive Cocoon (the mimic thing); Conflicted Mind (spend an hour a day meditating in your natural form, or suffer a cumulative morale penalty to everything).

(About this time in the PDF is when headers start sprouting font-error boxes. Hyphens and certain letters just don't show up at all, not often enough to render anything truly unreadable, but often enough that anyone giving even a cursory glance would notice. Quality assurance remains Job #0 at Skortched Urf Studios.)

Living Toys

Pinocchio. With hentai.

Racial traits: may choose to be Small or Medium sized; racial bonus to Diplomacy vs. kids, and any two Craft, Profession or Perform skills; Pseudo-Construct Traits (immunity to most biological effects, but also no natural healing and half benefit from curing spells); Stuffing Belly (immune to pain, too... why wasn't this just folded into the last one?); Child-Babel (speak to any Young Adult or younger creature as if sharing a common language, provided they have not taken a sentient life or had any sexual encounter); A Toy's Purpose (you were made for a reason - choose one from list below).

Racial weakness: Somebody made you for a reason, and your creator or owner, if extant, can still command your actions. Simple commands get no save, while more complex orders may be resisted by WILL, with a bonus if the action is obviously self-destructive or violates the character's moral code.


Ever see Hard Candy ? Imagine that, only with Hayley as an immortal faerie who force-feeds Jeff his own balls, skins him, and then burns him alive one square inch at a time. Finally, a race option I think I could actually get behind in this fucking game!

Racial traits: Small size; racial bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Sense Motive and Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences), also Disguise to pass as a mortal child; Innocence Restored as a racial feat ( FIIIIIIIEEEEEEEELLLLDS!! ); Child's Vengeance (use CHA mod instead of STR when attacking pedophiles).

Racial weakness: Once you've sniffed out a pedophile, you suffer a morale penalty to attack and damage rolls against any other target. Not much of a weakness, if you ask me.


theists: The Race. Also they have hundreds of eyes on the inside of their bodies .

Racial traits: bonus to Treat Injury and Knowledge (Earth Life Sciences); modified Truth of the Body (read a creature's allegiances and suchlike through penetrative sex) as a racial feat; Logical and Strident Arguments ("When arguing questions of theology or government policy, Shirime may use their INT or WIS modifier, rather than their CHA modifier on related Diplomacy checks. Though brash and usually peppered with enough profanity to make a whore blush, a Shirime’s logical arguments can’t be denied." ).

Racial weakness: cumulative morale penalty to all rolls for every Wealth Bonus point above +8, and a separate penalty on Diplomacy checks against the bastard rich.

Spider Souled

Spider swarm capabilities not supported in this version.

Natural psychopaths who... uh... swallowed a demonic spider when they were young??? Something like that, I have no idea. Looks like a sharp-toothed, beady-eyed human at a casual glance. Closer inspection will reveal short black hairs at the elbows and knees, and spinnerets at the wrists (don't that sound familiar) and genitals (...I hope that doesn't sound familiar). Female Spider Souled also have a black widow's hourglass mark above their vulva.

Racial traits: Monstrous Humanoid type; great big ol' Climb bonus, Take 10 or 20 even under threat, same bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks made while climbing; low-light vision, scent; Spinnarettes (catches bad guys just like flies, also just noticed another word Chris can't spell); Toxic Kiss (saliva and sexual fluids are a paralytic contact poison).

Racial weakness: Suffer a morale penalty to attack and damage rolls against a target unless you've spent at least an hour studying or researching them and at least fifteen minutes in conversation with them. Also, romance with any sentient humanoid must either be broken off or end with their death at your hands within six months or you suffer permanent INT and CHA damage.

Next time: actual chastity, Hanging Maidens at last, and samurai beetleborgs! I can't wait!

Classes for the Classless

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Part 2: Classes for the Classless

Advanced Classes! Basically prestige classes in d20 form! Three of 'em!

The Chaste

Fields starts out the paragraph calling the Chaste Sisterhood "a warrior society older than Christianity by two millennium", then makes an attempt at more solid historical-fiction legitimacy by claiming Yang Kwei Fei , a legendarily beautiful Imperial consort in T'ang Dynasty China who was executed without charge to appease court politics, as their founding member. This combination only works if you A) didn't know who she was before, and B) don't ever bother to look her up, since she lived and died in the 8th century of the Common Era, by which point any fool could tell you Christianity was quite well established. I wonder if this wasn't actually supposed to be the Erinyes Sisterhood that's been mentioned a few times before but never detailed (since their missions are practically identical), then he saw the movie version somewhere and decided to change it. Whatever.

Anyways, Fields' version of history says that instead of being simply executed, Yang Kwei Fei was sexually mutilated - clitoris cut out and labia sewn together with golden thread - then cast out into the wilderness to die. But instead of dying, she achieved enlightenment through suffering, becoming "stronger than any woman she knew", and retreated up a mountain to meditate. Within a generation, an order of women had grown up around her, following her strictures of protecting women from natural and supernatural threats well into the modern age. Today, members just call themselves "The Sisterhood" (so I guess they are the Erinyes, but I can't be bothered to go edit the previous paragraph to accommodate this revelation), with the Chaste as their top elite. While the Sisterhood's rank-and-file remain whole, the Chaste have their sexual organs ritualistically removed in emulation of their founder. The power granted by this agony makes them the greatest martial artists in the Earth Realm, and the invisibility of their "mark" makes them ideally suited to blending in with the populace, only revealing themselves at the moment the trap is sprung.

Class features:

The Hanging Maiden

The Hanging Academy is a massive girl's school in the Tatakama, built around an ancient tree that is possibly different from the World Tree or possibly not. Staff are all rokurokubi , and students come from the Earth Realm, "non-conformists, outcasts, anorexic girls and rape victims, weak and belittled femininity in all its varied forms", drawn by urban legends about the place that have circulated among Japan's schoolgirls for generations, and graduation is at the end of a noose. Hence the name. The curriculum consists mostly of exercises designed to make the student's eventual death as aesthetically pleasing as possible (these hangings are big spectator events, apparently), but the biggest lesson comes at the end: the student is granted enlightenment while they're hanging, a unique insight into the nature of the World Tree and a free pass out of the cycle of reincarnation straight to a purer world. Some of them, though, are so profoundly changed by this experience that they rise again as oracles; these are the Hanging Maidens.

Y'know, for all the infodump on these things, it still seems kind of scarce with the actual info. I dunno. I guess my questions were answered, but I still feel like I don't know that much about them. Ain't gonna let it worry me too much, though.

Class features:

The Omukame

Were the beetleborgs even samurai? I probably got shows mixed up.

More like a race than a class, the Omukame are the earthly avatars of the Celestial Centipedes that guard the border between the Tatakama and the Black Else, preying on the Else's demonic spiders. They act as the samurai of the Tatakama, upholding the ideals of bushido , fighting with katana , wakazashi , and Phallic Spear. Yeah, remember that trick? Omukame are among the greatest warriors in any realm, chosen by Heaven to protect their mortal vassals in the Tatakama from incursions by the Black Else, and a major factor in their strategy involves swinging their dicks around. Fantastic.

Oh, and they don't work for free:

tsujigiri posted:

Their station gives them the right to claim any low-born girl they desire as a reward for their fine service, a privilege the centipede lords take full advantage of. Bawdy haiku and ukio-e commemorate passionate couplings between wandering Omukame and village maidens. Most of these legendary orgies last for days, and are celebrated in art and haiku long after the maiden involved has become a grey haired old matron.


Class features:

Next time: Child's Play in reverse, vagina-mounted wave motion guns, and ponies! I can't wait!


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Part 3: More Tales than Tales

But first, some more feats.

Fields fills out the remaining page space with a plug for his post-apocalyptic sourcebook, Cruel Evolution , and then it's time for some more world-building.

The Akashita Winds

A cold wind that blows down from the mountains of the Black Else, "swooping with a sound like women screaming" across the Tatakama, and touching the Earth Realm with strangeness and melancholy. This occurs most often in late autumn, and has been recorded multiple times throughout Japan's history; in fact, the "Divine Wind kamakazi" is an aspect of these Winds.

Its mundane effect is a rainy cold front and a drop in temperature across an area rougly the size of a large city, lasting several hours. On the eldritch side, the membranes between worlds are at their weakest while the Winds blow. All undead in the area gain 4 turn resistance, and any necromantic spells cast have their numerical effects maximized; all living creatures receive an insight bonus to Craft: Visual Arts and Knowledge: Arcane Lore or Theology/Philosophy checks.

The Akashita Winds have also been traced as the awakening catalyst for numerous breeds of oni, and the opening of new trans-realm portals, all of which is cause for concern among Black Tokyo's heroes. The arrival of a Wind may be predicted with a Knowledge: Arcane Lore check. Success means you know the duration and location of the next Wind, plus the arrival time within 12 hours minus 2 for each point by which you exceeded the DC.

Fashion Club Nekomimi - Tokyo, Japan

An exclusive Nekomusume bordello in Black Tokyo's financial district, catering to salarymen on break. Except then it says that annual club dues run into the millions, and membership is only extended to Japanese men from wealthy families that have produced at least one magic user within the last generation. Mundanes and outsiders, especially foreigners, are not wanted.

In addition to the whorehouse standard private rooms, the club features an excellent bar and a live stage show where audience participation is encouraged. There are also monthly Nekomusume shows, where cat-girl enthusiasts bring their pets to compete for the titles of Best In Show, Best In Breed, and Best Lover. As exploitative as this sounds and is, it's apparently still pretty much the best place in the country to be a Nekomusume, as the race has no legal status in Japan, making abuse and neglect the norm.

The Gathering of Flowering Bodies - underneath Tokyo

An entire self-contained ecosystem of fungal Kijimunna exists in the deepest of the city's sewer lines, flourishing in the fertilizer-rich sludge it produces. Hardly anyone on the surface knows it exists, and hardly anyone down below is really aware of the city above them, either, and that's the way they like it. The collective is governed by a few adults, some of the oldest of their kind remaining on Earth. Aside from the occasional attack by some elemental predator still wandering the bones of the world, life is kinda gross, but good.

Hokusai Spring - Okinawa, Japan

Hey, wait a second. Why does Fields keep emphasizing Japan in the locations? Everything's in Japan in this game. Plus, it's not like there's an Okinawa, Virginia for anyone to get confused about. Is there? Maybe another Tokyo, I could see, but still. Whatever, just a stupid little detail that dawned on me as I was typing this out. Moving on.

The rural island of Okinawa is nominally a part of Japan, but possesses its own culture, language, and identity. This makes it the perfect place for the setting to populate with fading fantastic races such as Kitsune, Koropokkuru and Kijimunna. The Hokusai Spring, a natural onsen that's stood for over a hundred years, serves as a gathering place, where the monsters can meet and relax in the company of their own kind, and in their true shapes.

The Spring is also popular with transgender mortals, particularly those whom modern science and conventional medicine have either failed or rejected. Mystical perfumers use the Spring's water to craft Perfection CHange Soap, an ancient alchemical marvel that can reshape one's gender "like a sculptor reimagines clay".


The Tatakama-folk who frequent the onsen, even the evil ones, have acquired a grudging respect for the 'little human changers’. More than one transgendered visitor returns to their home country in a new body, having made a lifelong friend from another realm- changed far more than s/he could of ever imagined. At least the TSTV humans who appear at the onsen’s gates know the liberating value of the shapechanging gifts that all too many of the Tatakama’s creatures are all too jaded with. It’s not worship, not like the old days, but it will do...

Marine Corps Base - Okinawa, Japan


The story’s reported in Stars & Stripes, the US military’s official daily newspaper, and on the local news, but nobody pays attention anymore. Another rape by a US serviceman. Another in a long line of atrocities and violent sins. Just another rape: another school girl or woman from a single’s bar, her body invaded and defiled by some American.

Story time! Way back in 1968, a joint mission between the United States' supernatural task force, Department Seven, and their Japanese counterparts, Chrysanthemum Seven, went into the jungles of North Vietnam to exorcise a fearsome ushi-oni who reveled in the atrocities and genocide taking place there. Answering only to "the Revered Shogun", the oni proved too powerful to kill and too clever to be contained. So what was to be done?

Well, as it happened, the would-be exorcists noticed two facts about the Revered Shogun: first, that it took particular delight in corrupting and destroying American Marines over any other mortal, leading some of the exorcists to theorize it was once a Japanese soldier who died there in the Second World War; and second, that playing its diabolical games left the demon at its weakest and most tractable state. So, a prison was carved beneath Marine Corps Base Okinawa (yeah, that's apparently the whole name of the place). A flaw was built into the prison by design, just enough of a flaw that the demon's corruptive influence could escape over a period of years, working "like moral radon gas" on the soldiers stationed above. Hence, the periodic and seemingly random rape cases: a ploy to keep the Shogun from becoming bored and restless enough to make a concerted effort at breaking its prison and inflicting even greater evils upon the world.

Only a few very highly-placed agents in either Department Seven or Chrysanthemum Seven know of the Revered Shogun, and the number with any conclusive proof of its existence can be counted on one hand. Anyone coming close to the truth is assassinated, but there are still many who suspect some supernatural cause behind the island's troubles. Even the militantly feminist Sisterhood has gradually come to believe that the raped are perhaps not the only victims; here, and here alone, do they give captured sexual predators a single chance at repentance and redemption before putting a bullet through their head.

Mansion Inugami - Shijuku District, Tokyo

Half-forgotten between the skyscrapers of the busiest shopping district on the planet is a tiny, dusty building that's stood practically unchanged since the Edo period (the most recent addition was a flashing neon sign placed in the front window back in 1962). Mansion Inugami is equal parts pet shop and slave market, a place where the ultra-wealthy can purchase a Nekomusume sex-slave or commission a Harem Mage's talents. The true owner is a mystery, but the store is operated by a succession of elder oni, all in the guise of a quiet old Japanese man in a traditional kimono. Service is completely unrestricted; so long as they have the money or the barter to exchange, anyone or anything is welcome. The oni behind the counter will always honor the letter of any agreement, but will frequently and viciously twist its intent given even half a chance. Nothing personal, they say, it's simply tradition... after all, would anyone willing to bargain with an oni expect anything less?

Okiku Furniture - Kyoto, Japan

Up top, just another factory churning out cheap furniture for Japan's office cubicles and micro-apartments. In the basement, behind a peeling yellow door, an ancient Ironclub Oni named Kajaku works his craft, ripping the living souls from dying bodies and trapping them in beds, chairs, or worse things, made from the leather of what was once their flesh. The victims retain just enough of their minds to suffer unendingly in the humiliation of their new forms. There is no way to reverse this process, either, the best that can be done is to put them out of their misery. There's no shortage of business, as Japan's richest and most evil men pay to have their enemies cursed with immobility, and anyone who recognizes Kajaku's agents coming for them will almost invariably commit suicide rather than risk capture.

Studio Sayaka GO! - Aichi, Japan

A small collective of animators and manga artists working out of a converted apartment block, Studio Sayaka GO! is a moderately successful but unremarkable producer of hentai , cashing in on whatever anime-culture fad is in vogue this month for a quick yen. It's also one of the last great surviving "magical schools", where the senior artists will teach the art of the Harem Mage to anyone with the talent to learn and the patience to spend a few years doing tedious fill-in art first. They keep mostly to themselves, but when roused into action (usually by some favor they need from Black Tokyo's occult community), they always distinguish themselves with their contributions, and are credited with saving the world no less than twice.

Tokyo Bureau of Mythological Sanitation

The TBMS is a recent addition to Japan's national budget. Its mission is the humane disposition of Tokyo's wide assortment of supernatural pests, in particular the semi-feral packs of abandoned Nekomusume who prowl the streets at night. The problem with this is that the pay is meager, respect is non-existent, and the only weapons they're given are tranq-guns which have little to no effect on any of the far more numerous and far more formidable threats hunting the same easy prey, nor the occasional Sisterhood mage working to prevent the felinoid's gradual genocide. So the bureau ends up with only two types of employees: sexual sadists who sign on for a steady and legal supply of victims, and those who have reached the end of their rope, and thus lack the energy or the compassion to do anything more than clock in, clock out, and check the Help Wanted ads for any other way to keep body and soul together.

That's it for Chastity and Depravity . Next time: one final entry which, if not peak Fields, is undoubtedly peak Black Tokyo . I can't wait!