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Background, Intro Comic, and Credits

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Part 1: Background, Intro Comic, and Credits

The Official Guide to Coventry School for Girls is one of the two supplements that was released on the same day as Respelled on DriveThruRPG. Again, free copies of it were not offered to the backers of the Book of Shadows Kickstarter.

In order to get the most out of this book, we will need to look a little at Original Witch Girls , the comic book that it's based on.


As its title implies, the book follows the group of characters that came before Lucinda and Co. and the tabletop game. The title may also be a stab at the Italian comic series W.I.T.C.H. , which has nothing in common with Witch Girls other than that the protagonists are a group of middle school-aged girls with a similar ethnic lineup and it has the word “witch” in its title. (The characters are not witches.) There has been talk that Harris took offense at that and might have tried to sue Disney (its publisher) over it.

The book is typical Witch Girls and contains all of the elements you've come to expect from it. Nearly all of the stories are the same: A witch with inconsistent characterization, sometimes multiple witches, gets mad and turns people into shit. About half of the stories don’t even feature the child characters; most of the characters on that cover only show up once or twice in the background. Many of the minor fluff elements from the core (unicorns being endangered beasts of burden, several NPCs like Deacon Silas Black, freelance witch hunters being inept, etc.) come from the stories in the book.

At some point, Harris was able to hold Paul Dini (whom he claims to have worked freelance for doing 3D models) hostage and make him read the comics. There’s a quote from him on the back of the OWG book praising it.

That quote is apparently from another version of the book where he did an entire foreword for it. (That version seems to have vanished into the ether.) Another choice quote from it is him saying that it makes Harry Potter look like Sesame Street .

When I saw this book, my first thought was “this is just the Coventry section from the Original Witch Girls comic book, isn’t it?” And guess what? I was right. It’s the exact same book minus most of the comic stories and “fanart”. (I’m guessing they’re all just commissions.) Seriously, there was nearly no editing done to it. Despite being released along with a revamped rules system, the rules and character sheets in the book were not updated to reflect that. So feel free to ignore all of the new mechanics I was talking about in my last posts.

Like a lot of Witch Girls books, this one starts off with a comic. It doesn’t have a title in this version, but the OWG version calls it “Janette’s Story”. It begins with a Coventry student moaning about how boring her life has been while trying to write an autobiography for grammar class.

This, as you can deduce from the speech bubble, is Janette Deville. She is the main child character of this section of the WGA universe and the designated “good witch” of this group of characters.

While tossing another draft onto the pile, one of her friends walks up to her.

This is Pru Duncan. That thing in her arms is her pet platypus, Socrates. He quacks despite the fact that platypus do not.

When she brings up her troubles, Pru tells Janette that she thinks that her life being different from the other students’ makes it unique, and that it can’t be as boring as Janette thinks it is. This half-assed bit of encouragement gives Janette the push to give it another go. On Pru’s suggestion, she decides to start with when she first discovered her powers.

When she was 6, Janette lived with her mundane parents and older brother, Charles, in Salem, Massachusetts, because of course. Every week, Charles would torture her by trying to rip her hair out of her skull, presumably.

There’s a reason why hanging from your hair is a circus act…

One night while hiding in the attic, she came across a book with a fairy in it. When she asked the fairy what her name was, the fairy refused to give it, saying that names have power.

Charles barged in soon after. Janette took the book and ran past him, only to be tripped. He took the book from her and tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge. She then accidentally used magic to fly up and grab it out of his hand.

The fairy, book, and that nebulous “destiny” line never come up again in the comics.

The next Saturday, she headed downstairs to find her maternal aunt, Helena, arguing with her parents about her budding powers. Helena told them that she needed to be trained and offered to teach her magic on weekends at her home. Her mom was only confused since she assumed the witch gene skipped a generation. (Even though her sister is a witch and so is her mother. So… it didn’t.) Her father, on the other hand, was adamant that no daughter of his was going to become some magic-using freak.

Can you guess what Helena’s response to that was?

(Helena's last name is also Deville. If Janette's mom is her sister, wouldn't Janette have a different last name? She's not a witch. So she can't do the whole "take my last name or I'll fucking murder you with magic" routine, and there's no mention of them doing it to be progressive or because they preferred it.)

Both eventually relented and let Helena teach her. After a while, they decided that it would be better if Janette just lived with her because she wouldn’t stop magically torturing her brother.

At this point, Pru asks Janette when it was that her cousin, Annabelle, showed up. This summons an annoyed Annabelle. When they’ve convinced her Janette is not writing anything bad about her, she sits down to listen to the rest of the story, vaguely threatening Janette to keep it exciting, or else.

Say hello to Annabelle Deville, or as I like to call her, “Diet Lucinda”. She is basically the same character except not as powerful, not as rich, a bit more pompous, and, due to shoddy writing, occasionally forgets that she’s suppose to be an evil little shit. The Coventry girls also seem to be a little less tolerant of her bullshit than the Willow-Mistt girls are of Lucinda’s. We will be seeing more of her soon.

A little while after Janette moved in with Helena, Annabelle also moved in due to a nebulous “accident” that her parents got into. She immediately went to work transforming and torturing the household staff.

Annabelle claims that it’s all lies to cover up how jealous Janette is of her. Janette claims that she was scared for the lives of everyone in the house. More of their friends show up. Annabelle turns one of them into a pile of ashes.

Eventually, the two came to something of a truce. That is to say, they haven’t tried to kill each other in nearly a year. (“The year isn’t over yet, cousin.”) The two started attending a regular school and made two mundane friends, Kamesha and Donny. Donny has a crush on Annabelle for some reason. Probably because he has a transformation fetish.

Janette was happy with all this until she and her friends got a new history teacher, Harlan Macbeth.

Hmm… H.M.… M.H.… bald, kinda heavy set, black, later revealed to be a massive comic nerd despite being nearly 400 years old...

I see what you did there, Harris.

Also, wouldn’t the countries Rome conquered be part of the unit before the one about its fall?

Like the above panel says, there was no reason for Janette to not like him. But she got a bad feeling about him anyway. Him and Helena also had some sort of thing going on, which also didn’t sit right with her and Annabelle. When they confronted him, he revealed that he knew they were witches.

They chained him up, turned him into a statue, and tossed him into the ocean.

It turned out that Harlan was an Immortal and Helena’s boyfriend. Pru thinks the two of them are just jealous of the attention Helena is giving him.

It turned out that having Harlan around was a good thing, since sometime after that, he saved them and Helena from Silas Black and the Malleus Maleficarum. This, despite being the entire reason why they’re even at Coventry, is completely summed up in one panel. It is also the only useful thing he does in any of his appearances that I’ve seen.

Helena also turned a bunch of Black’s soldiers into frogs. Because Witch Girls .

Janette decides to end the autobiography on that note. As they all walk off, Mako reminds Annabelle that she’s a ninja. The others assume she’s subtly threatening to kick her ass.

On the title page, Harris is credited as the sole writer, while Soto and two others are credited for doing the art. (However, Soto’s usual “poser model/Frankensteined picture of celebrity with Photoshop filters” style is completely absent from the book.) Soto is also on Layout duty, which pretty much means a lot of jpg artifacts around words and page numbers being unaligned.

Also, here's a terrifying piece of fanart from the comic.

Next: Intro odds and ends.

Being the Best Character from the Best School

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Part 2: Being the Best Character from the Best School

The book starts off with all of the bonuses characters get for being a Coventry student. The reasons given are that Coventry students are just more powerful due to having a better education and, in some cases, are handpicked for being prodigies. On top of the usual starting stuff, they get 10 extra skill points (5 mundane, 5 magical), 3 extra magic ranks, +3 to their Basic and Mysticism skills, can put up to 4 ranks in their magic skills, and 20 points to put towards a custom wand.

The book also introduces two new Talents: Humanity (+1 to mundane skill rolls and +1 to rolls when helping mundanes with magical issues) and Titled (+1 Allowance, +2 to social rolls when dealing with people from the country the character has a noble or royal title in).

After that is an “Abilities” section. They are the Knacks from Respelled except they use older rules (characters get 1 at creation and can buy more with 15 voodollars) and there are no negative ones. Some of them were even copy-pasted from here. The new ones are Bargain Hunter (-2 to item cost), Caller (send telepathic messages for free), Highbinder (+1 to Casting on mundanes, +1 to Social rolls with people in positions of power), Natural (+2 to Social rolls with animals), Quick Zap (signature spells automatically work on targets with Resist Magic 9 or less and only cost a zap), Ricochet Spell (spend a zap to bounce spells off of solid objects), and Sympathetic Magic (make a voodoo doll with someone’s personal effects, cast spells on it for one extra zap, have it affect them).

To get into Coventry, a witch either has to be discovered by a staff member or have a former student, usually a family member, put in a recommendation for them. Once that happens, a staff member secretly observes them for a month to see if they have the “greatest potential for academic and magical success”. If they pass the inspection, they then take several placement tests to evaluate their knowledge on basic academics and 9 different magical subjects. Failure of less than half of the tests means taking remedial classes on the failed subjects. Failing more than half of them gets the student bumped down a grade. (e.g. An Initiate that fails enough tests will get put in with the elementary school kids in the Neophytes class.) Students coming in from another magical school who have good enough grades don’t have to test.

In game terms, you have to succeed on a Hard Basic roll, a Hard Mysticism roll, get an 8 or better on an Enchantment roll (the test is to make a simple wand) and a Potions roll (make a love potion for a hamster and a parakeet), and whatever the DM comes up with for the 6 magic skill tests because those aren’t given specified rolls. Cheating is possible, but no one has successfully done so in the history of the school. The section on it suggests either putting a cheater in a class they’re not ready for or having them let in on probation with the caveat that they have to take the tests again under a truth spell.

As you can tell, the odds of getting in are against Outsiders and anyone else who hasn’t been involved with the magical world since they were very young. And the character section does reflect this; nearly all of the students are Insiders. (Though that could also be a case of on Harris’ part.) Though their emphasis on taking only the best and brightest does make me wonder why Lucinda, with her godlike competency in several schools of magic, isn’t a student here.

Next is a list of supplies students can bring and get from the school. It’s roughly the same as the one for Willow-Mistt. Though students get access to 20x10 foot walk-in closets, are allowed to bring any captured fairies or humans that they have (but are responsible if they end up escaping and dying), and aren’t allowed to bring alcohol and tobacco products. (Even though the book admits that witches are immune to the effects of both.)

Everyone who isn’t a Neophyte shares a 40x40 foot dorm room with another person complete with the closet, a bathroom, and one double wall socket. Wireless internet is available in the main hall and the dorm, but cable, cell signal, and satellite reception is nonexistent. The book doesn’t point out that that would probably not stop a student with a decent command of Cybermancy from finding a way around that.

When new students arrive, they are given a guide among the students close to them in age who has been there for a year or more. The guide stays with them for a week. If the new student gets disciplined for any reason, the guide gets in trouble as well.

The Code of Conduct is just the Willow-Mistt one copy-pasted from the core with a few added rules: no talking in class, no leaving the school grounds without written permission from a staff member, and no yelling in the main hall’s corridors. I’m sure they all get ignored for the sake of adventure just as much as the Willow-Mistt ones.

Coventry also uses the same Demerit system of punishment that Willow-Mistt does. (Though Willow-Mistt probably copied all of this stuff from Coventry in-verse.) Except instead of kicking a student out for a semester if they earn a demerit while on probation, they are put on trial in a special school court with the headmistress as the judge and a random sampling of 5 teachers as the jury. Students can either represent themselves or have someone who isn’t a staff member do it for them.

Coventry posted:

Some students have summoned brainwashed, mortal attorneys and even fictional ones to help them get off.

“Members of the court, I’d like to introduce my attorney, Saul Goodman.”

“Sabrina, you’re 10 years old. Are your parents letting you watch Breaking Bad ?”

“They do it if they don’t want to have their bodies turned inside-out... biznatch.”

Winning the trial puts the student back on another month of probation. If they fuck up again or fail a class during this probation period, they get expelled. They can petition the Headmistress to be readmitted after a year as gone by.

Healthcare is provided by a six bed medical clinic staffed by the Healing teacher Sunshine Moonglow (yes, really), an Intern student with advanced knowledge of healing spells and curse-breaking, and any students who happen to be working off demerits. Ms. Moonglow is capable of bringing students back from the dead provided there’s at least a small body part left and not a lot of time has passed. If someone was injured because they were being a dumbass, she will usually let them heal at the normal mundane rate. However, the section does point out that witches are usually smart enough to avoid getting injured.

Students are expected take at least two mundane and three magical classes every semester. Classes are held Monday through Friday with the occasional optional Saturday class. Schedules are divided up between Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday classes, with M-W-F classes being 1 and a half hours long and Tu-Th classes being 2 and a half. The school day starts at 9 and the last classes of the day end at 6:30 with lunch happening from 11:30 to 1:30. (The book itself doesn’t recommend taking a full schedule during your first year.) There are also the occasional 4 hour long lectures that last from 9 to 1 in the afternoon.

The blurb for “Typical Mundane Classes” was accidentally replaced with a repeat of a useless one about how students, when they’re not in class, do things that aren’t homework related. Here’s the list of mundane subjects Coventry students can take classes in.

Those of you who have been following Kurieg’s Bellum Maga writeup probably noticed that a “Ms. South” teaches History. It turns out that I was wrong. Sadie (Jo) South, the acolyte or whatever of Circe who is responsible for the horrific-looking Alteration spells in that game is a character in this one too. Unfortunately, most of the teachers do not have character sheets. (Cause it's not like people who would want to run a game at Coventry would need to know about the teachers.) So the name might be where the similarities end. (There is another NPC that Sadie’s whole look seems to be based off of. More on that later.)

And here’s the magical class list. Again, most of the teachers on this list do not have sheets.

Remember Ms. Sinclair, the Alteration teacher. We will be seeing more of her later.

Students who are an Initiate or higher and have acceptable grades can participate in the many extracurricular activities the school has. These are:

Softball: Held in the spring; usually plays teams from mundane private schools in the east coast of the US. Their coach is Carl "Wild Cat" Jones, the ghost of a former player in the American Negro League.

Soccer: Held in the fall; plays against both mundane and magical European schools. Their coach is the ghost of a Brazilian soccer star named Domingo Ibanez. He probably gets confused with the saint.

Ariel Expertice: [sic] “Broom Rodeo”. Wakenda Nightwoman, the Elementalism teacher, teaches the flying team, with the headmistress giving some coaching every so often to show off some of the stuff she learned while fighting in World War II.

Spelling Bee: It’s like a spelling bee, except you turn people into things for points. Anansi Batu coaches the team.

Cyber-Zone: The school-sanctioned competitive gaming team. Plays everything from first-person shooters to MMORPGs. Is probably full of the most obnoxious players and sore losers on the planet. Coached by Emily Foster. Yes, that is who you think it is.

Gourmet Group: The cooking club. Competes in competitions throughout Europe. Coached by Ms. Bole.

Choir: Coached by Ms. Diva, who is a gorgon. It’s won awards. That’s it.

Orchestra: Is one of the best youth concert groups in the world. Ms. Diva coaches this along with the ghost of Mozart.

Highbinders: The half-assed Death Eaters youth group. Minerva Stone, who is a Highbinder and wrote the Mysticism textbook from the core, sponsors it.

Witches Helping Against Malice (W.H.A.M.) Created in response to the witch supremacist group that’s allowed on campus by Emily Foster. Fun Fact: The name of this group comes from one of the OWG comics. In it, Janette and the girls try to set a group of mundanes who have been captured to be used as subjects for an Alteration class free. Janette eventually comes to the conclusion that a lot of the humans getting captured are annoying and not worth the effort.

Hex Scouts: The Girl Scouts with less cookies and more crimes against humanity. Helena, despite not being a staff member, is the “Hex Mother” for the school’s troop.

Godmother’s Guild: For aspiring godmothers, which is apparently an ancient tradition among witches. Sunshine Moonglow, who is a part-time godmother, sponsors the group. There's an unfinished comic about the girls being roped into the club. It goes just as well as you'd expect.

Daughters of Secrets: A group of students that spends its time researching ancient witches, magic, and magic sites. Sadie South is their sponsor.

Cryptozoology Rescue Team: A group for learning how to care for and preserve magical creatures. Sponsored by Artemis Olympia, the Cryptozoology teacher.

Mishaps and Misuse Mechanics: AKA “Triple M”. This is the training branch of an elite organization put together by the Witches World Council that takes care of all of the bigger Masquerade breaches. (Some notable incidents include the time the Queen of England was turned into a rabbit and when some asshole shrunk New York City, put it in a jar, and toured Europe with it.) Ms. Frost and Ms. Juarez sponsor this along with the student’s trainers, presumably.

That’s all for now. Have some pictures.

(I really don’t like this art style. It makes everyone look like they’re 6.)

Next: The school’s grounds, history, and whatever else. There are no proper chapters in this book.

History, Campus, and Characters

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Part 3: History, Campus, and Characters

As it’s been stated, Coventry’s campus is located on the Isle of Avalon, the former home of the Fae, located somewhere off the northwestern coast of Ireland. Titania Morganne, the current and only headmistress Coventry has ever had, chose Avalon as the site for the school because she is half-fae and it’s not like they were using it anyway.

The book states that the school was founded in 845 AD when Morganne, then the Director of Education for the WWC, decided that the then current crop of magic schools were not “progressive” enough, quit her job, and started her own. What exactly did she have a problem with and what did she do differently?

Coventry posted:

After 200 years at the job, Titania noticed that though most of the schools were up to current standards, they all held to cultural view on history, magic, and the witches' place in the world.

I’m going to guess that she doesn’t have a problem with witch supremacy, seeing as there’s a Highbinders youth branch on campus that’s visible enough for another teacher to create a club in response. That or there's Highbinders on the WWC's Council of 13 pulling some strings.

After building the main areas and bringing all of the exotic magical beasts on the island to heel, she gathered a staff of 13 teachers and opened the school’s doors to a class of 30 students, most of whom were from England.

By the way, the writeup says that the school opened its doors in 1046. The little blurb at the front of the book and in the core say 900. So pick whichever date sounds good to you.

The school expanded in the 1500s when the Age of Exploration… caused a lot of people to look outside of the other 19 schools that were around at the time, creating an increase in the number of requests for enrollment. …Okay. Around this time, Red Mulligan, a famous pirate, and his crew invaded the island looking to steal the school’s wealth. The staff turned them into statues that still stand in the woods in the present day.

This picture looks like it had a hasty censor job done to it. Those shirts make no sense to me.

After decades of expansion, the next major event in Coventry’s history came during World War I.

Coventry posted:

during World War I, it was discovered that many of the students had grown strong political views involving the war. This lead to many problems and the eventual expulsion of ten students.

I don’t think Harris knew (or knows) a damn thing about World War I because that’s literally all of the explanation given. So there’s no telling if students from opposing countries were fighting each other, if the troublemakers were Yugoslav nationalists, if they just thought the whole thing was a stupid clusterfuck and tried to cast a spell to stop the war, or something else.

When World War II broke out, a bunch of German witches tried, and failed, to convince Morganne to let Germany use the island as an air base. In response, she sealed the island off from the rest of the world, making the staff members the only people allowed to come and go freely. In 1941, German forces opened a portal to the island and stormed it, forcing the students to be evacuated either to their homes or to the Cryptozoology preserve on the other side of the island. The battle lasted three weeks and it took a joint effort of the school’s staff, council forces, immortals, and mundanes to push the Germans back. The school was closed for the rest of the war while the teachers went to help the war effort in various countries.

When the war was over, Coventry reopened with an “even more diverse student body”. This was apparently an issue, because it was over the next few decades that their “prodigies and legacies only” policy started. The last event of note is during the 1960s, when Sunshine Moonglow and several students cast a spell that started the Flower Power Movement.

Next is a rundown of all of the buildings on campus. Here, have a map.

If you look closely, you can see the lines of the graph paper it was drawn on.

Main Hall: Has 50 “spacious” classrooms, labs, and lecture halls. As well as the teacher’s meeting room and the offices.

Baba Yaga Memorial Hall/Dormitory: (There are only a few sentences between the name change.) The dorm. Its namesake is a famous Russian sorceress. The first floor is the common room, the Neophytes room, a guest suite, and the Dorm Mother’s suite. Second floor is the Initiates’ dorm. Third is the Apprentices’. Fourth is the Interns’. While it doesn’t look like it, the dorms are divided up into halls based on the cardinal directions. There are rivalries between them.

Library: Run by Sadie South and Athena Olympia, the library boasts a “near infinite” amount of texts ranging from modern books to ancient scrolls. (Including “The Scrolls of Circe”, because of course. Also “The Musings of Media” and “The Questions of the Queen of Sheba”.)

Kinderalla: The Neophyte classroom. Way back when I was confused when it said that a Coventry student had to pick someone to do their internship with. Well, it turns out that the title “Intern” is literal. The Neophyte teaching duties are almost the sole responsibility of the Intern students. Which I’m sure is the case to allow for Harris and other DMs to come up with all sorts of magical shenanigans and get some use out of that babysitting section in 13 Magazine. Of course, this section is so poorly edited that not even that is completely clear.

Coventry posted:

There the students are taught by Interns and not actual instructors, including teachers assistants. Ms. South and Ms. Athena Olympia are officially the staff in charge and spend time overseeing many of the classes, as well as instructing the actual students.

Either way, I doubt kids who are still students themselves are capable of giving even younger students the best education in all of the multiverse.

Garden: It’s quiet, students like to eat lunch in it, and the Herbalism class takes place in it. Next.

Teacher Bungalows: Where the teachers live during the school year. Going into one without permission from a staff member will get you instantly expelled. (By the way, the font becomes thinner on this page.)

Sports Field: Used for sports as well as performances from the orchestra, “student pop/rock band”, and the drama club, which is suddenly a thing.

Cryptozoology Preserve: The world’s largest preserve and hospital for legendary creatures, run by Artemis Olympia. Again, students aren’t allowed on it without staff permission.

The next and final section of the book is the character sheets. As stated before, most of the staff do not have sheets. Instead, it’s just a section for all of the OWG characters, including ones that have absolutely nothing to do with the school. I’m going to be using the pictures from the OWG book for this section because, due to shitty printing, the ones in the Coventry book look like muddy ass. Like so:

Janette Deville (13)

The main character of OWG and the designated “good witch”. Due to being raised in the mundane world and attending a regular school until her run-in with Deacon Black, Janette is a bit more grounded and less “uppity” than the typical Coventry student. Thus, she spends a lot of her time teaching her fellow students the “true value of humanity”.

In practice, she’s just as horrible as any other character in this setting. Piss her off and all of that respect for humanity goes right out the window, along with the target’s humanity. There’s even an entire story about this in OWG wherein she goes into a witch themed store with Annabelle and punishes a bunch of kids because they insulted her shoes.

This is, of course, at odds with her Dislikes, which are “Witch Snobbery” and “Mean People”.

Also, the comics say she’s 11 while her bio says she’s 13.

Janette is an Insider with the Friendly and Humanity talents, the Legacy heritage, and the Instant Karma and Natural abilities. She’s got D6s and D8s in all of her attributes, 41 mundane skill points, 26 magical skill points, and 22 magic ranks. (Her highest is a 4 in both Alteration and Mentalism.) Her signature spell is Levitation, a Mentalism 1 spell that does exactly what it sounds like. She’s got a Bigger Bag, a Black Racer Broom, a Mona Lisa Drive Computer, and a custom wand that gives a +1 to Mentalism spells and general MTR and can levitate 20 pounds worth of stuff.

Annabelle Deville (13)

Annabelle was born in Portland, Maine to mundane parents. When her powers manifested, she was immediately sent to Coventry. Unfortunately, being around witch society turned her into the evil little shit that she is. For reasons unknown, she was sent back to her parents a few years later. She turned them into toads, which is why she was sent to live with Helena. When she was sent back to Coventry due to being attacked by Deacon Black, she was welcomed “with open arms despite her past”. Despite her bio claiming that she’s been tempered somewhat by Janette’s goodness, she spends her days trying to become a powerful and widely feared witch and tormenting her cousin. She also likes Donny. Though she won’t admit it.

Annabelle is an Insider with the Snob and Wicked talents, the Attuned heritage, and the Quick Spell ability. She has a D4 in Body, a D6 in Senses, a D10 in Magic, and D8s in everything else. She’s has 29 mundane skill points, 23 magical skill points, and 23 magic ranks. (Her highest is a 5 in, you guessed it, Alteration.) Her signature spell is “Toad”, an Alteration 3 spell that turns people in toads, which she loves doing. She’s got a Bigger Bag, a mini magical mirror, a silver streak broom, and a custom wand that gives her a +1 to Alteration spells, +1 to the duration MTR of spells, and gives targets a -1 Resist Magic penalty.

Helena Deville (50)

Helena was the first witch born into the Deville family in the 20th century, according to her bio. (Her brother and sister were not so lucky and I imagine had a hellish life living with a witch mother and sister.) After graduating from Coventry, she became a spiritual adviser and seller of youth and vitality potions to rich and famous people. She has never been married and taking care of Janette and Annabelle is her first foray in child-rearing. For some reason, she hates the WWC. She also hates bullies, even though her skill spread includes a lot of abilities that are used for bullying people.

Helena is an Insider with the Beautiful and Rich talents, the Hexer heritage, and the Instant Karma and Ward abilities. She has a D6 in Senses, a D10 in Mind, a D12+4 in Magic, and a D8 in everything else. She has 47 mundane skill points, 53 magical skill points, and 50 magic ranks. (Highest being Curses (7), Alteration (6), and Time and Space (6).) Her signature spell is “Fools Luck”, a Curses 2 spell that gives its target +5 to all rolls while the spell lasts. She has a Crimson Teardrop, a “Heaven’s Harpies” broom, and a mansion that gives her +2 to Casting while in it.

Donny Owens (13)

Donny is a mundane. He enjoys comic books, role-playing, and anime and is Annabelle’s unofficial boyfriend, who he also lives in fear of. That’s pretty much it. Here’s a weird picture of him eating ice cream.

Donny has no clique, no magic, no abilities, no equipment, and no heritage. He has the Geek and Meek talents though. He has a D8 Mind, D6 Senses, and D4 everything else. For skills, he has 37 mundane skill points and 3 magical (2 in Cryptozoology and 1 in Mysticism).

Kamesha Washington (13)

Kamesha is also a mundane. She doesn’t fear Janette and Annabelle like Donny does and doesn’t have a problem telling them off when they’re being shits. Not that she ever really gets a chance to do so since she’s barely featured in the comics. She is part of one thing of note though that will be explained in the next post. Her bio spells Janette’s name wrong.

Kamesha has a D8+1 Mind, D4 Magic, and D6 everything else. She has 30 mundane skill points and no magical skills. Like Donny, she has no magic, equipment, abilities, or heritage. She has the Brainiac and Jock talents. Her bio says that she wants to be a doctor, but she has no points in First Aid.

Millie LeRouche (75)

Helena’s head maid. Her family, despite being nothing but mundanes, has always known about magic because . Her motivation is Donny’s accidentally copy-pasted. (“To have fun and become a Writer.”)

Millie’s a mundane, save for a spell that makes her age at half the rate of normal humans. So you know the drill. No heritage, no magic, no abilities save for the longevity spell, and no equipment. D8 Senses with D4 Magic and D6 everything else, 41 mundane skill points with a 4 in Mysticism, Calm and Friendly talents.

Harlan Macbeth

Harlan, not his real name, was born 393 years ago near Mt. Kilimanjaro in either what is now Tanzania or Kenya. (Or, as his bio puts it, just “West Africa”. Tanzania, Kenya, and Kilimanjaro are very much on the eastern part of the continent.) For centuries, he was part of a mercenary band of immortals who won the wars of whoever gave them the most money. Now, he’s a history teacher at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. He’s also boning Helena, who he’s slowly revealing his checkered past to. Also, his best friend according to the sheet is Robin Locksley.

That all sounds mildly impressive, but in practice, Harlan is probably the most inept immortal in existence. Aside for one panel where he punches Deacon Black, he doesn’t do much heroing and his few attempts to do so end in failure.

So what is his main purpose in the comics, you ask?

Why, being the butt monkey and getting transformed into stuff, of course!

Keep in mind this is probably Harris’ self-insert.

Harlan is an Atlasian immortal with the Brainiac and Jock talents and “standard immortal abilities” for abilities. He’s got a D6 Social, D10 Body and Magic, and D8 everything else. He’s got 59 mundane skill points and 10 magical ones. (7 in Cryptozoology and 3 in Mysticism. There are no history based skills. The closest thing he has is a 7 in Mythology and a 4 in Basics.) For magic, he has Elementalism 3 (presumably with a focus on earth spells due to his heritage). For equipment, he has a pet Bargeist hound named Mangler (or, as the sheet spells it, “Masngler”) who has lion stats.

Next: The rest of the character sheets

And the rest

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Part 4: And the rest

Lady Allison Chaucer (13)

“Ally” was born somewhere in Wiltshire to English nobility. She’s super rich and could have easily been one of the most popular girls in Coventry if it weren’t for the fact that she loves gossip and rumors. This trait is not displayed in the comics. There’s no explanation for why her hair is so violently anime.

Ally is an Insider with the Busy Body and Titled talents, the The Sight heritage, and the Natural Telepath ability. She’s has a D4 Body, a D10 Magic, and a D8 everything else with 26 mundane points (some of which are missing because her Garden bonus wasn’t printed on accident), 21 magical points, and 20 magic ranks. (Highest is Divination and Time and Space with 4.) Her signature spell, Spy, is a Divination 2 spell that lets her watch people through her magic mirror, which gives her +1 to Divination spells, can shrink to pocket size, and has a spirit with Mysticism 7 in it. She also has a silver streak broom and a custom gold wand that gives her +1 to Time and Space spells and can store 2 zap.

Prudence Duncan (13)

Born in Kokabrah, Australia (which is not a real place) to ranchers, “Pru” lived a very sheltered life before coming to Coventry. As a result, Janette and Co are her first friends. She is known as the “smart” kid in the school and the person you want to go to if you need help with assignments. She’s also kind of naïve. She hates not having homework.

Pru is, you guessed it, an Insider with the Brainiac and Goody-Goody talents, the Oracle heritage, and the Natural and Chanter abilities. She has a D6 Social, D8 Will, D10+1Mind, D10 Magic, and D4 Body and Senses. For skills she has 31 mundane, 37 magical, and 24 magic ranks. (She has 2s and 3s in everything.) Her signature spell is a Healing 3 one that heals 10 points of damage. She has a “bewitched basic” broom, a book of knowledge that can give a +1 to any roll but Casting when used, a custom rustic wand that gives +1 to Elementalism spells and +1 to “MTR range, light, comucopia (sic)”, and Socrates. When he’s nearby, she gets a +1 to Social and Cryptozoology rolls.

Princess Nephra Batu (13)

Nephra, if you remember, was mentioned in passing on her mom, Queen Zuri of Wanobi’s, sheet in the core. Now we get one for her. Her bio isn’t all that extensive: she’s a princess, she’s spoiled and expects the best, nearly everyone shuts up when she’s pissed, but she’s loyal to her friends and will back you up and all of the other things people add to character bios when they need to fill space and let people know that a character is a good person.

Nephra is a Sorceress with the Drama Queen and Titled talents, the Hexer heritage, and the Caller ability. She has a D6 Body, D10 Magic, and D8 everything else. For skills, she has 31 mundane, 36 magical, and 29 magic ranks. (Her highest is Curse with 4.) Her signature spell, “Grandmother’s Curse”, is a spell of an unknown type that gives the target a -4 penalty to all rolls and slowly does 15 damage to them. (It is never fatal, however.) She has a magic carpet, a sun king amulet (spend a zap to summon her guardian), and an ebony hoop wand (“grants Nephra social rolls”, +1 Elementalism, +1 to duration and damage).

Miako/Mako Matsu (13)

Miako is a “majo” (sic), one of the witches who has served her Tokyo-based family’s ninja clan for centuries. Unfortunately, a rival clan killed hers, leaving her in the care of her older witch sister. For her safety and to keep her from trying to get revenge, her sister sent her to Coventry when she was 10. Unfortunately, she still wants to do it and is just biding her time before she can get back and start slicing heads. (She has no ranks in Alteration so she can’t really do it the typical Witch Girls way.) She likes anime and Pocky, because of course. She would fit right in in a bad Naruto fanfic.

Miako is an Insider with the Calm and Warrior talents, the “Medative” heritage, and no abilities. For attributes, she has a D6 Social, D10 Will and Magic, and D8 everything else. For skills, she has 62 mundane (!!!), 17 magical, and 28 magic ranks. (Highest is Illusion with 4.) Her signature spell is “Ninja Vanish”, an Illusion 4 spell that lets her hide from all senses and is probably the only reason why Illusion is her highest magic type. For equipment, she has a jade necklace (+1 to Resist Magic and lets her ignore 2 points of damage) and a “magic girl” wand, which, along with giving her +1 to spell damage, lets her change her outfit into her ninja one and turns into a “ninja sword” (presumably a ninjato, but considering how the rest of the character is, I imagine Harris was thinking of a katana) that does “+4 damage (a total of 11 damage in the hand of Miako).

Denora Desade (50)

Oh, hello there.

Denora is one of the characters from The Shrinking Sorceress, the transformation Geocities ezine that the game is based on. In the game, she is the major antagonist for this section of the setting; always trying to fuck with Helena and her family because she’s evil and the two were roommates at Coventry, which she is now a Board of Trustees member of. She is also the Great High Witch of the western United States and a high-ranking member of the Highbinders, earning her the nickname " the Wicked Witch of the West Coast”. (Great High Witches, if you remember, are elected by the WWC’s Council of 13. Which should tell you a lot about how they all lean politically.) There’s some other things to her background too, but they’re not in this book. Her character motivation is Allison’s copy-pasted. (“Get all the juicy gossip and make her family proud of her”.)

A couple of the comics in the book are entirely about her. They are basically her arguing with Helena and owning mundane men in various ways. One of which includes, to add some variety to things, turning a guy into a match to light her cigar.

She also set a guy’s car on fire while his family was still inside because he dared to ask her for her insurance info when she ran into him.

That guy will come up later.

Denora is an Outsider (though she’ll claim she’s a Sorceress if you ask) with the Queen Bee and Wicked talents, the Transmuter heritage, and the Highbinder and Wards abilities. (I’m starting to suspect that Coventry is not a good environment for kids with ego issues. This is the second evil character it’s churned out.) For attributes, she has a D8 Will, D12+5 Magic, D10 Mind and Social, and D6 Body and Senses. For skills, she has 49 mundane, 52 magical, and 40 magic ranks. (Highest is Alteration with 7, of course.) Her signature spell is “Cigar”. It’s Alteration 4. Guess what it does. Her equipment includes a car that can turn into a credit card and never needs fuel or maintenance, and a cigar holder that acts as her wand and gives her +1 to damage, duration, and range MTR and targets -1 to Resist Magic.

Claudia Desade (13)

Yes, someone, willingly or not, had his dick inside Denora long enough for her to fall pregnant with this little hellspawn. Claudia is also a former Shrinking Sorceress character. ( Though back then, she had Janette’s look.) As you’d expect, she is basically a mini version of her mother. Who, thanks to her position on the Board of Trustees, was able to get Claudia enrolled into Coventry when she was only 3 years old (and became an Initiate at 9). Far younger than the usual starting age of 6. Because of her young age, Claudia had to constantly prove herself and was picked on, leading her to become a very driven person and the self-appointed wicked witch of her dorm hall. (Her mom probably encouraged this too.) She stood unopposed for 3 years until Janette came and refused to take her bullshit. Despite being a year away from high school, she dresses like I did back in Kindergarten when my mother picked my clothes, short hair and all. (By the way, Coventry does have uniforms. But the main characters usually aren’t wearing them in the art.)

Claudia is an Insider with the Queen Bee and Temper talents, the Prodigy heritage, and the Caller and Highbinder abilities. For attributes, she has a D4 Body, D6 Senses, D10 Mind, D12 Magic, and D8 Will and Social. For skills, she has 36 mundane, 27 magical, and 35 magic ranks. Her signature spell is “Monster Maker”, a Conjuration 3 spells that lets her create 1 to 2 foot monsters that do her bidding. (This is something of a hobby of hers, if the comic is to be believed.) For equipment, she has a Black Racer broom, a bigger bag, and a custom magician wand that gives her +1 to Casting Alteration and Conjuration spells and +1 to range MTR. In terms of pure numbers, she’s on par with Lucinda. Though Lucinda’s bullshit rule-ignoring items probably still have her beat.

Jennifer Beaudeux (13)

Born in New Orleans, Jennifer is a tomboy bully who likes B-movies and is friends with Claudia. That’s it. Her hair is also violently anime. She looks like she should be fighting saiyans.

Jennifer is a Gothique with the Lacky and Urchin talents, the Zappy Fingers heritage, and no abilities. Her attritubes are an equal spread of D6s (Mind, Will, and Social) and D8s. She has 41 mundane skill points (with a lot of 3s), only 8 magical skill ones (a 5 in Casting and a 3 in Mysticism), and 13 magic ranks. (Highest is Offense with 4.) Her signature spell is “Boomer”, an Offense 4 ball of green energy that does “up to 15 points of damage to some or all targets in range or .” For equipment, she has a Bewitched Basic broom and a black crystal wand.

Pavari Suraiya (13)

Pavari was born to poor mundane parents in the poorest part of New Deli (sic), India where she had to steal and beg for a living because poor. Despite being only 13, her powers manifested when she was 17, which caused her parents to sell her to the local sorceress because poor. The witch took pity on her and sent her to Coventry. She hangs out with Claudia and Jennifer and wants to be the most popular girl in school. Her roommate is Illyanna Alexandra, who does not have a sheet.

Pavari is an Outsider with the Entertainer and Busy Body talents, the Conjurer heritage, and no abilities. She has a D10 in Magic, D8s in Mind and Social, and D6s (with a D6+1 in Senses) in everything else. She has 38 mundane skill points (again, with a lot of 3s), 8 magical points (5 in Casting, 3 in Mysticism like Jennifer), and 17 magic ranks (highest is Conjuration and Mentalism with 4). Her signature spell is “Mists of Fear”, an Illusion 3 spell that creates an area that manifests anyone who walks into its worst fears as an illusion. For equipment, she has a flying carpet and a standard wand.

Titania Morganne (1,532)

Titania has been known as many figures in Irish and Arthurian mythology, including Morgan Le Fey, “Morganna”, and “The Morgan” (sic). Despite being vilified by a bunch of fucking stupid mundanes who are stupid, she has actually been working to improve the lives of them and otherkin. “The Camelot Experiment”, which includes working with the immortal Merlin to make her brother, Arthur, the king of England through some convoluted scheme that involves a sword in a stone, is somehow one of these actions and totally not just an attempt to rule England through a puppet ruler like it sounds like. Creating Coventry, it turns out, was actually an attempt to create a magical school that embraced all magical traditions. (None of which are shown anywhere in the book.) Why you would restrict access when you’d want these ideas to spread and why letting Highbinders near it is supposed to help this cause is yet to be explained. Avalon is her birthplace.

Titania is a Sorceress with the Queen Bee and Unshakable talents; the Half-Fae Otherkin heritage; and the Natural Telepath, Natural Telekinetic, Richochet spell, and Wards abilities. (If her mother was full fae, then where did she get the witch gene from?) She has D6 Senses, D8 Body, D12 Social, D12+7 Magic, and D10 Mind and Will. She has 87 mundane skill points (with Games listed twice with two different values and an unknown number of ranks in Gossip), 97 magical skill points (with 10s in pretty much everything), and 89 magic ranks . (Highest is Mentalism with 9, though none of her types are below 6. Most are at 8.) Her signature spell is “Global Command”, a Metanlism 9 spell that lets her alter the memories and minds of everyone on the planet at the same time. Don’t know if she gets much use out of it though. For equipment, she has her Arcane Ace broom from her WW2 days (+2 to Broom Riding, lets her ignore 4 points of damage, and has triple the speed of a normal broom), a 1foot wide crystal orb called the Eye of Morganna (+2 MTR of Divination spells and lets her control the weather on Avalon for 1 zap), and she gets +2 to all of her rolls while she’s on the island.

Anansia/Anansi Batu (1,148)

Nephra’s aunt, Queen Zuri’s older sister, Vice-Headmistress, and the Time and Space instructor. She’s also part-spider.

Coventry posted:

A Daughter of Anansi the greatest of all Animal Paragon Spiders and the first Queen of Wanobi she wanted to a life away from her parents watchful eyes.
No, this isn’t reflected on her sheet.

Like many other witch NPCs, including her younger sister, she traveled the world because she got wanderlust and being a princess is hard. She spent several centuries being a courtesan and thespian in Europe before she decided she had enough and wanted to meet and teach people from around the world. So she started teaching at Coventry. Around other teachers, she’s a laid back prankster. Around students, she’s a strict asshole who gives a lot of homework and makes “flamboyant gestures”.

Anansia is a Sorceress with the Queen Bee and Unshakable talents, the Half Fae heritage (because this is probably just copy-pasted from Titania’s sheet), and the Caller, Natural Telepath, Natural Telekinetic, Natural, and Wards abilities. She has D12+7 Magic, D8 Body and Senses, and D10 everything else. She has 125 mundane skill points , 91 magical skill points, and 84 magic ranks. (Highest is Time and Space with 10.) Her signature spell is “Perfect Time Line”, a Time and Space 10 spell that lets her change a past event in her timeline without affecting anything that she doesn’t want it affecting in the present. Her only piece of equipment is a gold amulet that summons Lady Spider, her giant spider guardian for 1 zap.

Those two are probably the most powerful legal NPCs in the game. (Circe’s probably up there. But a lot of her magical skills go beyond 10 without roll and skill bonuses, so she doesn’t count.) Which, considering there’s probably more witches on their level in the world, it makes me wonder why they bothered with the whole flying witch brigade thing and didn’t just give every single Axis allied person a heart attack all at the same time. Or even just pop into Hitler’s bedroom and turn him into something, alter his mind, or change his past so that he got into that art college. Ingrid Frieze, the Axis’ top witch backer, has no levels in Healing and less ranks in both Mentalism and Alteration than these two. So she wouldn’t be able to do much about it.

I imagine the reasons are “because fuck humans they’re all racist and oppress us” and “because it sounds cool, stop thinking about it”.

Elsa Harkens (300)

Oh, come the fuck on. Really?

Elsa is the school’s Dorm Mother, head of security, and Enchantment teacher. Unlike most German witches, because of course she’s German, she was not accepted into Reinhexxen because her father is an immortal, because of course most German witches are evil and went to the evil school. (Reinhexxen doesn't seem to have a problem hiring ghosts. But seeing as they're the evil school, they probably just torture them if they refuse to teach.) Her parents homeschooled her instead (couldn’t they have just sent her somewhere else?). She eventually worked her way up to becoming the head magistrate of Germany. Titania then stole her from them so she could be the head of security. You can imagine what her personality is like. I bet she sounds angry all the time, has no indoor voice, and her closet makes her look like she shops at BDSM dungeons.

Elsa is an Insider with the Jade and Touch talents; the Half-Immortal heritage; and the Natural Telepath, Richochet spell, Wards, Legendary Strength 1 (+1 to damage and Strength rolls), and Tough Skin (ignores 1 damage) abilities. For abilities, she has a D12+5 in Magic, a D12 in Social, D10s in Body and Will, and somehow D9s in Mind and Senses. For skills, she has 117 mundane points, 79 magical points, and 50 magic ranks. (Highest is Protection with 7, followed by Offense with 6.) Her signature spell is “Time Out”, a Time and Space 5 spell that sends unruly students into some sort of hell dimension where they can’t talk, can’t move, and every hour in the real world seems like a year. Her sole piece of equipment is a riding crop (really?) that acts as her wand and lets her whip people when they're being naughty... eww gives +1 to Time and Space and Protection casting rolls.

Emily Foster (30)

Yes, we’re finally introduced to the core’s shitty editor’s oft-mentioned self-insert. Emily, if you remember, is the world master of Cybermancy who is the best at it and all of the little witch geeks want to be just like her. A literal manic pixie dream girl, Emily is the school’s youngest teacher and was the most disrespected by older teachers until she downloaded the main building onto a flash drive. As you can imagine, she is one of the most popular teachers in the school. She was born on the Kansas side of Kansas City, which is probably where the real Emily Foster is from.

She also has the ability to turn mundane girls into witches, as she does to Kamesha in one of the comic’s stories.

So… this creates a lot of questions. Why don’t people do this more often? Why isn’t there some sort of small industry of witch mothers trying to get this spell applied permanently to their mundane daughters? Does it work on guys too? Has anyone thought about going on a crusade to make every single person on the planet magical? Why am I still putting more thought into this than anyone who had a hand in this game did combined?

Emily is an Outsider with the Geek and Friendly talents, the Half-Fae heritage, and the Natural Telekinetic (how many damn psychics are there in this school?) and Wireless abilities. She has a D12+4 in Magic, a D12 in Mind, a D8 in Will, a D4 in Senses, and D6s in Body and Social. She has 60 mundane skill points, 63 magical skill points, and 48 magic ranks. (Highest is, of course, Cybermancy with 10. The rest are mostly 3s. Her Alteration is only 3.) Her signature spell is "Rewrite the Net", a Divination 10 spell according to the book (she only has a 3 in Divination) that lets her add and remove information from the Internet at will. They meant Cybermancy, I'm sure. For equipment, she has a nameless pet monkey that gives her +2 to Reflex and can enter cyberspace and turn into any kind of virus, a Vespa Flyer with no writeup, and the original Ghost Top computer. It is literally the best.

Coventry posted:

This Ghost top computer grants the user +3 to computer rolls has limitless access to computer accessories no matter the distance, can instantly upload and download anything and is -10 to rolls to hack it.

Sunshine Moonglow (902)

Another witch who, once they came of age, left to see the world. (Which the fairies and fey of Avalon did instead of fucking off to some other dimension.) She claims that she was the fairy godmother of several fairy tales, including Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. (Though there is no hard proof.) She was recruited by Titania, her old friend, sometime in the 1400s because apparently the school had a problem where the students were afraid of all of the teachers. She’s the Healing teacher, the school nurse, and the guidance counseler.

Sunshine is an Insider with the Friendly and Goody-Goody talents, the Half Fairy heritage (which may or may not be different from the Half-Fae one and also not available to PCs), and the Caller and Instant Karma abilities. She has a D12+5 in Magic, a D10 in Mind, D4 in Senses, D6 in Body, and D8s in Will and Social. She has 76 mundane skill points (including another double entry for Games), 53 magical skill points, and 57 magic ranks. (Highest is Healing with 9. Most have 7s and 4s.) Her signature spell is “Loom of Fate”, a Divination spell that lets her and others see the possible futures of a person, place, or thing. Her sole possession is a Silver Star wand that gives her +1 to casting rolls, duration, and range MTR of spells that are helpful or grant wishes. As well as gives a +1 to casting Healing spells and +5 to the total amount of damage they heal.

And this book’s done. Were you hoping to hear a little more about the staff that aren't featured in the comics? Maybe a little about Coventry's supposed rivalry with the Garden of Mu? More character sheets for students? Well, fuck you. You're not getting it because this book is full of . Have a picture of another one of the designated good characters transforming someone.

Next Book: Annabelle Deville’s guide to mystical mayhem Wicked Ways (sic), wherein Harris tries clumsily to make wickedness a sort of grey morality, we learn about the WWC’s probably extremely underused criminal justice system, learn about the lone reformatory school for witches, get some copy-pasted character sheets with Soto art, and watch Annabelle morph into Lucinda’s clonebestiefriend.