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Unlike my previous attempts at doing a F&F, I've completed this one before posting.

So join me in exploring the...


Eveningstar was one of the first modules I ever bought, but I never ran it. This is probably why I still have friends and am allowed to run games. Written for AD&D 2e, The Haunted Halls are a sort of beginner dungeon set near the painfully twee village of Eveningstar in Cormyr in the Forgotten Realms. The cover declares that the module is suitable for characters level 1-5.

The Halls were created by dwarves working on commission from a long dead bandit lord, Rivior. They're rumoured to be full of monsters and treasures, and literally act as a MMO style beginner dungeon - the book states that at least one party of newly fledged adventurers turns up each summer to try their luck in the halls. The monsters in the halls don't actively threaten the village, they're just there.

The book has a description of the village, which has 400 residents and an awful lot of shops and taverns for the size, though that is partially explained by being on a major caravan route. The village is ruled by Lord Tessaril Winter, a human Fighter/MU who used to adventure under the guise of Tessar the mage. As her Fighter level is less than her Wizard level, every time she uses a wizard spell, she would gain no experience - she's basically retired two fighter levels too early. She also has a magic healing helm that exists as a way for the GM to provide healing to the party if they come back with dead members or suffering from Green Slime or Mummy related issues.

There are a few other NPCs detailed, including two low level wizards (one of them hiding their abilities for no known reason), some fighters, the Priests of the temple, and a Zhentarim agent. All these people are very boring.

Tessaril's stat block lends credence to the idea that the halls are maintained as a starter dungeon; I think she'd be able to storm through them solo with no issues. If she does get into problems, she can summon up some Cormyran war wizards to blast things.

There are also a couple of non-hall areas of interest, though one, despite having quite good treasure for the taking has no clues that there's treasure there, and the other is a trap-filled, treasure-less fuck you to curious players.

The only mildly interesting feature in Eveningstar are the winged cats, which have human level intelligence and can be persuaded to become wizard familiars.

We're going to be exploring the dungeon with the following level one party. They've got no thief and no automatic secret door detection, the latter of which is more of a problem than the former, as the map is riddled with secret doors. Fortunately most of them hide empty rooms. Secret doors hiding empty rooms. WTF, Haunted Halls?

Aiden Skullshirt - Human Fighter
Bhed the Blue - Human Paladin
Magonna Silverkin - Human Conjurer (+2 dogs)
Janie Greensleeves - Human Druid (+3 dogs)
Quota Greensleeves - Half-elf Cleric/Fighter

As well as standard equipment, Mags and Janie have a total of 5 war dogs between them.

The Mythic Game Master Emulator was used to provide some randomness to the party's decisions.

Village and journey to the halls

Having heard of the treasure in the halls, the party arrives in the village. They pay for a week's lodging at one of the two inns, then go to mingle and discover what they can about the area and the halls. Shrugging off comments about 'Adventurer season starting early', they spread a bit of money around at the tavern buying rounds for the locals.

A 9 is rolled on the reaction table, which would normally be Indifferent, but they're buying the drinks, and it's early in the season - they're not yet sick of wanna-be adventurers this year, so a -2 bonus ups the reaction to Friendly. The party learns both that the obvious ruined Fort is not the halls and about the hut of Old Meg, a long dead village witch.

Hearing about the visitor, Tessaril visits the tavern, ostensibly to socialise with her people, but actually to give them the magical third degree. Finding no more than the usual adventurer's desire for riches and excitement, the party is allowed to continue their evening in peace.

The next day, the group stops by the hardware store to pick up some light - a hooded lantern and a few flasks of oil. Fully equipped, they head off on the path towards the Halls, intending to stop and have a poke around the ruins of the witches hut enroute.

They spend some time examining the charred flagstones and tapping at them with, eventually finding the hidden compartment which contains some coins and Old Meg's spell book.

The game leaves the contents of the spellbook to the GM, and doesn't say what level Meg was, so I decide she was a level 5 necromancer.

Level 1 - chill touch, detect undead , feather fall , message, wall of fog, wizard mark
Level 2 - detect evil (r) , levitate , Melf's acid arrow , shatter , spectral hand, strength
Level 3 - fly [P 149], hold undead , protection from evil 10' (r), vampiric touch

Changes I'd make in a real game
Have the notes in the spellbook mention the tomb in Pillar Rock (see below) in some capacity, to let the characters know it's there and spark something else for them to explore.

Packing the book away for later study, the group continue on, ignoring the overgrown path to the left (which leads to the undescribed 'Pillar Rock' below which there is an old tomb.) GG adventure, spend time describing the village dump, but not a location that the party might actually be interested in.

The party travel safely up the Starwater gorge, undisturbed by wandering monsters.

Finally they arrive at the area of the gorge and spot the fissures in the western wall that lead towards the halls and an owlbear lair. Investigating the first of these, Janie recognises the scent of owlbear and warns the party against continuing. Aiden goes "Fuck that, are you chicken or something?" and continues in. The party look at each other and hang back, waiting for the screams.

Aiden advances into the caves, alert for any trouble, which means he's unsurprised as an owlbear attacks him from the south branch of the caves.

At the mouth of the caves, the rest of the party sees the furred and feathered shape rush forwards to attack Aiden, as a loud, bass HOOT reverberates through the cave.

Vs Owlbear

Round 1
Aiden and the party win initiative; Aiden swings, but misses.

Bhed charges and swings, dealing 7 damage, Quota charges, swings and misses. The unleashed dogs deal a total of 12 damage. Janie and Magonna both loiter at the back and send sling stones in the general direction of the owlbear. Aiden's second attack hits and does 9 damage,

Total party damage to the owlbear is 25 points, and it still has 13 points. Normally a creature that's taken so much damage would have to make a morale check, but the module declares that the owlbear fights to the death, so it attacks Aiden, dealing glancing blows with both claws, but missing with the beak.

Round 2
Party goes first again. Dogs are MVP as everyone except them misses. Owlbear on 3 HP after dog attack.

The Owlbear lashes out wildly at the dogs, wounding, but not killing two of them.

Round 3
The owlbear grabs one of the hounds between its two paws and starts squeezing it, whilst managing to peck at a second one.

Aiden's second attack hits and kills the owlbear before it can seriously injure the dog.

"See? Nothing to worry about," crows Aiden, ignoring the blood running down his arm. Janie and Mags are more concerned about their dogs than the fighter's victory dance. Meanwhile Quota has a search of the caves and finds an old sack with 71gp in it.

Next, the party enters the halls proper, and you can be amazed at the terrible map.


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It's time to continue our journey into the Magical Realm of the

Last time, the party of first level muppets made it to the entrance of the halls.

This time, they get to explore. Have a look at the map.

The Halls
Let's talk about the map. There are a lot of unnumbered, hence undescribed rooms. Even worse, a lot of these are behind secret doors, implying that they should be interesting, but they're left for the GM to populate, whether by hand or by using the little dungeon dressing table provided. Either way, this is rather unsatisfying. This sort of half-populated dungeon has been done before (B1 iirc) but in that case it's called out as an intentional feature; in this case it feels more like laziness. They could have spent a bit less time wanking over how awesome Lord Winter is and how lovely the village and surrounding area is, and a bit more on the reason the adventurers are here in the first place.

Entry doors
The entrance to the halls are a pair of stout, magically preserved, oak doors. They're latched, but not locked. The party opens them and moves onwards into the Forechamber

This large, rectangular room contains a pile of weapons in the centre of the room, and a shallow puddle of water in the northeast corner.

There's a passageway leading west, blocked by a set of metal gates.

Aiden pokes at the pile of weapons, triggering a Magic Mouth spell which appears on one of the shields and says, "Beware! These were carried in by those who will never carry them out again!"

Investigating the gates, Janie discovers that they're rusted shut, and there's a crossbow mounted on a tripod beyond them.

There are also a pair of secret doors in this room that offer options to progress into the Halls if the party can't force the gates.

Aiden and Janie try to force the gates; combined they have a 11% chance; surprisingly, they just about make it. They're then pleased to not be shot by the obvious crossbow trap, as it�s totally decayed. A detail that'll make no sense later on in the dungeon.

Behind the door is a tunnel leading west, with corridors going off to the north and south. The Western corridor leads to area 8, the Welcoming Trap, which is the main entrance to the halls and the room depicted on the cover of the module.

The group decide to look at the side tunnels first before heading towards the big obvious doors and statues. On their way to the Guard Quarters they discover a tunnel leading SE, which brings them to a blank wall. A bit of searching later they find the secret door leading back into the Forechamber.

There's little to find in the Guard quarters at area 4. Smashed and mouldy furniture, a shattered and petrified goblin, and a tunnel leading to the privy. They're in awe at the idea that a caster was prepared to waste Flesh to Stone on a goblin, though Mags ruins the mood by suggesting it might have been done by a medusa. They trot on to look at area 5, the Privy.

There's a sword +1/+4 hidden in the rocks behind the privy, but no clue that the characters should go digging through rubble. If I was running it, I'd either have a partially buried body visible, or the scabbard itself. As it is, the party don't go through the rubble, and don't get ambushed by the Huge Spider which is lurking over the privy. Which, in retrospect is probably a good thing.

The party return to the crossroads and takes the northern corridor, again discovering a tunnel and secret door back to the Forechamber. Area 6 is also Guard Quarters. Very different from the first one in that it's totally empty; not a fragment of furniture remains. The doors in the north and western walls are closed.

The group, being low level idiots don't think this is at all suss, and trot in. As Quota enters the room, the Green Slime on the ceiling drops onto Aiden, Bhed, and him.

Green slime is a fuck you monster, and has unclear rules. It has a ThAC0 of 19, but no attacks except for the initial drop. I decided to give potential targets a Save vs. Breath attack first; if they fail that, they're covered by the slime, in which case the attack roll is used to see if it hits flesh, or just their armour.

Bhed leaps totally clear as the slime falls, whilst Aiden and Quota aren't so lucky. Luckily it doesn't touch Aiden's skin and he's able to strip out of his outer layer of clothes before they're consumed. It does leave him half-naked and bereft of all weapons apart from his dagger.

Quota however actually gets hit by the slime, and now has one round to try and remove it before the damage is irreversible and he's converted into slime himself in another two rounds.

There's no rules for adjudicating this; obviously not all the slime fell on Quota, so it would be unfair to ask them to do the full 14 points of damage to the slime. The room description says that the ceiling is completely covered, and there's 6 squares in the room, so let's say they need to do 3 points of damage to it. Scrapping the slime off does no damage to Quota, but will ruin the dagger, whilst burning or freezing it will do half damage to both.

Green slime is one of the fuck you monsters of D&D, hearkening back to the early days where pixel-bitching was the norm. It's also the sort of thing that's only going to catch a group out once, maybe twice, because you know that after an encounter like that they'll always be checking the ceiling from now on.

What makes green slime especially harsh here is that the characters are unlikely to have any way of dealing with the slime themselves at this point. There is an Elixir of health in the next room, but it's hidden behind one of this module's new monsters (the lock lurker, which is a nasty little creature with a paralysing sting.)

The party dithers on which technique to use until Aiden draws his dagger and starts scraping the slime off, managing to clear Quota before the damage is permanent. All of quota's equipment is ruined. Leaving the rest to burn out the rest of the slime they go to the pile of weapons. Aiden picks up one of the longswords, the dagger, and the shield, but there's nothing that Quota's cleric vows will allow him to wield. Mags gives Quota her staff.

The group decide that there's no point returning to town as they can't afford to replace anyone's armour and gear just yet.

The Northern door opens into what was clearly a privy. The short corridor leads to an evil smelling hole above which is a single seater wooden seat. On the wall above the seat is what looks like a hand-sized cobweb.

Not sure it makes sense that the privies still smell as the place has been abandoned for decades.

Aiden climbs up to investigate the cobweb, at which point the seat of the privy collapses, dropping him into a hole of unspecified depth.

Let's say its 10'. There's no save to avoid this - the only hope is that the characters think to check that the seat is in bad condition and specify that they're standing on the stone surround rather than the seat. There's a lightning trap coming up that allows a roll under Dex to avoid damage. Despite lightning being far harder to avoid than a collapsing loo seat.

The walls of the pit are rough, and Aiden is able to climb up with relative ease.

The 'cobweb' turns out to be some arts and crafts - a handmade mesh hiding a small square block with a finger hole in it. Aiden is just about to stick his finger in, when he has a sudden attack of caution, and sticks a dagger in again. There's a slight impact, and a metallic scrapping noise. Repeated insertions of the dagger cause the same result.

Having nothing in their equipment to make it easy to open the block, the party move on, making a note to come back later, and open the western door into area 24, the Ambush Elbow.

Janie thinks its strange that there's so many cobwebs and other rubbish here compared to the rest of the corridors they've seen so far, but Aiden poo-poos her and goes forward. At which point, just before the corridor jinks south, there's a tension under his feet, the sound of three crossbows being fired, and three bolts ricochet around the corner.

The bolts fire with ThAC0 15 at anyone around the corner. Aiden gets hit by one for 5 hp, whilst Bhed gets hit by 2, and Quota ducks out of the way In time. Everyone lives (just in Aiden's case), and Quota casts Cure Light Wounds, bringing him back to 4hp.

"Could we perhaps be a bit more careful?" says Mags as she watches the divine first aid in progress.

The corridor ends in a door to the west. Just in front of it, the trap is visible - a jury rigged contraption of three heavy crossbows mounted on a tripod. Aiden kicks it over in revenge.

Unknown to the party there's also a secret door in the northern wall of the corridor, just before it jinks to the south. This door also has trip wires across it, which would trigger the trap.

Bhed has moved into the lead of the party, and opens the door of the room, revealing 8 kobolds, who are not surprised. Fortunately, neither are the party. Weapons are drawn, and a fray commences in area 21 the Kobold Guardroom.

There's not enough space for everyone to get into the room and fight - the front line and dogs would be it. Two other people can fire projectiles in.

The fight ends with dead kobolds, Aiden having been dropped to 0hp, but cured up by Janie. I'm using one of the optional rules that has death occur at -10 rather than 0

The room contains many weapons, overlooks areas 19 and 20, and has an obvious door to the east, and a secret one to the north. The kobold's hand crossbows are too small to be comfortable used by a human, but Quota is able to find a flail and shield from the weapons in the room.

The party have a quick look around the room, sticking their heads into area 22, the Ready Room, now a midden and kobold junk heap. They don't poke around in the filth for treasure. There isn't any. Nor do they manage to find the secret door to the north, but they don't spend a lot of time searching.

They do manage to find some things in the watchpost that they think they can use to safely pry the block out of the wall in the privy.

Return to the privy

Bhed volunteers to look at the block and is able to pull it away, revealing a foot deep cavity that contains a large, flat, copper coin, and beyond it some vials. Not seeing any visible traps, he pokes the coin with a knife, and is almost struck when a sting-bearing tail materialises and lashes out, the tip scrapping harmlessly against Bhed's gauntlet.

Bhed stabs at it and misses. The Lock Lurker hunkers down, threatening to attack anyone else who tries to get at the vials behind it. Deciding that his armour should protect him, Bhed just reaches past it to grab the vials.

He's not so lucky this time - as he grabs the vials and starts to withdraw his hand the lurker strikes, dealing 8 points of damage (putting him down to 0) and paralyzing the paladin. The party see him go rigid.

Aiden and Quota are able to pull him away from the wall, and manage to prise his hand away from the vial he'd grabbed. Mags opens and sniffs it, declaring it's a potion of healing. The party pour the potion down Bhed's throat, managing not to drown him in the process. He's no longer dying, but will still be paralyzed for 5 hours.

Aiden takes Bhed's gauntlet and a dagger, and goes to deal with what's now been termed a Murdercoin. No one tries to stop him.

Unfortunately, he's not faster than the lock lurker, and it does enough damage to drop him. Adding insult to injury, he too fails his save. With Bhed paralyzed, there's nothing the party can do to save him, and the fighter dies.

Once Bhed is moving again, they explain the situation to him and decide to head back to town.

This also allows Aiden's player a chance to make a new character; his player comes up with Belle Rainbreaker, another Human fighter, this time CG rather than CN. Smarter than Aiden, but with an awful Wisdom score.

The party spend their meagre loot (71gp) and some of their initial cash on a new suit of Chain for Quota.

The next day they return to the Halls, prepared to breach the Welcome Trap.

As the party have been away for a few days, the kobolds have had a chance to get their shit together again. They haven't been able to construct more traps, but have manned the guard post again, and there's a group patrolling the dungeon. If encountered, the patrolling kobolds will engage the party then try to lure them into the kill zone of the guard post.

They've also barricaded the doors leading into the guard post and room 32, which has a shaft that leads into their stronghold above the halls.

This part about the dungeon changing between visits isn't in the module, it's just something that makes sense

Current score
RIP 1 Fighter
RIP Quota's equipment


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Another day, another glimpse into the

Before we begin here are the page counts for the various sections of the module.

Of the 32 numbered pages

1 Contents and credits
2 Introduction, and an explanation of the notation used for NPC and monster stat blocks.
3-6 Buccollic verbiage
7-9 Isn't Tessarril Winter just the best? Even if she uses ESP and Claivoyance to keep the peace like some sort of fantasy panopticon.
10-11 More buccollic verbiage
12-14 Don't bother fighting the law, the law'll win
15-28 Actual dungeon - 14 pages
29 Suggestions for future plots and adventures
30 Phat lewt
31-32 Murdercoin and Winged kitty

The map, dungeon dressing table, and maps of a couple of buildings are printed on the inside of the cover.

Compared to B10 - King's Festival, a starter adventure for Basic D&D

- 8 pages of GM advice to do with running the game and advice on various rules and what to do in situations like characters dying, and how to adjudicate people trying things that aren't in the rules.
- 1 page of setting information about Karameikos for the GM
- 1 page about system notation, treasure, and a way to help characters after their first retreat to town - there's a 2nd level cleric passing through who'll sell them a scroll of CLW
- 1 page of introduction to the adventure - village priest gets kidnappped
- 8 pages of useful things - player's rule reference, pregenerated characters, graph paper, and a half page primer about the world, blank character sheet, and adventure tracking sheet + a handout.
- 10 and a half pages of adventure, which includes 31 described areas - just one less than Eveningstar
- Half a page of new monsters
- 1 page tracking sheet for the GM

Same page count, fewer pages on the adventure, but everything that isn't adventure is useful for the newbie GM and players.

All in, a much more useful and better product. Published three years before Eveningstar.


Anyway, back to our hapless adventurers as they prepare to breach

The Welcome Trap
This is the room depicted on the cover of the module.

Walking into the room, the party sees a set of large bronze doors, flanked by a pair of large bronze statues depicting a man and woman in archaic plate armour. They have one hand on the hilt of their swords, and the other outstretched towards the door. There's writing on the floor at the base of the statue on the right hand statue, and a metallic smell in the air.

Advancing cautiously, Mags reaches the writing and sees that it's made of scattered ash. It reads BEW, and has a glyph of a triangle with a lightning bolt descending through it.

Touching the doors, walking between the statues, or worst, touching the statues kicks off a repeating lightning bolt trap. There is no way to disable this thing. Oddly, it uses a Dex roll to avoid damage rather than a Spell save; for many characters this will be an advantage. Everything involved in the trap radiates magic, but at this level most parties won't have Detect magic available on tap.

There are two routes into the dungeon that avoid this trap; one, a secret door in the same room, and the other is at the Ambush Elbow corridor. Looking around the room, Quota totally misses both the secret doors, and no-one makes an active search of the room.

It's Janie who has enough of the cautious tapping and walks towards the doors. As she steps between the statues, there's an ominous click, and lightning blasts between the two statues. She doesn't leap out of the way in time, and is nearly killed by the resulting blast.

The trap is unclear - it says that touching the doors also causes a blast, but the behaviour of the trap also changes once the statues have been activated, releasing a bolt of energy if a 1 or 6 is rolled, which is checked each round on a 1d6.

After watching the lightning bolts arc around the room for a bit, Belle dashes across the room, pulls the doors open and rolls out of the way of the ensuring lightning bolt.

Everyone gets across safely, most not even having to dodge a bolt, but poor Janie is almost zapped again, only just rolling out of the way. Quota uses Cure Light Wounds to heal his sister back to full.

The party are in a corridor leading westwards with another corridor branching off to the south and two doors on the southern wall.

The group decide to go south first. 50' down the corridor there's a pair of close set doors on the western wall. They open them and find a crude barricade of rubble and other rubbish on the other side.

They poke at it a bit, but after no monsters leap out, start clearing it enough to get through and investigate the room beyond. This is area 32, the Cellar.

This rough-hewn room slopes downwards. There are human bones scattered on the floor, and a brass-bound wooden chest. Finding that the chest is locked, the party decide not to smash it, instead carrying it out of the room into the corridor for later retrieval.

If the party had opened the chest and survived the sleeping gas trap (not deadly itself, but it knocks out people who fail their save for 2d6 turns, during which wandering monster checks continue), they would have found 12k worth of emerald and gold jewellery and 225 stray gp.

As they've started looking at the ceilings, they also notice the section of the ceiling with an X chalked on to it. They investigate, flipping it open, and discovering the shaft leading upwards. There's a rope dangling out of the shaft and the party start discussing if they should try to climb it.

Belle gives it a sharp tug to test its strength and curses as the rope snaps and falls into the room. "Good thing we didn't climb it then." she says before sauntering out of the room and continuing on to the southern corridor, and into The Worst Room or as the module would have it, Area 31, The many-pillared hall

The party continue south from the Cellar, and enter The many-pillared hall, a huge room running NE to SW, with a lot of pillars, and rubble that has fallen from the ceilings. There is a lone door in the NW wall, and three in the SE one. There are corridors to the east and west at the northern end of the hall. At the southern end of the room, there's an open wall to the south, and the hall extends to the west, with another door in what's now the northern door.

The party first check the corridors at the northern end; the one to the west leads to a small, undetailed room, whilst the one to the east leads to a long series of undetailed rooms and secret doors. The party sadly fail to notice any secret doors, and thus the one detailed room in the area - 30, Battle Chamber.

Returning to the Many Pillared Hall they start to investigate the doors.

The NW door is quickly discovered to be false, with a handy magic mouth that manifests to declare that "The way is blocked"

Guess it's an attempt to stop the players spending hours poking at a door that goes nowhere, but I reckon there's an evens chance that it just inspires them to greater acts of bloody-mindedness.

Belle goes to check the first door on the SE wall. The floor beneath her immediately blinks away and drops her 40' into a pit, then blinks back after 20 seconds. The party doesn't have to worry about getting her out, because the 19 points of damage from the fall killed her.

Between the fall, the nature of the trap, and the expected level of the characters taking part in the adventure this is a potential death sentence for at least one character, as there's no alternate way out of the pit. Options for a character in the pit would be that they're a wizard and know spider climb, are a thief, or have the Potion of Climbing found elsewhere in the dungeon. If the party has a level 3 wizard, levitate becomes an option, and it can be cast on a target at greater than touch range, so can be used to rescue someone out of the pit. All these options depend on someone else being able to trigger the trap again without falling in themselves.

Priests can't get anyone out of the pit, but their level 1 spell Detect Snares & Pits, or the 2nd level Find Traps may have stopped anyone getting hit in the first place. But that would have required them to have it memorised and already running before someone got near the door.

A fairer GM would have allowed the character a save; spell or breath weapon seem the most applicable. Sadly Belle fails and still falls. Her player says something along the lines of "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Belle's player starts making their new character, declaring that they want to be a Thief, and making Brian Rainbreaker, Belle's younger brother, who just happened to be trailing the party and arrives just after they've determined that Belle didn't survive the fall.

The party looks at the other doors and decides that they don't want to take more chances at this point. This is a good move, because the centre door is another bullshit trap.

The centre door opens into a short and empty corridor. At which point a stone block falls from the ceiling dealing 6d6 damage (or 2d6 on a rolling hit) and teleporting any metal stuff the character has to the start room that had the big pile of weapons at the entrance of the hall.

This trap is also ridiculous. Part of the wording - talking about a rolling hit - implies that there should be a save; Breath attack seems the most appropriate given the size of the block (15' square), or you could argue for Spell too as the catchall save). The next bit of its description is that any metal touched by the block vanishes instantly, without harm to those holding or wearing it. Without harm except for the giant block of stone that's just landed on you? Or do they mean if you try to move it so that you can scrape the remains of Bob the wizard out from underneath it?

Another shitty trap with no warning signs and that's probably a death sentence for a low level character. Also, who rearms the fucking thing? Or does the block get magiced back up and an arcane roomba cleans up the blood and remains? There's no gelatinous cubes in the dungeon, so it's not that.

Third door would manifest a friendly ghost when touched. Yay! She's a spirit called Ruuthreene and knows a lot about the stonelands; her suggested use it to drop hits for future quests to the party. There's no other information about why she's here, what she wants, or what she actually is.

This is a terrible room, and one of the first the characters may encounter in the dungeon. None of the traps have any warning signs, as written there's no saves against them, and there's no treasure as a compensation prize either. Because of the way the traps activate (a person standing in front of the door), things like the trusty 10' pole won't help. I'd probably allow a save vs. Wands for the pit trap, and a save vs. Breath Weapon for the second one.

Theoretically the ghost/spirit at Door three could warn the party about the traps, but it's also likely to be the last door they encounter. Unless they can be bothered with the area of undetailed rooms and secret doors to the east and south of the Many pillared hall.

Discovering that all the paths out of the hall lead nowhere, the group return to the corridor behind the Welcome Trap and start checking the doors on the south of the corridor.

The door to area 10 has faint dark stains in front of it. Even the dimmest members of the party work out that these are bloodstains and that standing directly in front of the door when they open it is a bad idea. Determined to prove his usefulness, Brian checks for traps, but doesn't find anything. The group decides to open the door, but from the side. Their caution is rewarded when a spear is launched out of the corridor wall and impacts against the partially open door.

At least there was a warning about this trap, and it probably wouldn't be instant death. The spear does 2-6 damage (1d6, rerolling a 1), and only fires once. The text calls out that something keeps resetting it, without going into any more detail, which is yet another copout on the part of the author.

The trap protects nothing except disappointment. This was once a Treasury, but has been long since looted by previous visitors to the Halls.

Another bad room. There's nothing to be found here, even if the group does search (this party didn't bother), but given the amount of stuff that's hidden behind secret doors, the adventure really should teach the players to be searching for secret doors etc. by giving them a reward the first time or two that they try.

Annoyed by the waste of time, the party return to the corridor and prepare to look at the next door.

Just before they reach it, they hear the sound of a small group of humanoids ahead. The nine kobolds are in room 12 the Throne room. They've noticed the party too, and take up position beside the entry tunnel. They're in range of a sleep spell. The party is in range of their hand crossbows. It'll come down to initiative.

"Shield wall, now!" yells Bhed just as the kobolds fire. Quota and Janie hastily bring their shields up too.

Both Quota and Janie are hit by bolts. They survive, but are going to be out for 7 hours. On the bright side, Mags casts her spell uninterrupted, putting 7HD of creatures within 30 yards of her target asleep.

Four and a half HD are used on the kobolds. The party is in range for the remain 2 full HD. Bhed and Brian are hit and go down, leaving Mags standing and looking a little sheepish. She wakes up the two of them, and they advance into the entrance to the throne room to finish off the kobolds.

The poisoned members of the party are then dragged into Room 10 to wait out the poison. Bhed, Brian, and Mags play cards and nap, whilst the dogs stay alert.

Five hours of waiting in there's a random encounter rolled. We'll first use the dungeon dressing table, and if the result is unsuitable for a random encounter, move onto a wandering monster list.

Whilst resting the party are disturbed by the sound of music from the corridor outside the room. Brian sticks his head out and reports a ghostly glow in the distance from which the music is emanating.

The party decide to sit tight and hope it goes away, which it eventually does. This is actually a neatish entry on the dungeon dressing table; a set of normal musical instruments that have been enchanted by the Ghost Pipes spell. Who cast the spell? Who knows! Who cares! Not the module author, that's for certain.

In a fit of generosity the GM allows Mags to rememorize the sleep spell whilst they wait out the poison.

With everyone awake and no further attacks, the party go to look at the next door along the corridor. Brian confidently declares that there's no traps, and as the party believes him, it's a good thing that he's right.

They push open the door to room 12, the Guest Bedchamber. This room is empty except for a half-collapsed canopy bed made out of a dark wood. Two of its legs are broken, causing it to slope downwards and reveal a lighter patch in the wall behind the headboard.

Mags goes to look at it and discovers a small niche which contains a trio of worn, unreadable diaries, and two sealed vials filled with liquid. Mags sips them both, discovering one to be a Potion of Climbing, and the other to be Water. Quota says that it has to be holy water, otherwise why store it, and asks to keep it. Mags agrees.

For once the party decides to do a thorough search of the room, and discover, hidden by illusion magic, a hidden compartment in the floor. Inside is a small cloth bag with a human hand on top. As he reaches for the bag, Brian is surprised by the mummified hand animating, springing up, and grabbing him around the throat. He falls to the ground grasping at it for a few seconds before falling still.

Brian took 6 points of damage. His player is getting annoyed and wondering if the GM has something against him.

Bhed tries to remove the claw, but can't break its grip. Quota tries to turn it, but has no effect. Janie and Mags aren't really sure what they can do in this situation so just stand ready in case the claw goes for either of them next. The claw releases Brian, and launches itself at Bhed, dealing a 4hp punch.

Staggered but standing, the Paladin throws the claw to the floor and skewers it with his sword. He then proceeds to Lay on Hands on Brian, restoring him to 2 hp.

Apart from the pixel bitching of finding the hidden safe, this room is okay. It's both a concealed floor safe and hidden with illusion magic. Perhaps the diaries could be slightly less un-readable and have a mention of the safe and the contents. I didn't really play D&D until 2nd edition, and then I was mostly running, so for anyone who did play back in early 2e/the tail end of 1e, was this level of pixel bitching considered normal?

The bag contains an Obsidian necklace, worth 160gp.

RIP Aiden
RIP Belle
RIP Quota's equipment


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Another day, and the journey into the


Last time the party mostly survived The Worst Room, and managed to get some treasure that was guarded by a crawling claw. Now, into the Throne Room

High ceilinged room, smashed hardwood doors depicting armoured men fighting various monsters. Large black table just to the right of the door. Despite having been hacked apart by a previous adventuring party, a large rune still glows softly on the remains of its surface.

At the far end of the room is a high-backed throne atop a triangular, three stepped dias, Under the throne are the remains of a smashed treasure chest.

Finally, in the centre of the south wall is a large painting, showing ancient men and elves fighting. The painting is animated.

This is a magical Myth Drannan painting, and can be sold for as much as a small keep or 4 resurrection spells. Most magic won't affect it, but Dispel magic will cause it to start bleeding actual blood for 1d4 turns (10-40 minutes), and a second Dispel magic in that time will explode the painting.

Mags and Janie's secondary skills as a mason and a painter respectively allow them to both appraise the painting and work out a way to safely remove it given the appropriate tools and time. Bhed, with his teamster training says that it wouldn't be a problem to transport on a cart. The party starts discussing how they'd spend the money.

But for now there's a dungeon to finish exploring. They look at the smashed table and decide that that's all it is - a smashed, once-magic, table. Quota goes to look at the throne and the small chest under it. At which point the mimic (for that is what the chest and part of the throne are) attacks him. Quota isn't surprised, but the mimic goes first, hitting him and dealing enough damage to drop him.

Realising that it’s outnumbered and possibly surrounded, the mimic decides to speak out, "Heh. Whoops. Instinctive reaction. No harm, no foul right? I mean, you can fix the harm right?" It dissolves the glue that's currently sticking Quota's soon to be corpse to it.

The party actually takes the opportunity offered, dragging Quota away. Unfortunately, they're out of healing, Janie having memorised other spells, and Bhed having used his lay on hands ability earlier to save Brian.

There are some healing potions in the dungeon, behind the lock lurker in the northern privy, but the party only got one of those, and it's already been used.

Janie waves good bye to her share of the payout from the painting, stands up and turns on the mimic, commanding her dogs to attack. "I'll give you instinctive reaction!"

After a couple of rounds of combat, the nearly dead mimic fails a morale check...

For its action, the mimic is going to plead. "Hey, hey! I'm sure it's fixable! I know where there's loads of loot! You'll be able to pay to bring him back, right? That's something you humans do."

The party, including Janie, back off to listen.

"Right, so, take the south door, ignore the bones, then there's a secret door in the south wall. Through there is a tomb, with a dead guy, and he's got a necklace of massive rubies."

The party disagree on whether to investigate, eventually deciding to have a look and run away if anything looks super dodgy. Janie takes the holy water from Quota's belongings, and the party follows the mimic's directions. Quota's player starts rolling up a new character just in case they don't manage to get the loot together.

The module specifically calls out the mimic as being prepared to talk to the party and tell them things about the dungeon. But who the hell talks to mimics, especially ones that are hidden at the start?

Directly the through southern door is room 13 - Audience Chamber. The entire room is filled with piles of ash, and looks like a fireball detonated in it. In the centre of the room is a charred human skeleton tangled around a stone warhammer. During their search for the secret door, Janie finds a copper ring engraved with a lightning bolt engraved on it. This is a ring of shocking grasp.

The secret door, when found, opens on to a steep set of slimy stairs that head downwards. The party start advancing cautiously, with Brian checking for traps as they go. This doesn't stop them from having to make dexterity checks to avoid slipping. Both Brian and Janie fail, Brian taking one point of damage. Janie avoids damage, but does break the vial of holy water.

Falling arse over tit isn't the final indignity that these stairs have to offer. Once someone has fallen, they have a 25% chance of falling all the way to the bottom and having to make a dexterity check to avoid being impaled on some rusty swords that have been set into the door there. Brian goes sliding down the stairs, but manages to avoid being impaled, which is good as he's down to 1 hp.

In case the party manages not to slip on the stairs due to the slime, there's one step that's set at a funny height, which they have to make an intelligence check to avoid if they're in a hurry or the light is poor. If the check is failed, that character gets to go through the falling down process.
Bhed fails, takes a point of damage, but doesn't fall down the rest of the stairs.

Finally, if the trip step (or the one below it) is stepped on, a Stirge that was in stasis in the ceiling is released. It attacks the party.

WTF, stairs. Why bother with all the elaborate nonsense when your goal is clearly to have the party in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, being attacked by a stirge? One simple trap that turns the stairs into a slide would have been enough.

Anyway, Stirge (AC 8; MV 3, Fl 18 (C); HD 1 + 1; hp 9; #AT 1; Dmg 1-3; SA blood drain (1-4 dmg per round after strike until 12 hp are drained or stirge is killed); ML 8; AL N; THAC0 17) attacks.

Party goes first and manage to kill the stirge before it manages to latch on to anyone.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, the party discovers that the door is locked, and barred on the stair side. The party unbar the door, and Brian steps forwards to pick the lock. Failing miserably.

Fortunately this door does not state that it can't be broken down (though it is noted that the key is lost)

Bhed and Brian decide to work together to smash the door open, which gives them a 11/20 chance of opening it - 7 from one of them, and the second one adds half their chance to open it. Unlike picking locks, this is something that can be attempted several times, but gets harder each attempt. Fortunately for the party, they succeed on the first attempt and go tumbling through into the Crypt proper.

Inside the crypt are two closed stone coffins, one which has been pushed open from the inside. Its former inhabitant, a skeleton, lurks in the corner of the room.

The skeleton has totally normal attributes except that it can't be turned and regenerates 3hp a around which ceases when it's destroyed. The only potential complication is that its ThAC0 is 12 rather than 19. All in a pointless monster with a stupid gimmick, as the worst that happens is the Cleric wastes a round trying to turn it.

No-one is surprised, and the party goes first, with Bhed and Janie destroying it before even the dogs get a look in.

The skeleton's coffin is empty, and so the party turn their attention to the other two, starting with the centre one, which contains a human skeleton, buried with a tome bound in black leather.

It's a tome of stealthy pilfering, which will allow a Thief character an automatic level up after a month of study. Not particularly valuable to a low level character, but a nice thing to have saved for later on in the campaign. If a Paladin, Ranger, or Priest, tries to read the book they take 5d4 damage, and possibly have had to atone if a spell save was failed. That's a bit of a serious gotcha for a low level party; I'd maybe give some clues to the book's nature, or have it closed with a particularly complex lock (that automatically opens for thieves).

Unfortunately for the party, I'm running this by the book, and Bhed is the first person to pick up the book, and he has a look inside, taking 16 points of damage, which instantly drops him to -11 and instantly dead, his mind apparently liquefied by the terrible secrets within.

Mags picks up the book and carefully packs it away.

At this point the players go "fuck it" and push open the last coffin, revealing, as described by the mimic, a dead guy with a necklace of massive rubies.

Next - Dead guy with necklace of massive rubies...


RIP Aiden (lock lurker)
RIP Belle (trap)
RIP Quota (mimic)
RIP Bhed (treasure)
RIP Quota's equipment (green slime)
RIP Holy water (Pratfall stairs)


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It's time for a final jaunt into the

As a recap, the party are now down to three members - Mags the conjurer, Brian the thief, Janie the druid. Also, 5 dogs. They have just braved the Pratfall stairs, watched Bhed the Paladin's brains leak out after trying to read, and are now staring at a Dead guy with a necklace of giant rubies as described by the mimic in the Throne Room

Brian reaches for the necklace, at which point the bandage wrapped corpse starts to sit up.

Yes, it's a Mummy, which means our hapless party immediately has to save vs. spell or be rooted in fear for 1-4 rounds each. Fortunately being human they get a +4 bonus to their saves.

Janie and Brian make their saves, whilst Mags stands there gibbering in terror for the maximum length of 4 rounds. All but one of the hounds flees in terror. Janie and Brian decide to stand their ground rather than flee whilst the mummy slays Mags.

Party and Dogs are going first. Their light was being provided by a lantern held by Mags, which she dropped. On the bright side there's a small pool of burning oil on the ground around her. On the downside, there's a small pool of burning oil on the ground around her.

The Mummy's stats are AC 3, MV 6 - it's slower than the party, HP 39, 1 attk, dmg 1d12, THAC0 13. Being undead it's immune to most things, and you really don't want it to hurt you. Fortunately, it's very vulnerable to fire. Mags has one more flask of oil on her, Brian has four torches, Janie and Bhed (RIP) didn't have any light creating things with them. Unfortunately the vial of holy water broke when they were going down the stairs. (RIP)

The party gather behind the thin line of fire (which will last for one more round), hoping it'll keep the Mummy away, which it does. Brian digs out Mag's spare flask of oil and sets it up with a burning wick to turn it into some sort of proto-flamethrower, whilst Janie casts Faerie fire on the Mummy making it easier to hit (+1 bonus to hit it given the low light level). The mummy lurches menacingly on the other side of the line of fire.

In round 2, Janie goes first, casting Bless on herself and Brian, granting them another +1 to hit, and releases the dog to its certain doom. It snaps at the mummy, but doesn't hit it.

The mummy steps across the line of oil, taking 3 damage, and lashes out at the dog, killing it in one blow. Brian squeezes the flask of oil at the mummy, and despite the various spells, misses - the stream of burning oil splashing harmlessly to the ground.

In round three, Janie decides that she's going to try and get the necklace at the least, since that was the whole reason they came down here. Brian's going try and fend the mummy off with a burning torch.

Janie misses her attempt to get the necklace, whilst Brian does actually manage to hit with the torch, doing an amazing 1 point of damage. Fortunately the mummy misses him (just - it only needs a 7 to hit him)

Janie isn't so lucky in round four, taking 3 points of damage and contracting mummy rot. She manages to snag the necklace and manages to break it free. Brian flails with a torch, and the magically induced fear starts to release its hold on Mags; she'll be able to act next round.

Round five. Mags takes one look at the situation and tells the others, "We need to get out of here!" she then proceeds to start following her own advice. The other two follow suit, and they dash up the Pratfall stairs. Fortunately, they all make the check to remember the trick step. What they don't do is pass the dexterity check to avoid slipping.

Mags, slips, avoids damage from the fall, but slides all the way to the bottom and is impaled on the swords. Brian slips, takes 1 HP of damage and is down. Fortunately, he doesn't follow Mags to the bottom of the stairs. Janie is fine. Apart from her friends and brother being dead. She sees that the mummy is moving very slowing, and takes the time to bandage up Brian to stop him dying. Then dragging the unconscious Brian up the stairs she makes her escape. As she has no way to carry two bodies and doesn't want to spend time here until Brian wakes up, she makes the decision to leave Quota behind. Fortunately she avoids being electrocuted by the 'Welcome Trap'.

Once they've made new characters (Lord Winter uses a magical item to cure Janie's mummy rot) the players tell the GM that they're not going back to the Halls. Janie's player tells the GM she's going to sell the rubies (worth 6k each, and there's 14 of them) and use some of the money to hire a bunch of higher level adventurers to raze the halls and recover all the treasure and the painting.

The GM having realised that some of the other characters could have been saved (everyone except Bhed, Belle and Mags, really) offers a bit of retconning re: who's alive and who's not.

It's this party of higher level adventurers who report back on the rest of the dungeon and discover the Wierd sex stuff:tm:

Rooms the characters didn't see

The report from the high level adventurers reveals the following rooms. Some have good loot in, some are just fucking weird.

If they'd defeated the mummy and conducted a proper search of the Crypt, they'd discover a secret door leading to 15 - The Undercrypt

Protected by a skull on a stick - non-magical, just a skull on a stick designed to look like its floating there, the party could have discovered an un-trapped chest containing two canvas sacks, one of which has 509gp and 312sp, the other 3 pink pearls and the remains of a fourth. I guess these are from giant oysters, or one of the canvas sacks was supposed to be made of finer material, or the authors have never actually seen a pearl. The pearls are worth 360 gp each.

Leaning against the chest is a sword in an ornate scabbard. The gems on the scabbard are worth 800gp. The sword itself is a Luck Blade. It acts as a +1 weapon, gives a +1 bonus to all saves, and has 1d4+1 wishes. In this case, 1.

There's also a Longbow +1 and a Potion of diminution.

Even if it is hidden behind a mummy, this (combined with the mummy's necklace), seems like rather a lot of treasure.

There's a secret door in room 13, leading into the corridor running north and south. Room 18 is labelled as an Armoury but is mostly empty apart from a heavily damaged wooden table, scarred in the manner of a chopping block, and radiatting faint magic. (the remains of preservative spells, apparently). In one of the room's corners is a pile of mouldy rags in which is a pouch containing one of this module's unique magic items - a magestar.

The Magestar is a many-spined, silver-ish sphere. When touched by a creature cable of using spells it starts hovering around their heads like a cutprice ioun stone. Any spell cast at the owner of a magestar is absorbed, storing 1 hp per level in the magestar. If the owner drops to 0 hp, the magestar floats down to them and imbues them with the stored HP.

If not charged, it only gives 1d4 hp. Magestars do have a limit to the amount of HP they can store, which if breached, cause the star to explode for 4d6 damage. What's the limit?

This is a fairly neat item, and would really help the survivability of a low level wizard. If it wasn't an invitation for the GM to randomly explode you when they feel like it.

At the south end of the corridor are rooms 16 and 17 - Rivior's Study, and the Lord's Bedchamber. The latter of which has one of the more WTF things in it, especially when taking into account the contents of the study.

The study contains an awful lot of mouldy books, a near mummified body, some less mouldy books (accounts, porn, and a Libram of Silver Magic - a level up book for Good aligned wizards, which will fuck up any non-good wizard and anynon-wizards who try to read it), and finally some spell scrolls. Five of the spell scrolls are harmless and useful (flame arrow, gust of wind, locate object, massmorph, remove curse). The 6th explodes in Explosive Runes when read, doing 6d4+6 damage.

Well, that's another way to fuck up a low level party - we're looking at up to 30 points for the reader, 15 for everyone in 10' (no save) and item saving throws all around.

The corpse has various thieves implements hidden about its person, and a sapphire worth 1000gp hidden in its boot. None of this is findable unless they start removing his boots and tearing them apart.

There's a door leading south out of the study, which leads to the Lord's Bedchamber. A once fine bedroom given over to mold and decay, there's a +2 broadsword on the table. The sword glows with a lavender radiance when drawn. In the closet is a woman in a stasis spell. She's beautiful (of course) with long black hair, and large purple eyes, and an angry expression. She's wearing an open green silk robe, copper bracers, a gem studded brassier and girdle, and high, soft boots. She's also been chained to the closet rods with thin copper wires.

WTF? Why is there a woman in stasis in the closet? Assuming the man in the study was Rivior, did he chain her up there, then go to read his medieval porn or something? Anyway, she's Miior, a W2 with the sort of ridiculous stats expected of a Forgotten Realms NPC (S14, D 17, C 16, I 17, W 10, Ch 16). She has boots of Elven Kind, Bracers of Defence AC2, and the gems on her clothes are worth 880gp in total. But I'm sure the characters aren't the sort to strip an ensorcelled woman in a closet, are they?

If she's rescued by breaking the chains, we discover that she has no idea how long she's been in stasis for, as apparently, this Wizard doesn't know any dating systems. None at all. Was she kidnapped and gaslighted by Rivior? Is that why she's in a gemmed bikini in a closet? WTF, Haunted Halls.

Starting from the entrance the following rooms were also missed out by the original party

9 - The Red Chamber

Located behind a secret door in the north wall of the Welcoming Trap room, this room is decorated with moth-eaten and mold-stained wine-coloured silk draperies. Inside the room is a wooden couch - the way its described makes me think it's a divan - on which lies a beautiful (of course) human female, manacled with gold chains to the couch. There's a dagger protruding from her open mouth. She has apparently been killed recently for the purposes of Evil Sorcery. If raised, she's a level 4 wizard, and wants revenge on her slayer, a man who's probably a thief, but actually a Zhentarim agent, who is now somewhere in the stonelands.

This is bullshit. What evil sorcery? How does this relate to anything else in the dungeon? (Answer, it doesn't) How did this setup even happen? Between this lady and Miior later on in the dungeon there's an awful lot of sorceresses in peril. This could have been made into a little subquest - the villagers could have mentioned an earlier pair of adventurers if she went to the halls willingly, or some travellers or something. As it is, "Surprise! Dead mage!". The followup only works if the party can get her raised, which is expensive - though affordable if they get all the loot out of the dungeon and don't have to use it raising and curing themselves. Just a pointless room.

19 - Feast Hall
All the furniture has gone, but oddly, the +1 shield bearing the arms of a Comyrn rebel prince are still there. Also, a Stirge. Characters may also take 1d4+1 damage as the supporting wires for the weapons and armour on the walls fails and the items fall on them.

20 - Hall of Statues
A double fuck-you room. This room is overlooked by the kobolds in their watchpost, and one of the statues is a doppelganger, disguised as another statue. The obvious way into the room will have them encounter the doppleganger before the statue that it's copying. Sucks to be them.

25 - Chamber of the chain
Empty except for a heavy bronze chain hanging from the ceiling. No clues as to what was on the other end, and it's not still in the dungeon.

26 - Plunge fall
Floor is weak and collapses, dropping characters into a cave and a colony of green slime. Also the deposits end of a latrine from the upper level, 132' above. The kobolds don't know about this entrance into their stronghold.

27 - Bathing chamber
Black, stagnant water which conceals some gold and a +1 horseman's mace. Which will be useful when the Juju zombies that are here wake up and try to murder you.

28 - Room of the fallen giant
Room lit with glowing moss and things, containing the skeleton of a giant, still impaled by the spear used to kill it - Shimmering, a Spear +2, giantslayer. Also some boots of the north on a corpse buried under rocks. How did it even get here?

29 - Forgotten gear
Some recently abandoned adventuring gear, rations still edible. Neither sign nor clues about the owner. Doesn't seem as if it could be any of the bodies in the place.

30 - Battle-chamber
A scorched room with a dead orc that's still fresh enough to stink. Is wearing silk robes, some jewellery (a necklace with 6 softly glowing moonstones, worth 75gp each), a +2 axe of throwing embedded in his back, and an infestation of fake rotgrubs. The maggots leap onto anyone who disturbs the body, deliver a clammy kiss to any bare skin they find and then drop off.

In the scorched area of the room is a human skeleton clutching a Rod of Flailing.

The DM is encouraged to be an arse and play up people's paranoia about the grubs.

My thoughts
This dungeon is bad. Most of the rooms are empty, leaving the GM to fill the dungeon themselves or use the Dungeon Dressing table. The village is painfully twee and not actually under threat from anything due to the various high level priests, wizards, and Lord Winter herself, who live there. There's no compelling reason for the characters to visit the halls, and whilst there is loot to be found, there's a feeling of picking through the leftovers that another party missed, which isn't very satisfying.

The dead and trapped sorceresses are just plain weird and more than a little creepy - especially Miior - WTF is going on there?

Having done some reading, this was apparently supposed to be a Keep on the Borderlands for 2nd edition and the Forgotten realms, but was cut from 96 pages to the 36 or so that made it to print. The problem is that the content has been cut in a slapdash manner, leading to an incoherent dungeon that threatens nothing, and has no active story linked to it unless they manage to raise the stabbed wizard, or the GM decides that there's an interesting reason for the kobolds to have their drow crossbows and poison.

Quite a lot of the dungeon is hidden behind secret doors, meaning a group with little care for pixel bitching their way around the dungeon isn't going to find them, and a group that does search everything will probably fall afoul of wandering monsters if the GM is using them - there's one mention in the module, but no custom table is provided, so guess either use the default ones, or make your own.

In short, this dungeon is bad, and the writer should feel bad.

RIP Aiden (lock lurker)
RIP Belle (trap)
RIP Quota (mimic)
RIP Bhed (treasure)
RIP Mags (Pratfall stairs/Mummy)
RIP Quota's equipment (green slime)
RIP Holy water (Pratfall stairs)